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Updated 04/09/2006
For those whose family lines are traced through Louisiana, the parentage of Joseph Doucet, born 17 December 1749, is an issue that divides his descendants. This Joseph is married to the Anne who is the subject of the Anne Landry - Anne Thibodeaux issue (see separate article). The conclusion of that article is that Anne Landry and Anne Thibodeaux are the same individual.

From genealogical information that has been submitted, there are several theories pertaining to who Joseph's parents are.

Theory 1:

Bona Arsenault states that Joseph Doucet is the son of Michel Doucet and Marguerite Martin ( According to Reverent Donald Hebert, Joseph married Anne Landry. Joseph and Anne had five children: Anne, Joseph, Anselm, Hilaire and Vallerie. I noticed that of Joseph's children, Anne and Hilaire had family information pertaining to their descendants. Joseph and Anselm's families stopped with them.

In the case of Joseph and Anselm there was information of a child by the same name showing Ana Thibodeaux as the mother at their marriage. There wasn't any information for the birth of each child showing Ana Thibodeaux as the mother.

This seemed unusual. Of all the other families in the same area and time either all of the children of the family continued to the next generation or none of them did. It was unusual that half of the family would continue and the other half not, especially the sons.

Resolving the issue pertaining to what Joseph's wife's name was helps to clarify some of the mystery about Joseph's parents. Reverent Hebert's books have been updated and show that the correct mother of Joseph and Anselm is Anne Landry rather than Ana Thibodeaux. This update had been questioned as to its validity.

Theory 2:

Joseph Doucet, the father of Joseph and Anselm, was the son of Joseph Doucet and Anne Melanson ( According to Arsenault, Joseph and Anne Melanson have a son Joseph, born in 1755. It is alleged that this Joseph married Anne Thibodeaux. I have asked several individuals who submitted this information as to their sources. None could be provided. I have researched some Thibodeaux genealogical information to see if I could find anything to support this marriage. I have been unsuccessful in my search.

Theory 3:

Joseph Doucet, the brother of Anselm above, was the son of Joseph Doucet and Anne Thibault ( According to Arsenault, Joseph and Anne Thibault had a son named Joseph, born in 1774. It was explained that Anne Thibault's name was changed to Anne Thibodeaux. However, Joseph and Anne Thibault did not have a son named Anselm. All sources state that the name Thibault is correct. No mention was ever made that the name was changed. Nobody has been able to provide sources to substantiate this theory.

There is documentation to support Theory 1. The other two theories do not have documentation, or at least none has been provided at this point. Several individuals, who submitted genealogical data with the information contained in these latter theories, when asked about their sources, submitted revised data reflecting the resolution of the issue in accordance with Theory 1. Although not accepted by all, the information in Theory 1 is used in the genealogical data
presented herein.