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Updated 11/24/2014

Table of Sources

Valerie Lynn THEUNISSEN (Mitchell William THEUNISSEN) 
married unknown VINCENT.

 	1.  Lexie Jade VINCENT		b         					FH-MAH>  

Candyn Leane STELLY (Ronald Ray STELLY and Nancy HUFF) 
married Christopher Alfred SMITH.

 	1.  Daphne Marie SMITH		b             					FH-CLS    

Chuck Edwards CREDEUR (Lennie Dale CREDEUR and Karen) 

+ 	1.  Amanda CREDEUR    		b 	                       			FH-NRD
	2.  Cassandra CREDEUR     	b 	                       			FH-NRD
	3.  Dale CREDEUR     		b 	                       			FH-NRD
	4.  James CREDEUR     		b 	                       			FH-NRD
	5.  Joshua CREDEUR     		b 	                       			FH-NRD
	6.  Angela CREDEUR     		b 	                       			FH-NRD
	7.  Jayden CREDEUR     		b 	                       			FH-NRD    

Pamela Ann CREDEUR (Lennie Dale CREDEUR and Karen) 
married Dwayne FOSTER.

	1.  Tenna BOUTIN	    	b 	                       			FH-NRD
 	2.  Tabitha BOUTIN     		b 	                       			FH-NRD
	3.  Cody FOSTER     		b 	                       			FH-NRD
	4.  Katelin FOSTER     		b 	                       			FH-NRD    

Mitzi Marie CREDEUR (Lennie Dale CREDEUR and Karen) 
married Jude LANTIER.

	1.  Jake LANTIER    		b 	                       			FH-NRD
 	2.  Benny LANTIER     		b 	                       			FH-NRD