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Table of Alternative Spellings
Updated 11/24/2014
When doing research you need to be creative in looking for individuals, since all records do not spell the same name the same way. Below are lists of common alternative spellings found within the data on this web site.

These lists are not all inclusive. They are intended only as suggestions for alternative spellings in searching the data.

First Name Alternate Spellings/See Also
Alexandre Alexander
Denis Dennis
Jean John
Jean see also:  Jean Baptiste
Francois Francis
Francoise Frances
Laurent Lawrence
Marguerite Margaret
Marie Maria, Mary
Michel Michael
Michele Michelle
Pierre Peter
Surname Alternate Spellings/See Also
Allain Allan
Alleman Allemand
Amirault Amero, Amiraut, Amireau, Amireault
Arabie Arabi
Arsenault Arcenaux, Arceneaux, Arsenault, Arseneau, Arseneault, Arseneaux
Babin Babine
Babineau Babineaux, Babinot
Barbeau Baribeau
Bariault Barieu
Barrieau Barrios
Bearb see also:  Beard
Bellard Belard
Belliveau Belivaux, Beliveau, Beliveaux
Belzil Belzile
Bertaud Berteau
Blais Blaise
Boudreau Boudraul, Boudreaux, Boudrot
Bourg Bourque, Bourgue
Bourque Bourg, Bourgue
Boute see also:  Buote
Brasseaux Braseau, Brasseau, Brasseuse
Breau Brau, Braud, Brault, Breaux
Bujol Bugeaud, Bujold
Carre Carret
Carrier Carriere
Caisse Cassie, Cassy
Chiasson Chaisson
Comeau Comeaux, Commeau, Commeaux, Commo, Como
Cote Cotte
Cottereau Cottreau
Daigle D'Aigles
Darbone Darbonne
Delaney Delany
Deshotel Deshotels
Desroches Desrosiers
Deveau Devall, Devault, Devaux, Deveaux, Devoe
Doiron Douaron
Donnelly  Donelly
Dorsett see:  Doucet
Doucet Dorsett, Doucete, Doucett, Doucette, Douset, Dousset, Douzett, Dowcett, Dowset
Doucett see:  Doucet
Doucette see:  Doucet
Dousset see:  Doucet
Dowcett see:  Doucet
Dugas Dugast
Duplechain Duplechin
Fontenot Fonteneau
Forest de Forest
Frauten Frontain, Frotten, Frotton, Frountain
Gallant Galant, see also:  Hache-Gallant
Gary Garryo
Gatt Gath, Gathe, Gatte, Gott, Gotte
Gauthier  Gautier
Gautreau Gauthreaux, Gauthro, Gautraux, Gautreaux, Gautrot
Girouard Gerard, Girard, Giroard, Giroir, Giror, Girrior
Godeau Godeaux
Goguen Gaguen, Guegoen, Gueguen
Guidry Geudry, Guedry
Guilbeau Guibault, Guilbaut, Guilbeault, Guilbeaux
Guillot Guillotte, Guilotte
Guilmet Guilmette
Hache see also:  Hache-Gallant
Hardee Hardy
Henri Henrie, Henry
Horne Horn
Husers Huesers
Jeanise Jeannis
Jesseau Jesseaume, Jesso, Jessome, Josseaume
King see also:  Roy
Labauve Labauvre
Laure see:  Laurt, Lord
LaVergne LeVergne
LeBlanc see also:  White
Leger Legere
LeJeune see also:  Young
LeRoy LeRoi, see also:  Roy
Leveron Levron
Levesque Levesques
Lord see:  Laure
MacDonald see also:  McDonald
Maheux Mailhot
Maillot Mailot, Mailet
Mallet Mallett, Mallette
Manuel Manual
Marche Marche/Marsh
Marrois Marroy
Martel Martell
Matt Matte
Mazerolle Mazrolle, Mazzerolle, Manserole, Masserole
McNeil see also:  MacNeil
Melancon see:  Melanson
Melanson Malanson, Melaison, Melancon, Meleson, Molaison, Molonson, Moulaison
Mignault Migneault
Mius Meuse, Miuse, Muis, Muise, Muse
Monroe Munro
Moulaison see:  Melanson
Neal Neale
Pellerin  Pelerin
Perrin Perrine
Pero Perreault
Perry see also:  Poirier
Pineau Pineault
Pitre see also:  Peters
Pothier Potier
Pratt Pratte
Primeaux Premeaux
Prou Prouix, Proulx
Pruet Pruitt
Reed Read
Renau Renaud, Reneau, see also: Reynauld
Rheau Rheault
Richard see also:  Richards
Richards see also:  Richard
Robbin Robbins
Roberi Roberie, Robery
Robert Roberts
Robichaud Robeshaw, Robichau, Robichaux, Robicheau, Robicheaux
Roger Rogers
Roy see also:  King, Leroy, LeRoi
Sauvage Savage
Savoie Savoy
Scanlan Scanlen
Sheppard Shepard, Shephard
Simon see also:  Semar, Semare
Simoneau Simoneaux
Soileau Soileaux
Sonnier Saulnier, Sonier, Soulnier
St Arnaud St Arnard, St Arnealt
St Onge Saintonge
Stewart see also:  Steward
Surette Surete, Surrette
Terriot Tereo, Terriau, Terrio, Theriault, Theriot, Thierrot
Therien Therrien
Thibault Thebeau, Thibeau, Tibeau, Tibo
Thibodeau Thibaudet, Thibidau, Thibodaux, Thibodeaux, Tibideau
Vantour Vautour
Vasseur Vassuer
Venable Veneble
Veroni Veronie
Vezina Vezinat
Vigneau Vigneault, Vigneaux
Welch Welsh
Wilson Willson
White see also:  LeBlanc
Young see also:  LeJeune