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Introductory Information
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Please take a few minutes and read the Introductory information. It explains how to use the family number that is unique to each family and how to use that information to build a family tree. It also contains other useful information to understand how the genealogical data is presented.


There has been a desire for a number of years to put in print the genealogy of the Doucet Family. We want to, first of all, record a history for our children, and secondly, record a history for cousins, far and near. This labor is one of sharing information about a family, and then one of gaining joy, as others begin to know of the heritage that is theirs.

The Doucet family may not be "great" in the eyes of the world as measured by producing great public figures. But it is great because it is a family who worked hard, believed in God and who, in their own way, provided an example for the later generations to follow. This family was a family of pioneers who helped establish colonies in Acadie (Nova Scotia) and in Louisiana. These people were patriotic, serving in the military to support their government in protecting their beliefs. But above all, these people were dedicated to their families, people who built homes and tilled the soil. These people are our family, providing each succeeding generation with life and heritage. In honor of them we search and write.

This is primarily the genealogy of the descendants of Germain Doucet, born about 1595 in France. It is organized by generations, listing each known descendant's family and extending their lines from this earliest known Doucet on the North American continent to the present.

Following the genealogy of this main Doucet family are entries on families and individuals that have not been linked at the present into this main family.

This is a beginning. The record is obviously not complete. This project began by tracing the male descendants' families to provide a basic frame-work to begin "fleshing" out the family tree. Over time additional information was received from others researching the Doucet family. This has all been added to the family tree. This project will continue as research is done to include as many of the descendants and their families as possible. Ideas, comments and, most importantly, information are solicited in trying to put together a more complete picture. It is not the intent to embarrass any person. The only desire in compiling this material is to share with cousins, near and far, their ancestry. Forgiveness is asked of anyone who might be offended by any item of information contained herein.

Organization of Data

Below are two items on how the genealogical data is organized using family numbers and how families that descend from two different lines that intermarry are handled to avoid duplication.

The Numbering System

One of the primary purposes for presenting the genealogical data in the format used is to assist in developing one's family tree. To simplify this endeavor, a numbering system was designed to aid you in constructing your own family tree, trace other families and to determine your relationship to other members of the Doucet family.

Each individual is given a "family number." This family number is devised as follows:

a. Members of each family are numbered according to the chronological order of their birth, where it is known, or in the order shown in the source document.

b. The families are then arranged in sequential order according to their family number. Although all children are numbered, there will be numbers missing in the sequential listing of families in subsequent generations due to only listing those with known families.

The majority of the information pertains to descendants of Germain Doucet, born about 1595. All family numbers of his descendants begin with the number one, followed by a period (1.). All of the descendants of his first child (Pierre) will have 1.1 as the first two digits of their family numbers, and all descendants of Pierre's first child (Anne) would have 1.1.1 as the first three digits of their family numbers.

Nearly all of the Doucets in Louisiana, except those from Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, are descended from Michel Doucet, born in 1722, whose family number is Those in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes are primarily descended from Jean Baptiste Doucet ( and Francois Doucet (

The descendants of Pierre Doucet (of Alabama) are also included. There family mumbers begin with the letter P (P.).

The above rules for the family numbers are then followed. To make it easier to read the family numbers I have used a dash between the fifth and sixth digits and between the tenth and eleventh digits.

Same Family Descending from Two Different Lines

There are instances where two individuals married who were both lineal descendants of Germain Doucet. For consistency and to avoid confusion and duplication of information, the children will be listed and the family continued under the husband. It is noted under the wife where to find the children.

Constructing a Family Tree

Below are two items on how to construct your own family tree and how to determine relationships of individuals within the family tree.

How to Construct Your Own Family Tree

To trace your family, use the Index of Names to locate yourself or your ancestor who is in the genealogical data. This will provide you with a family number. From this point use the hyperlinks to go back one generation at a time, through each preceding generation to find that person's parents and family, until you get back to Germain or Pierre. Write down each family in numerical order and you have your family tree.

Determining Relationships

Once the numbering system is understood it becomes simple to find how you are related to any other member of the family using the family numbers and the attached Relationship Chart.

a. If two people are in the same generation:
    (1) Find your family number.
    (2) Find the family number of the other person to which you want to determine the relationship to.
    (3) Count back, beginning with the last digit, until you get to the first common number. Count the last digit as "0", the next to last digit "1", etc.
    (4) Find the number on the Relationship Chart and trace down the column and across the line until they intersect. This is the relationship.

Example: Your number is:
Other number is:
Count back to common number (1):     0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Go down the "7" column until it intersects with the "7" row
Relationship: 6th Cousins





b. If two people are from different generations:
    (1) Follow the first three steps above.
    (2) To determine the relationship of the younger generation to the older generations, go down the left side until you find the larger of the two numbers. Then go across the top until you find the smaller number. The intersection of the column and line shows the relationship.
    (3) To determine the relationship of the older generation to the younger generation, go down the left side until you find the smaller of the two numbers. Then go across the top until you find the larger number. The intersection of the column and line shows the relationship.

Example: Your number is:         
Other number is:
Count back to common number (3):
  Your number: 0, 1
  Other number: 0, 1, 2
Relationship of younger generation to older generation:
Go across row "2" until it intersects with column "1"
Relationship: Nephew or Niece
Relationship of older generation to younger generation:
Go across row "1" until it intersects with column "2"
Relationship: Uncle or Aunt









For example, using the above explanation, if each of you are five generations removed from the common ancestor, then you are fourth cousins. If one of you is five generations and the other is four generations removed from the common ancestor, then you are third cousins, once removed.


We have tried to document each entry as completely, but as briefly, as possible. Citations are explained in the Bibliography. A list of abbreviations used is included under Abbreviations.

A number of genealogists have researched and published genealogical works pertaining to the early Acadian families. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. By far the greatest weakness is the lack of documentation within their publications. As noted in the genealogical data, Stephen White's Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Acadiennes is used as the basis for the first three generations of Germain's descendants. Bona Arsenault, Cyprien Tanguay and others' data is used to supplement White's information.

Donald Hebert's research is used as the basic source material for the early Louisiana period. This information is supplemented by data from the US Census records. With Hebert, the same general format is followed that he used in his books.

Information has been provided by individuals doing research. This is noted in the Table of Sources and in the family groups. Some of the research has been posted to individual web sites. Where this has happened, a link can be found to the web site on the Links page. Other information has been provided in a paper format, of which the webmaster has a copy on file.

Spelling of Names

As you get into genealogical research you realize rather quickly that there is a great inconsistency in the spelling of names. In order to be consistent, we have tried to use the name of the person shown at his or her birth or baptism/christening. Sometimes this was not their full name. You will find some entries with part of the name in brackets or two names with a slash between them to show a more complete name.

Bona Arsenault

Bona Arsenault has published two "series" of Historie et Genealogie des Acadiens. The first series consisted of two volumes published in 1965. The second series consisted of six volumes published in 1966. There are a number of discrepancies between the two series. Many of these are slight, such as a different name or birth date. However, there are two or three major differences. The names and dates will follow the second series, unless there is other reliable information contradicts it. You will be able to see in the documentation that is used. The original intent was to indicate all differences between the two series. However, it was felt that that could be more confusing than logical. Anyone who has a question concerning the differences may consult the two "series" or may feel free to contact the webmaster.

Abbreviations - Vital Statistics
Item Abbreviation
About   abt
Acadie (refers to Acadian Ch Records, 1707-48)     A
CensusC or Cen
Relationship outside Marriager
Spelling uncertain/name unknown_____
Abbreviations - Locations

The abbreviations listed here are used in the documentation within the family groups. The two letter abbreviations (old) were used by Hebert, and are followed where he is the source. The three letter abbreviations are used primarily with IGI documentation, and were developed to avoid duplicate abbreviations.

City/Town, County/Parish, State/Province/Country Abbreviation
                      (Church - Catholic, unless noted)
New Old
Mission, (no county), British Columbia (BC) MSM  
Albert County, New Brunswick (NB) ALB 
Baie-Sainte-Anne, Northumberland, New Brunswick BSA 
Barachois, Westmoreland, New Brunswick BRC 
Bathurst, Gloucester, New Brunswick (Sainte Famille) BTH 
Batiscan, New Brunswick BTS 
Beausejour, New Brunswick BSJ 
Beresford, Gloucester, New Brunswick BRF  
Berthier en Haut, New Brunswick BEH 
Cap Pele, Westmoreland, New Brunswick CPW 
Cape Bauld, Westmoreland, New Brunswick CBW 
Caraquet, Gloucester, New Brunswick CRQ 
Carleton, Westmoreland, New Brunswick CLW 
Chipoudy, Albert, New Brunswick CHP 
Claire Fontaine, Kent, New Brunswick CFK 
Fontain, Kent, New Brunswick FTN 
Isle d'Mac, New Brunswick IDM 
Lapraire, New Brunswick LPR 
Little Cape, Westmoreland, New Brunswick LCW 
Marysville, York, New Brunswick MYV 
Memramcook, Westmoreland, New Brunswick MEM  
Miramichi, Northumberland, New Brunswick MIR 
Norte Dame de St Nyac, New Brunswick NDS 
Paspebiac, New Brunswick PAS 
Richibucto, Kent, New Brunswick RHB 
St Charles, Sur Rich., New Brunswick SCS 
Saint John, Saint John, New Brunswick (Holy Assumption)SJS 
St Ours, New Brunswick STO  
St Paul, New Brunswick STP 
St Thomas, New Brunswick STT 
Salisbury, New Brunswick SLB 
Tracadiech, New Brunswick TRA 
Verennes, New Brunswick (see Varennes, NS) VER 
Port-Au-Port, Newfoundland, Newfoundland (NF) PAP 
__________, Ile Saint John, Nova Scotia (NS) (see PEI)ISJ 
Amherst, Cumberland, Nova Scotia AMH 
Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia (see Note) ARAAR
Avonport, Kings, Nova Scotia AVN 
Beaubassin, Cumberland, Nova Scotia BBSBe
Belle Isle, Annapolis, Nova Scotia BIA 
Belliveau Cove, Digby, Nova Scotia BLV 
Bridgetown/Wilmot, Annapolis, Nova Scotia BTW 
Brule, Nova Scotia BRU  
Brule Corner, Pictou, Nova Scotia BCP 
Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia CBC 
Cap-De-Sable (Cape Sable), Yarmouth, Nova Scotia CDS 
Cape Sable Island, Shelburn, Nova Scotia CSI 
Cheticamp, Inverness, Nova Scotia CHT 
Church Point, Digby, Nova Scotia (Sainte Marie) CPD 
Clare, Digby, Nova Scotia CLR 
Cobequid, Colchester, Nova Scotia CBQ 
Denmark, Colchester, Nova Scotia DEN 
Digby, Digby, Nova Scotia (Trinity Anglican) DIG 
East River, Pictou, Nova Scotia ERP 
Eel Brook, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia EBY 
Fort Belcher, Colchester, Nova Scotia FTB 
Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia GBC 
Grand Digue, Cumberland, Nova Scotia GDC 
Grand Pre, Kings, Nova Scotia (St Charles aux Mines) GPKGP
Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia HLX 
Hubbard's Point, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia HPY 
Inverness, Invervess, Nova Scotia INV 
Joggins, Cumberland, Nova Scotia JOG 
Kentville, Kings, Nova Scotia KNT 
Londonderry, Colchester, Nova Scotia LDD 
Louisbourg, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia LSB 
Louisville, Nova Scotia LSV 
Marshville, Pictou, Nova Scotia MRS 
Meadowville, Pictou, Nova Scotia MEA 
Meteghan, Digby, Nova Scotia (Etoile De La Mer) MGH 
Minudie, Cumberland, Nova Scotia MIN  
Muse Point, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia MPY 
Musquodovoit, Halifax, Nova Scotia MUS 
New Waterford, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia NWF 
North River, Colchester, Nova Scotia NRC 
Onslow, Colchester, Nova Scotia ONS 
Oxford Junction, Cumberland, Nova Scotia OXJ 
Pictou County, Nova Scotia PIC 
Pisiquit, Hants, Nova Scotia PSQ 
Plympton, Digby, Nova Scotia (Sainte Croix) PLY 
Port Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia (see Note) (St Jean Baptiste)PRA PR
Port Toulouse,, Nova Scotia PTS 
River John, Pictou, Nova Scotia RVJ 
Riviere aux Canard, Kings, Nova Scotia RAC 
Quinan, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia QUI 
Sainte Anne, Nova Scotia STA 
St Mary's Bay, Digby, Nova Scotia SMB 
Salmon River, Digby, Nova Scotia (Saint Vincent De Paul)SLM 
Shepody, Colchester, Nova Scotia SHE 
Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (St George) SYD 
Tatamagouche, Colchester, Nova Scotia TAT 
Tiverton, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia TVT 
Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia TRU 
Tusket, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia TSK 
Tusket Wedge, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia TKW 
Varennes, Nova Scotia (see Verennes, NB) VAR 
Wedgeport, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia WPT 
Weymouth, Digby, Nova Scotia WYM 
Windsor, Hants, Nova Scotia WIN 
Yarmouth, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia YAR 
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia YAC

NOTE: The original settlement of the colony of Acadie was Port Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia (located at Latitude 44 degrees, 43 minutes North, Longitude 65 degrees, 36 minutes West). After the British captured the colony, Port Royal's name was changed (about 1710) to Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia. At some later time another settlement was begun in Richmond County, Nova Scotia, also called Port Royal (located at Latitude 45 degrees, 32 minutes North, Longitude 61 degrees, 6 minutes West). This has created some confusion in the records of some researchers. The Acadians were at the original settlement and not the Richmond County settlement as far as references to Port Royal apply.

City/Town, County/Parish, State/Province/Country Abbreviation
                      (Church - Catholic, unless noted)
New Old
__________, Plautagenet, Ontario (ON) PCO 
Campbellton, Elgin, Ontario CAP 
Maxwell, Gray, Ontario MXW Montague, Lamark, Ontario MTG 
Plantagenet, Prescott, Ontario PLN 
Riceville, Prescott, Ontario RCV 
Sandwich, Essex, Ontario (Assumption) SDW 
Belmont, Prince Edward Island (PE) BLM 
Charlottetown, Queens, Prince Edward Island CTQ 
Malpeque, Princes, Prince Edward Island MPQ 
Port Lajoie, Queens, Prince Edward Island ** see Charlottetown, Queens, PEIPLJ  
Rustico, Queens, Prince Edward Island RUS 
Saint Pierre De Nord, Kings, Prince Edward Island SPN       
South Rustico, Queens, Prince Edward Island (St Augustine)SRQ 
Springbrook, Queens, Prince Edward Island SPG 
Summerside, Princes, Prince Edward Island SUM 
Tignish, Princes, Prince Edward Island TGN 
__________, La Pointe de l'Eglise, Quebec (QU) LPE 
Almaville, Champlain, Quebec (Norte Dame De La Presentation) AMV 
Becancour, Nicolet, Quebec BCN    Bc
Berthierville, Berthier, Quebec BRT 
Cap-Saint-Ignace, L'Islet, Quebec CIL 
Cap-Saint-Ignace, Montmagny, Quebec CIMCS
Carleton, Bonaventure, Quebec (Sainte Anne De Ritigouche)CLT  
Charlesbourg, Quebec, Quebec CSBCb
Deschambault, Portneuf, Quebec DCBDs
Drummondville, Drummond, Quebec DRM 
Grose Morn, Gaspe, Quebec GMG 
Grosse Coques,, Quebec GCQ 
Isle Dupas, Berthier, Quebec IDBID
Kamouraska, Kamouraska, Quebec KMRKa
L'Anse des Belliveau,, Quebec LDB 
Maskinonge, Maskinonge, Quebec MSKMa
Miquelon, Abitibie, Quebec MQL 
Mont Carmel, Kamourska, Quebec MTC 
Montreal, Montreal, Quebec MON 
Nicolet, Nicolet, Quebec NCLNc
Norte Dame De Quebec, Quebec, Quebec NDQ 
Norte Dame du Cap, Quebec NDCND
Plessisville, Megantic, Quebec PLS 
Pointe aux Trembles, Hochelaga, Quebec PATPT
Quebec, Quebec, Quebec QUEQu
Repentigny, L'Assomption, Quebec RPTRp
Riviere Ouelle, Kamouraska, Quebec ROKRO
Saint Alexis De Matapedia, Bonaventure, Quebec SAM 
Saint Antoine de Chambly, Quebec SACSC
Saint Celestin, Nicolet, Quebec STC 
Saint Charles, Quebec STH 
Saint Francois de Sud, Montmaguy, Quebec SFSSF
Saint Gregoire, Nicolet, Quebec STG 
Saint Joseph De Mekimac, Champlain, Quebec SJM 
Saint Maurice, Champlain, Quebec STM 
Saint Michel, Yamachiche. Quebec SMY 
Saint Pierre du Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec SPSSP
Saint Roch Des Aulnaies, L'Islet, Quebec SRA 
Sainte Anne De La Pocatiere, Kamouraska, QuebecSAPSA
Sainte Eulalie, Nicolet, Quebec STE 
Sainte Genevieve De Berthier, Berthier, Quebec (possible church at Berthierville)    SGB 
Shawinigan Sud, St Maurice, Quebec SWS 
Shawinigan, Champlain, Quebec (Norte Dame De La Presentation)SHW 
Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec SRL 
Trois-Rivieres, St Maurice, Quebec TRSTR
Yamachiche, St Maurice, Quebec (St Michel) YACYa
(United States other than Louisiana)  
Fort Des Allabamons,, Alabama FDA 
Mobile,, AlabamaMBL  
Saint David, Aroostook, Maine STD 
Van Buren, Aroostook, Maine (St Bruno) VBA 
Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts ATT 
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts BOS 
Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts BRT 
Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts BRM 
Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts BKF 
Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts CAM 
Charlestown (Boston), Suffolk, Massachusetts CHL 
Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts CON 
Fall River, Bristol, Massachusetts FRB 
Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts FCH 
Foxboro, Norfolk, Massachusetts FOX 
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts GLO 
Hawley, Franklin, Massachusetts HAW 
Lancaster, Massachusetts LAN 
Leicester, Worcester, Massachusetts LEI 
Littleton, Middlesex, Massachusetts LTL 
Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts LOW 
Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts LYN 
Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts MBR 
Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts MSH 
Norwood, Norfolk, Massachusetts NOR 
Palmer, Hampden, Massachusetts PAL 
Peabody, Essex, Massachusetts PEA 
Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts RDG 
Rockport, Essex, Massachusetts RPT 
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts SAL 
Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts SPF 
Stoneham, Middlesex, Massachusetts STN 
Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts SUD 
Wakefield, Middlesex, Massachusetts WFD 
Watertown, Suffolk, Massachusetts WAT 
Wilmington, Middlesex, Massachusetts WLM 
Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts WOR 
Detroit, Wayne, Michigan DTRDt
Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Missouri SLS 
Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire CCD 
Derry, Rockingham, New Hampshire DER 
Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire LON 
Winchester Twp, Cheshire, New Hampshire WNC 
Portland, Multnomah, Oregon PTL 
Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island PAW 
Providence, Providence, Rhode Island PRO 
__________, Hardin, Texas HCT 
__________, Liberty, Texas LCT 
Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas BMTBt
Ironwood, Liberty, Texas IWD 
Abbeville, Vermillion, Louisiana ABVAb
Arnardville, St Landry, Louisiana ARVAv
Baton Rouge, E. Baton Rouge, Louisiana (St Joseph) BREBR
Baton Rouge Diocese Archives BRDBRDA
Bayou Goula, Louisiana BYG 
Bell City, Calcasieu, Louisiana BCC 
Breaux Bridge, St Martin, Louisiana BBS 
Carencro, Lafayette, Louisiana CRN 
Cecelia, St Martin, Louisiana CECCe
Church Point, Acadia, Louisiana (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart)CPACP
Crowley, Acadia, Louisiana (St Michael) CRWCr
Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana (Ascension) DNVDv
Eunice, St Landry, Louisiana (St Anthony) EUNEu
Evangeline, Acadia, Louisiana (St Joseph) EVGEv
Galliano, Lafourche, Louisiana GLLGa
Golden Meadow, Lafourche, Louisiana GMLGM
Grand Coteau, St Landry, Louisiana (St Charles Borromeo)GCS CC
Houma, Terrebonne, Louisiana (St Francis de Salas) HOMHo
Iota, Acadia, Louisiana (St Joseph) IOTIo
Jennings, Jefferson Davis, Louisiana (Our Lady of Pepetual Help)JEN Je
Kaplan, Vermillion, Louisiana KAPKp
Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana LCCLC
Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana (Cathedral of St John the Evangelist)LAF La
LaRose, Lafourche, Louisiana (Our Rosary) LRLLR
Leeville, Lafourche, Louisiana LVL 
Lockport, Lafourche, Louisiana (Holy Savior) LPTLp
Loreauville, Iberia, Louisiana (St Joseph) LORLo
Marksville, Avoyelles, Louisiana MKS 
Maurice, Vermillion, Louisiana MRCMr
Mermentau, Acadia, Louisiana (St John the Evangelist)MERMe
Morley, Louisiana MOR  
Napoleonville, Assumption, Louisiana NPL
New Iberia, Iberia, Louisiana (St Peter) NIINI
New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana (Cathedral of St Louis, King of France) NOO NO
Opelousas, St Landry, Louisiana (St Landry) OPLOp
Paincourtville, Assumption, Louisiana PCV 
Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana (Assumption) PLTPl
Pointe Coupee, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana (St Francis) PCPPC
Raceland, Lafourche, Louisiana (St Mary's Nativity) RLDRl
Rayne, Acadia, Louisiana (St Joseph) RYNRa
St Gabriel, Iberville, Louisiana SGISG
St Gabriel Acadien Records SGA
St James, St James, Louisiana SJJSJ
St Martinville, St Martin, Louisiana (St Martin de Tours)SMV SM
Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana (St Joseph) TBDTh
Ville Platte, Evangeline, Louisiana (Sacred Heart) VPEVP
Washington, St Landry, Louisiana (Immaculate Conception)WSHWa
Youngville, Lafayette, Louisiana (St Anne) YGVYv


Below is a list of the Parishes that are located in southern Louisiana, most of them located in that portion of the state referred to as Acadiana.

ParishCreated Parish Created From
Acadia1886St Landry
Ascencion1807St James
Assumption1807(original parish)
Avoyelles1807(original parish)
Calcasieu1840St Landry
East Baton Rouge1810(original parish)
Evangeline1911St Landry
Iberia1868St Martin, St Mary
Jefferson Davis1913Calcasieu
Lafayette1823St Martin
Lafourche1807(original parish)
Orleans1807(original parish)
Rapides1807(original parish)
St James1807(original parish)
St Landry1807Avoyelles, Rapides
St Martin1807(original parish)
St Mary1811Assumption