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The genealogical data presented has been taken from many sources.  We have tried to provide the most accurate information from the most reliable sources.  Most of the material for the earlier generations of Germain Doucet's descendants comes from published sources, some of which have disagreements as to the facts.  We started by using the the genealogical data in Stephen White's Dictionnaire Genealogique des Famillies Acadiennes.  Mr. White is a researcher at the University of Moncton's Acadian Study Center in New Brunswick. His data is supplemented with data from other sources.

Other than published sources, the other main source is individual research by descendants of Doucet/Doucette families.  Their research is only as reliable as their source material.  Since most of the material provided is undocumented, if is impossible to verify its accuracy. Some of the information may come from the research of others or from family traditions.  None of the information has been verified against official records, except what might have been done during the research of the submitter.

We have tried to document each entry to identify the source/submitter used.  It is the responsibility of each user of the information to make their own decision as to its reliability and/or verify its accuracy.

Additional information, differences in information or interpretation of information, or genealogical queries should be sent to Lou Doucet at loudo@doucetfamily.org.