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Below are extracts of the United States and Canadian Censuses that are available to the public. In the 1790 through 1840 US censuses, only the Head of Household was listed. In the 1850 through 1870 US censuses each entry generally lists all individuals that lived together in a residential unit due to relationships not be stated. There are a few exceptions, such as where an individual lived in a boarding house, etc. This was done because (a) an individual may be living with another family member or (b) to assist in finding the individual in the actual census records. The 1880 and later US censuses state the relationship of each person in the household to the head of the house. Only family members are listed for these censuses.

A family or individual's name in the extract does not imply that they are part of the Germain or Pierre Doucet families, but simply that they have the same surname of individuals who are a part of the family. Nor does the spelling of the name in the extract imply that the individual spelled his or her surname the way it is shown. The spelling variations could be due to a number of reasons: the way the data provider pronounced the name, the way the census taker heard the name, or the way the census taker wrote the name. Microfilm images of the census rolls have been reviewed to try an ensure accuracy in these extracts.

The censuses contain the following surname variations: Daucet, Daucete, Daucett, Daucette, Dauset, Dausete, Dausett, Dausette, Daust, Dosset, Douce, Doucet, Doucete, Doucett, Doucette, Dousat, Douset, Dousete, Dousett, Dousette, Dousset, Doussett, Doussette, Doust, Douzett, Dowcet, Dowcete, Dowcett, Dowcette, Dowset, Dowsete, Dowsett, Dowsette, Ducet, Ducete, Ducett, Ducette, Duset, Dusete, Dusett, Dusette, Dussat, Dusset, Dussett, Dussette.

Each extract is searchable by state or province. All entries are listed in order by state, county, city and Census Enumeration number.

The column headings in each census are self-explanatory. The Census Enumeration number consists of a number showing the order in which dwellings were visited/a number showing the order in which families were visited. You may have several families living within the same dwelling.

The following abbreviations are used for Race in the extracts: B: Black, H: Hawaiian, M: Mulatto, NA: Native American, W: White.

If a family is identified with a family in the Genealogy Section, the assigned family number will appear below the enumeration number.

An Index of Names in Census Extracts has been created to list the individuals found in the extracts and to provide a link to each extract that that individual is in.

United States Censuses

Canadian Censuses