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Genealogy Data

Welcome to the Genealogy section. We want to thank the dozens of individuals (150+) who have contributed to make this section possible. Without them this project would not exist to the extent that it does. The personal research of the contributors has been published on web sites or personally submitted to the family organization (see Table of Sources). While most of the early data comes from published sources, it is the data provided by the individual contributors that brings the family tree to life.

Although primarily about the Doucet/Doucette family (and the variations of spellings), the genealogy also includes some of the genealogy on the Dugas and LeJeune families, as they are an integral part of the Doucet family, since the daughters of Germain married the progenitors of the Dugas and LeJeune families. These three families are in fact one large family.

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Below are four sections: The genealogical data, genealogical projects, information for first time visitors and other items that may be helpful or fun.

The genealogical data can be accessed in several ways:

A number of genealogical projects have been completed or are being worked on:

If this is your first time visiting this web site you are invited to read the following:

  •  Privacy Statement: Pertains to the privacy of information in the genealogical data.

  •  Disclaimer: Pertains to the accuracy of the genealogical data presented

  •  Introductory Information: Explains how to use the unique family number and how to build a family tree.

  •  Table of Alternative Spellings: Contains a listing of the various spellings of first names and surname found in the Index of Names.

  •  Table of Sources: Contains a list of the sources (book, individual submissions, etc.) used in compiling the genealogical data.

  •  Relationship Chart: A chart for determining the relationship between two individuals.

We have also included some other items that you may find helpful or fun:

So, Welcome and enjoy. Please feel free to submit family lines  or items to add, to loudo@doucetfamily.org.
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