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Table of Sources
Updated 11/24/2014

Below is a list of the sources used in the genealogical data. In some instances two or more individuals submitted the same data. Only the first source entered into the data is shown.
Abbreviation Published and Unpublished Sources
AF The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Ancestral File. Salt Lake City, Utah.
APMR Acadia Parish Marriage License Index 1887-1999.
Ar(2) Arsenault, Bona. Historie et Genealogie des Acadiens. Quebec 1966. 6 vol (cited as: Ar(2), with volume and page numbers).
Authors Bodin, George A. Selected Acadian and Louisiana Church Records. St Martinville, Louisiana 1968 (listed citations used by Bodin).
Authors Hebert, Donald J. South Louisiana Records. Eunice, Louisiana. 13 vol (listed citations used by Hebert)
Authors Hebert, Donald J. Southwest Louisiana Records: Church and Civil Records of Settlers. Eunice, Louisiana 1974+.41 vol (listed citations used by Hebert)
C81 / C91 United States Bureau of the Census. "Federal Census Returns" (1810 through 1910) (cited as: C81 through C91, with a number assigned for reference purposes) (An extract of the Doucet families in Louisiana was done by Dean W. Doucet for genealogical research purposes.)
CSBL Robichaux, Albert J. Jr. Colonial Settlers along Bayou Lafourche.
DGFA White, Stephen A. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Famillies Acadiennes. Moncton, New Brunswick 1999.
DNCF Institut Genealogique Drouin. Dictionnaire National des Canadiens-Francais (1608-1760). Montreal 1958.
GD-0000 Doucet GenForum Site. (0000 represents message number on site - drop any zeros before number).
GE-0000 Doucette GenForum Site.  (0000 represents message number on site - drop any zeros before number)
GFC-APLA Doucet, Dean William. "Collection of Headstone Data, Gatte Family Cemetery, Acadia Parish, Louisiana."
Headstone Info Acadia Parish Cemetary Listings.
He-Exiles Hebert, Donald J. Acadians in Exile.
IGI The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. International Genealogical Index. Salt Lake City, Utah 1984 and later editions (cited as: IGI, including region (country, state, province) and location code).
JDN-Obit Jennings (Louisiana) Daily News Obituaries.
LDDM-AT LaVergne, Rebecca, and Mim Bordelon (Compilers). Les Doucet du Monde Ancestor Table. Church Point, 1999 (cited as: LDDM-AT: with page number of contributor) (compiled from information submitted to the Doucet Family Organization, Rebecca LaVergne, Chairperson, Genealogy Committee).
LDDM-FB Doucet, Richard (Compiler). Les Doucet du Monde Family Book. Church Point, 1999 (cited as: LDDM-FB) (compiled from information submitted to the Doucet Family Organization, Richard Doucet, President)
NB-EBD Doucet, Ethel Beulah. "Notebook - Collection and births and deaths in family." (Unpublished).
NB-HLD Doucet, Huey Louis. "Notebook - Collection of Names and Information from a Doucet Family Reunion, 1977."  (Unpublished).
NB-LMD Doucet, Louella Marie. "Notebook " Collection of Names as remembered by Louella Marie Doucet.� (Unpublished).
RP-RLC Courville, Rhonda Leger. "A Project on Paul Monique - Amatile Clavelle Descendants." (Unpublished).
SSDI Social Security Death Index.
Ta Tanquay, Cyrien. Dictionnaire Genealogique des Famillies Canadiennes. Montreal 1967. 7 vol.
Ta LeBoeuf, Arthur J. Complement au Dictionnaire Genealogique Tanguay. Montreal, 1957, 1963, 1964.
TFOF Fruge, J. Cleveland. The Fruge's of Fakaitaic
UDAN Lefebvre, Jean J. Une Dynastie Acadienne de Notraires Quibecois, les Doucet. Quebec 1956
Abbreviation Internet Web Sites
AIG-Doucet Cormier, Steven A. Acadians in Gray. Internet site: www.acadiansingray.com
CDWS Doucet, Camey - web site
FH-DB Beauregard, Denis. Genealogie de l'ancienne Acadie. Internet site: www.cam.org/~beaur/dgaa/index.html
FH-FCU Union, Frederick Chandler III. The Doucet Family Tree. Internet site: community-2.webtv.net/Union7/DoucetFamily
FH-LS Szick, Lark.  Descendants of Pierre LeJeune/Young in Cape Breton and Newfoundland. Internet site: www.rootsweb.com/~nscbgha/LeJeuneDescendants.html
FH-MD Doucet, Michel. Mitch's Genealogy Page (Germain(1) Doucet dit Sieur de la Verdure). Internet site: personal.nbnet.nb.ca/86mitch/tree.htm
FH-OR Robb, Owen. Descendants of Germain Sieur de Laverdure Doucet. Internet site: (Owen's web site has been taken down.)
FH-RTW Wing, Raymond T. Wing Family of America, Inc. internet site:  Wing Family of America
FH-SF Fleming, Steve. Germain-Acadian Coast Genealogy. Internet site: www.erols.com/someday/
FH-TR Ryeland, Timothy.  Internet site: www.ryeland.com/tim/tree
FH-WB Boudreaux, Winston. Internet site: www.geocities.com/heartland/pointe/6148/acadian
Abbreviation Personal Research - listed as FH (Family History Research) or PR (Personal Research)
FH-ACD April C Doucette
FH-ACW Anne Cheney Watson
FH-AD Allen Doucet
FH-ADM Anita Louise Maki
FH-ADP Ann Agnes Doucette Pothier
FH-ADZ Albertes Doucet Zernot
FH-AG Amber Gabronski
FH-AK Andrea Kuhlthau
FH-AL Art Lepage
FH-ALB Anna Lee Doucet Beadle
FH-ALH Amber Leigh Watkins Hammond
FH-AMD Anne Marie Doucet
FH-AHM Amma Marie McIntyre  (was shown as FH-AMM)
FH-AS Arlene Smith
FH-ATD Allen Thomas Doucet
FH-ATT Alvenia Trahan Thibodeaux
FH-AWH Amanda Williams Hunter
FH-BAB Brooke Alyse Butler
FH-BD Brian Doucet
FH-BD2 Bernard Doucet
FH-BD3 Brian Doucette
FH-BDA Betty Sue Doucet Appleton
FH-BPD Brian P Doucet
FH-CAH Carol Ann Heide
FH-CD Camey Doucet
FH-CD2 Clifford Doucet
FH-CEC Catherine Ellen Copp
FH-CHA Charles-Henri Audet
FH-CJD Carol James Doucet
FH-CLS Candyn Leane Stelly Smith
FH-CMD Corey M Doucet
FH-CMR Candice M Rousseau
FH-CPD Christopher Paul Doucet
FH-CTM Carol Thibodeaux Magee
FH-DAC Donna Ann Corley Manual
FH-DAD Denise A Doucet Burch
FH-DAH Don August Hill
FH-DAM David A MacLeod
FH-DD Dudley Doucet
FH-DD2 Denise Doucet
FH-DD3 Dorothy Doucette
FH-DD4 Darryl Doucette
FH-DDP Deidra Doucet Pritchard
FH-DJD D J Doucette
FH-DJZ Donna L Jarvis Zimmer
FH-DMN Darlene Monica Nielson
FH-DRD Daniel Ray Doucet, Jr
FH-DRD Daniel Ray Doucet, Sr (reference will be updated to FH-DRD2)
FH-DSD Darryl Scott Doucette
FH-DWD Dean William Doucet
FH-EA Eileen Avery
FH-EAD Evelia Abshire Doucet
FH-EB Edmund Burns
FH-ECF E C McFarland
FH-ED Euclide Doucet
FH-EDT Eleonora Doucet Turnage
FH-EJ Emmanuel Julien
FH-EJD Edwin Joseph Doucet
FH-EJR Earl James Richards
FH-EKG Eva King Gale
FH-ELM Eula Mae Leger Matte
FH-EMR Effie Martin Roy
FH-ER Earl Reynolds
FH-FD Freda Doucet
FH-FDT Francoise Doucette Turrin
FH-FGD Francis G Doucette
FH-FJD Floyd Joseph Doucet
FH-FJD2 Frank Joseph Doucette
FH-FT Fidele Theriault
FH-GBD Gerald B Doucet
FH-GC George Christian
FH-GD Gilbert Doucet  (reference will be updated to FH-GD5)
FH-GD Joseph Gary Doucette  (reference will be updated to FH-JGD)
FH-GDC Gail Doucette Christensen
FH-GD2 Gaston Doucet
FH-GD3 Gaetan Doucet
FH-GDJ Gwendolyn Doucet Jones
FH-GDJ Gloria Doucette Jacquard  (reference will be updated to FH-GDJ2)
FH-GFD Gail Dedeaux
FH-GGS Gail Gallant Sundberg
FH-GH Gilbert Hauff 
FH-GLD George L Doucette
FH-GT George Thibault
FH-GWD Gary W Dusett
FH-HD Henry Doucet
FH-HN Herbert Nichols (reference was shown as FH-HU)
FH-IDS Irene Doucet St Amand
FH-JAE Jeffrey Andrew Estay
FH-JAL Judith Ann Longfield
FH-JBD John "J B" Doucet
FH-JC Julieann Carter
FH-JC2 John Cronin
FH-JCG John C Garceau
FH-JD James Doucet
FH-JD2 Joanne Doucet
FH-JD3 James Doucette
FH-JDB Jane Doucette Barber
FH-JDC James Dominic Civitarese
FH-JDG James Daniel Gaboury
FH-JDS Joan Doucette Sampson
FH-JDT Judith Doucet Thibodeau
FH-JDW Jeanette Doucet Watson
FH-JFD Janice Faye Doucet Daigle
FH-JFV Joan Frances Vermette
FH-JGA Jacqueline Auclair
FH-JH Jude Heon
FH-JHH Joan Hubbard Harding
FH-JLE Jeanne LeJeune Eddins
FH-JM Joan Mullin
FH-JMD Joseph Michael Donnelly
FH-JMR Janice M Rhinehart Doucet
FH-JPM John Paul Murphy
FH-JW Jean Weingarten
FH-JWD James W Doucet
FH-KAD Kathy Ann Doucet
FH-KD Kathleen Doucette
FH-KES Katrina Emily Slobodian
FH-KLC Kathlean LaVergne Conner
FH-KP Ken Pineau
FH-KSD Kelly St Denis
FH-LAB Louise A Boucher
FH-LAD Lola Anne Doucet
FH-LAL Lesa Arlette LaVergne
FH-LBG Linda Boudreau Gauthier
FH-LET Lauren Elizabeth Thibodeaux
FH-LD Linda Doucet
FH-LD2 Lou Doucet
FH-LDL Lillie Doucet Loftin
FH-LDT Loretta Doucet Thibodeaux  (was shown as FH-LDS)
FH-LF Larry Friend
FH-LFG Louis Francois Garceau
FH-LJK LaVonne Johnson Kyle
FH-LK Luiz Klippert
FH-LL Lillie Loftin  (combine with FH-LDL)
FH-LM Linus Matte
FH-LMM Lisa Marie Martin
FH-MAD Michele Ann Doucette
FH-MAD2 Melanie Anne Doucet
FH-MAH Mary Ann Hardee
FH-MAS Mary Ann Stelly
FH-BML Mary Beth Latti
FH-MBC Megan Beth Connors Tyler
FH-MCD Michael Charles Doucet
FH-MD2 Melba Doucet
FH-MD3 Mathieu Doucet
FH-MD4 Mimi Doucette
FH-MDC Michelle Doucette Cunningham
FH-MDD Myrtle Doucet Deranger
FH-MDJ Margaret Eldine Jeffers
FH-MGS Michelle Gannon Stanford
FH-MHG Martha Hardcastle Guthrie
FH-MKF Mira Kim Fontenot
FH-MKS Melanie Kai Sanborn Ruiz
FH-ML Marlene Levesque
FH-MMK Michelle Kanis
FH-MPF Marshall Paul Fontenot
FH-MRG Michel Roger Groulx (renamed from FH-MG)
FH-MS Mike Segura
FH-MY Michael Young
FH-NAD Norma Arsensault Doucette
FH-ND Nelson Doucet
FH-NED Norman E Doucette, Jr
FH-NMB Naomi McBride Bordelon
FH-NMC Norman M Coffin
FH-NRD Norman Doucet
FH-NSP Nanci S Pollard
FH-OMD Ogden Michael Dowcett
FH-PD Patricia Doucet
FH-PD2 Paule Doucet
FH-PDH Patricia Louise Hayes
FH-PEI unknown
FH-PEJ Paul Edouard Jacques
FH-PP Pauline Parker
FH-PRG Pamela Rose Gibson
FH-QJS Quinlan J Shea, Jr
FH-RCD Robert Carl Doucet
FH-RD Romeo Doucet  (reference will be updated to FH-RD2)
FH-RD Rosia Doucette
FH-RD3 Russell Doucette
FH-RD4 Russell Doucet
FH-RD5 Robert Doucet
FH-RDD Richard Dean Doucet
FH-RDV Rachel Doucet Vandal
FH-RJA Richard Joseph Amerault
FH-RJC Robert Jean Comeau
FH-RJD Ronald John Doucet
FH-RVH Robert Vomen Hollenbeck
FH-RJS Ruth Janice Severtson
FH-RML Rebecca McBride Lavergne
FH-RRV Rodrique "Rod" Ronald Violette
FH-SB Schani Biermann
FH-SD Stephen Doucette
FH-SGM Susan Gail McManus
FH-SNJ Sandy Nobert Jabbour
FH-SPD Samuel Paul Doucet
FH-SRD Shelley Rae Sawatske Doucette
FH-SSH Sandra Surette Hartman
FH-STD Sue Traylor Devilliers
FH-SZA Suzanne Zeigler Ashley
FH-TDB Trudy Blanchard
FH-TDD Therese Doucette Dubel
FH-TDH Tracy Dale Hewett
FH-TFD Theodore Frederick Doucet
FH-TJD Theodore J Doucet, Jr
FH-TMD Therese M Doucette
FH-TPD Terence Peter Donnelly
FH-TSL Tracey Shelley-Langille
FH-UAD unknown
FH-UJB unknown
FH-UPA unknown
FH-VAL Victor Adolph Levite
FH-VDW Vercie Doucet Wilkins
FH-VP Virginia Pruet
FH-VSD Valerie S Daley
FH-WD Winston Doucet
FH-WD2 Wilfred Doucet
FH-WGD Wallace Gabriel Doucet
FH-WGG Warren G Grady, Jr
FH-WID William Israel Doucette
FH-WJ William "Bill" Johnson
FH-WJC William James Cormier
FH-WJD Willard Joseph Doucet
FH-XS Xenia Stanford
PR-BGM Bonnie Gayle Myers
PR-BMG Bertha Marie Gatte
PR-CWB Charles W Bourgeois
PR-DWD Dean William Doucet
PR-JLG John Lubert Gatte
PR-JMB Juanita Marie Beard
PR-JWGJ Joseph Webb Gotte, Jr
PR-TDH Tracy Dale Hewett
Personal Knowledge  
Some information was provided from Personal Knowledge of the individual submitting the data and is indicated by "PK-" followed by the initials of the individual providing the data. The person provided the data is usually the mother of the individual for whom the data is provided.