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Miscellaneous Entries
Updated 11/24/2014

Table of Sources
The Miscellaneous Entries have been divided by "regions", then by Province or State, to facilitate easier review by area 
rather than having to review the entire list.  The "regions" are as follows:

Region A1:  Canada � Maritime Provinces			Region C1:  France and Other Countries	
			Nova Scotia						France	
			New Brunswick						Belgium
			Prince Edward Island					Argentina
							Region C2:  		Exiles from Acadia
Region A2:  Canada � 	Quebec
							Region C3:  		Location unknown
Region A3:  Canada � Other Provinces			
			British Columbia

Region B1:  US � New England States			Region B3:  US � Other States
			Connecticut						California
			Maine							Florida
			Massachusetts						Illinois
			New Hampshire						Michigan
			Vermont							Minnesota
Region B2:  US � 	Louisiana						New Jersey
										New York
										North Carolina
										North Dakota
										Rhode Island
										South Carolina


	combined with


Albert DOUCETTE				m              Janet MUISE			GE-0609

	1.  John Raymond (Remi) DOUCETTE
					b						GE-0609
	2.  Mary F DOUCETTE		b						GE-0609


Alexandre DOUCET          		m              Magdelaine LEGER

	1.  girl DOUCET            	c 18 Jul 1751  					IGI-NS-PRA


Alfred DOUCET				m  8 Aug 1872  Maria HATFIELD			IGI-NS-Bear R

	1.  Mariam Estellam DOUCET	c 25 Jul 1875					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Mariam Lucam DOUCET		c 25 May 1877					IGI-NS-PLY


Ambrose DOUCET				m              Magdalen CAROLIN

	1.  Joseph Ambrose DOUCET	c  8 Oct 1851					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Theoticam Emiliam DOUCET	c 25 Jun 1854					IGI-NS-PLY


Ambrosii DOUCETE			m              Annie McCULLY

	1.  Ludovicum DOUCETE		c  6 Feb 1850					IGI-NS-PLY


Ambrose DOUCET				m              Catherine			RE-0203k

+	1.  Elisee DOUCET		b						RE-0203k

2- Elisee DOUCET			m

	1.  Alma DOUCET			b        1910					RE-0203k


Andre DOUCET				m              Anne MELANSON

	1.  Jean Josue DOUCET		b 17 Aug 1841					IGI-NS-EBY


Andre DOUCETTE				m              Mary MUSE

	1.  Miriam Nore DOUCETTE	c 18 Mar 1847					IGI-NS-MGH
	2.  Joseph Victorine DOUCETTE	c 15 Oct 1851					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Mary M. DOUCETTE		c 18 Jun 1855					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Hilaire DOUCETTE		c 11 Oct 1857					IGI-NS-SLM


Andre DOUCET				m

	1.  Francois DOUCET		b						GD-0613


Andre/Andrew DOUCETTE			b about  1806					RE-0451
					m              Anna/Hannah MOULENSON		RE-0451

+	1.  William DOUCETTE		b about  1837					RE-0451
					m              Lydia LeBLANC			RE-0451

2-  William DOUCETTE			m              Lydia LeBLANC

	1.  William DOUCETTE		b about  1865					GE-1070
	2.  Ruben DOUCETTE		b about  1867					GE-1070
	3.  Ramie DOUCETTE		b about  1868					GE-1070
+	4.  Edmund John DOUCETTE	b 15 Jun 1874					GE-1071/GE-1168
					m about  1900  Charlotte Anne MUSE		GE-1070
	5.  Ambroise DOUCETTE		b about  1880					GE-1070

Note:  William was also known as Jean Guillaume and Lydia was also known as Marie Lydia WHITE.

3- Edmund John DOUCETTE			m              Charlotte Anne MUSE
								(Moses MUSE/MUISE and Margaret MUSE)

	1.  Linda Anne DOUCETTE		b        1902					GE-1070
					m              Malcolm McINTYRE			GE-1070
+	2.  Edmund Bissell DOUCETTE	b        1903					GE-1070
	3.  Mabel Charlotte DOUCETTE	b        1904					GE-1070
	4.  Allen William DOUCETTE	b        1907					GE-1070
	5.  John Adolphus DOUCETTE	b        1910					GE-1070
	6.  Catherine M. DOUCETTE	b        1912					GE-1070
					m              Leonard CROSSCUP			GE-1070
	7.  Priscilla R. DOUCETTE	b        1916					GE-1070
	8.  Hartford J. DOUCETTE	b        1917					GE-1070
					m              Dorothy M. BAILEY		GE-1070
	9.  Charlotte G. DOUCETTE	b        1918					GE-1070
	10. Hurley J. DOUCETTE		b        1919					GE-1070

4-  Edmund Bissell DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Basil E. DOUCETTE		b						GE-1070

Note:  Edmund Bissell went by Basil E.  Hurley J's name may be Hurburt J.

Note:  In reference to Charlotte Anne Muse's parents, see RE-262a for Margaret's first marriage 
and census with Moses, second marriage.


Ann DOUCET				b        1720					IGI-NS


Anne DOUCET				b abt    1719					IGI-NS
					m              Charles Amand DEVEAU


Anne DOUCET				b abt    1725					IGI-NS
					b abt    1728					IGI-PE
					m              Joseph ARSENEAU


Anne DOUCET               		m 19 Aug 1800  Joseph AMIRAULT      		IGI-NS


Anne Rosalie DOUCETTE			m 15 Nov 1842  Cyrille Baptiste MIUS		GD-0653
							(Jean Baptiste MIUS and Genevieve MOLAISON)
							(m 7 Sep 1820)
	1.  Jean MIUS		 	b 31 Jul 1850					GD-0653
					m1 Madeleine MEUSE
					m2 Cyprienne DOUCET
					   (Louis DOUCET a Charles Tania DOUCET)
					m3 unknown LeBLANC
					   (Pierre LeBLANC a Basile LeBLANC)


Annie DOUCET(TE)			m             unknown				GE-0895

	1.  Annie AUCOIN		b						GE-0895


Anselm DOUCET				m              Marie Anne DeVAULT/DeVEAU

	1.  Cyrillum DOUCET  		c 21 Jan 1847					IGI-NS-MGH
	2.  Mariam Monicam DOUCET	c 19 Jun 1847					IGI-NS-MGH
	3.  Vitaline DOUCET		c  4 Apr 1854					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Virginie DOUCET		c  1 Mar 1857					IGI-NS-SLM
	5.  Mary DOUCET			c 17 May 1859					IGI-NS-SLM
	6.  Marie Chantal DOUCET	c 22 Sep 1861					IGI-NS-SLM
	7.  Jean Germain DOUCET		c 24 Jan 1864					IGI-NS-SLM


Anselme DOUSSET				m              Marguerite LeBLANC

	1.  Hilaire DOUSSET		b 24 Oct 1802					IGI-NS-CPD
	2.  Marie DOUSETT		b 12 May 1804					IGI-NS-CPD
	3.  Marguerite DOUSSET		b  3 Jul 1806					IGI-NS-CPD
	4.  Seraphie DOUSETT		b 10 Aug 1808					IGI-NS-CPD
	5.  Jovite Polycarpe DOUSSET	b 27 Jan 1815					IGI-NS-CPD
	6.  Magdelene DOUSSET		b 11 Jun 1817					IGI-NS-CPD
	7.  Luc Cesaire DOUSSET		b 17 Oct 1819					IGI-NS-CPD
	8.  Elizabeth Rosalie DOUSSET	b 11 Sep 1822					IGI-NS-CPD
	9.  Anselme Lambert DOUSSET	b 16 Sep 1825					IGI-NS-CPD


Anselme DOUCET				b
poss G4553-16.11			m1             Febrina COMEAU			GD-0087
					m2  1 Jul 1902 Francoise COMEAU			GD-0087
					m3 14 May 1907 Leonice CLAIRMONT		GD-0087

The children of the first marriage are:

	1.  Joseph Philipp DOUCET	c 29 Jul 1877					IGI-NS-MGH
	2.  Marie DOUCET		b about  1891					GD-0577
					m 24 Jun 1913  Jean �Michel� BOUDREAU		GD-0577
There are no known children of the second or third marriages.


Anthony DOUCETTE			m              Mary Rose

	1.  Julie Lillian DOUCETTE	b  4 May 1923					IGI-NS-CHT


Antoine DOUCET				m              Seraphine DOUCET

	1.  Jean DOUCET			c 22 Jul 1838					IGI-NS-MGH
	2.  Etienne DOUCET		c  7 Dec 1842					IGI-NS-MGH


	combined with


Augustin DOUCET				m              Marie DOUCET

	1.  Isreal DOUCET		b  3 Aug 1865					IGI-NS-CPD


Augustini DOUCET			m              Gertruda GODET

	1.  Timotheum DOUCET		c  4 Nov 1858					IGI-NS-PLY


Benjamin DOUCET				m              Helene COMEAU

	1.  Ann Beatrice DOUCET		b 24 Jul 1876					IGI-NS-CPD


Benjamin DOUCETTE			m              Annie DOUCETTE

	1.  May Alice DOUCETT		c 13 Apr 1878					IGI-NS-PLY
+	2.  Frank Peter DOUCETTE	b 29 Jan 1887					GE-0453
					m  1 Apr 1913  Lily Mae MELANSON		GE-0455

2- Frank Peter DOUCETTE			m              Lily Mae MELANSON
							(Joseph Alphonse Ambroise MELANSON
							 and Mindy (Minnie) ROBICHEAU)

	1.  Rodina Edna DOUCETTE	b  3 Oct 1913					GE-0455
					m about  1829  Archibald James JORDAN		GE-0455
	2.  Carrie DOUCETTE		b						RE-0133
	3.  Joseph William DOUCETTE	b        1916					GE-0789
					m              Eva MELANSON			GE-0514
	4.  Edward Lawrence DOUCETTE	b        1918					GE-0789
	5.  Joseph Benjamin DOUCETTE	b        1920					GE-0789
					m              Ada MacDONALD			GE-0514
	6.  Herbert Clifford DOUCETTE 	b        1922					GE-0789
					m              Annette COMEAU			GE-0514
	7.  Martin Alonzo DOUCETTE	b        1925					GE-0789
					m              Rena RING			GE-0514
	8.  Mary Mildred DOUCETTE	b        1929					GE-0789
					m              Lewellin WIENTZEL		GE-0455
	9.  Joseph Nathan DOUCETTE	b            					GE-0789
	10. Marie DOUCETTE		b            					GE-0789
					m              Tony VALERO/BELARO		GE-0514
	11. girl DOUCETTE		b		(twin)				GE-0397
					d              2 yrs of age			GE-0397
	12. girl DOUCETTE		b		(twin)				GE-0397
					d              2 yrs of age			GE-0397


Benjamin DOUCETT			m              Phaebe Anne HARRIS
					b about 1828-30

	1.  Delia DOUCETTE		b						FH-SB
	2.  Charles B. DOUCETTE		b						FH-SB
	3.  Annabell DOUCETTE		b about  1847					FH-SB/IGI-NS
					m              John Alpha BLACKFORD		FH-SB
	4.  Ida W. DOUCETTE		b						FH-SB
	5.  John A. DOUCETTE		b						FH-SB
	6.  Mina E. DOUCETTE		b						FH-SB
	7.  Sara P. DOUCETTE		b						FH-SB
	8.  Sophiam Agnetem DOUCETT	c 21 Feb 1871					IGI-NS-PLY
	9.  Edmond DOUCETTE		b						FH-SB

Benoni Amable DOUSETT			m abt    1818  Anne DUGAST			IGI-NS-DIG

	1.  Charles Amable DOUSETT	b 19 Oct 1819					IGI-NS-CPD
+	2.  Jules Jovite DOUSSET	b 27 May 1821					IGI-NS-CPD
					m             Venerante TIBIDEAU 
	3.  Augustin Theodule DOUSETT	b  3 May 1823					IGI-NS-CPD
	4.  Ambroise Protais DOUSETT	b 14 Mar 1825					IGI-NS-CPD
	5.  Marthe Vitalline DOUSSET	b 13 Apr 1827					IGI-NS-CPD
	6.  Alexandre Benjamin DOUSETT	b  7 Mar 1829					IGI-NS-CPD

2-  Jules Jovite DOUCET			m              Venerante TIBIDEAU

	1.  Mariam Annam DOUCET		c 30 Aug 1847					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Elene Adele DOUCET		c  8 Oct 1851					IGI-NS-PLY
	3.  Rosaliam DOUCET		c 17 Nov 1857					IGI-NS-PLY
	4.  Martha Elizabeth DOUCET	c 20 Jan 1861					IGI-NS-PLY


Bernard Charles DOUCETTE		m						RE-0257t

	1.  Bernard Charles DOUCETTE	b						RE-0257t


Catherine DOUCET          		m 25 Jul 1745  Bertrand BIROLLE     		IGI-NS


Cecile DOUCET				b abt    1730					IGI-NS
					m              Jacob COTTE


Chantal Jane DOUCETTE			m              John Leander DEVEAU		GE-0364

	1.  Sadie DEVEAU		b						GE-0364
	2.  Eddie DEVEAU		b						GE-0364
	3.  Cyril DEVEAU		b						GE-0364
	4.  Lemance DEVEAU		b						GE-0364
	5.  Minnie DEVEAU		b						GE-0364
	6.  Mary or Marj DEVEAU		b						GE-0364


Charles DOUCET

	1.  Eliza J. DOUCET		b abt    1818					IGI-NS-WYM


Charles DOUCET				m

	1.  Marie Alfrida DOUCET	b        1826					IGI-NS-WYM
					m        1845  George HOYT			IGI-NS


Charles DOUCETT				m              Margaret

	1.  Sophia Ann DOUCETT		c 25 Jun 1818					IGI-NS-DIG


Charles DOUCET				m              Seraphie LeBLANC

	1.  Stanislas Moise DOUCET	b 18 May 1862					IGI-NS-CPD
	2.  Stanislas DOUCET		b 11 May 1864					IGI-NS-CPD


Charles DOUCET            		m 14 Oct 1754  Marie Felicite LANDRY 		DNCF p 416
                               			       (Claude LANDRY m Suzanne TAREAU)


Charles B. DOUCET			m              Francoise DOUCET

	1.  Chantle DOUCET		b  6 Jan 1873					IGI-NS-CPD
	2.  Henri DOUCET		b 20 May 1874					IGI-NS-CPD


Claude DOUCET             		m              Marie Charlotte LaMOTTE

	1.  Marie-Louise DOUCET 	d 16 Jul 1753  					Ta


Cyrille DOUCET				m              Ursule LeBLANC

	1.  Jean Remi DOUCET		b 16 Sep 1838					IGI-NS-EBY
	2.  Anne Marguerite DOUCET	b  1 Apr 1840					IGI-NS-EBY


	combined with


David DOUCET				m						GE-0133

+	1.  Sylvain DOUCET		b						GE-0133

2- Sylvain DOUCET			m

+	1.  Rene DOUCET			b						GE-0133

3- Rene DOUCET				m

	1.  Jean Edward DOUCET		b						GE-0133


David DOUCET				b about  1842					GD-0978
					m              Charlotte THIBAULT		GD-0978

	1.  Mary DOUCET			b about  1866					GD-0978
					m              Charles BURTON			GD-0978
	2.  Margaret Ann DOUCET 	c 12 Jul 1868					IGI-NS-PLY
					m              John AMERO			GD-0978
	3.  Bertha DOUCET		b						GD-0978
	4.  Percy DOUCET		b						GD-0978


Delilah DOUCET				m              Pierre MIUS			RD-0045


Denis DOUCET              		m 29 Aug 1799  Marguerite BELLIREAU or LeBLANC	IGI-NS


Dominici DOUSSET			m              Vitalina MELANCON
(Jean Dominique DOUCET)			               (Vitaline Agnes)

	1.  Isabelle Constance DOUCET 	c 16 Oct 1862					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Seraphie Eugenie DOUCET	c 27 Jan 1865					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Domitille Agnes DOUCET	c 18 Jun 1867					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Benjaminum DOUSETT		c 27 Feb 1870					IGI-NS-SLM
	5.  Ambroisium Urbanum DOUSSET	c 22 Jun 1873					IGI-NS-SLM


Dominic DOUCETTE			m              Madaleine MUSE			RE-0196

	1.  Alexander Enes DOUCETTE	b 						RE-0197

Note:  see and for possible parents.


	combined with


Elizabeth DOUCET			b abt    1746					IGI-NS
					m    Jan 1773  Charles BELIVEAU			IGI-QU


Elizabetha DOUSSET			r              unknown

	1.  Gulielmum DOUSSET		c 09 Dec 1871					IGI-NS-MGH


Emilie DOUCET				m              Guillaume MUISE			GE-1127

	1.  Albert MUISE		b    Feb 1889					GE-1127

Note:  Albert was given up for adoption and his last name was changed to Carter.


Etienne DOUCET				m              Genevieve COMEAU

	1.  Marie Jeanne DOUCET		c 13 Nov 1866					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Rosaliam DOUCET		c 28 Feb 1869					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Philemin Toussant DOUCET	c  9 Jan 1871					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Arthur Phillippum DOUCET	c  8 Apr 1873					IGI-NS-SLM
	5.  Georgium Eduardum DOUCET	c  2 Jul 1876					IGI-NS-MGH


Fabien DOUCETTE				m              Henriette SOIGNEE

	1.  Francis Alexandre DOUCETTE	c 16 Oct 1845					IGI-NS-MGH


Felicis DOUCET				m              Paula TERREO

	1.  Leonidem DOUCET		c  1 Oct 1847					IGI-NS-MGH


Firmin DOUCET				m

	1.  Marie Marguerite DOUCET	b						GD-0946
					m        1915  David George MOMBOURQUETTE	GD-0946


Florence Ann DOUCETTE			b about  1909					GE-0603
					m1             unknown LeBLANC			GE-0603
					m2             unknown DeLaPORTE		GE-0603


Francis DOUCET            		m              Eliz

	1.  Adam DOUCET         	c 17 Aug 1813					IGI-NS-SYD
	2.  Charles DOUCET      	c 17 Aug 1813					IGI-NS-SYD
	3.  Francis DOUCET      	c 17 Aug 1813					IGI-NS-SYD
	4.  James DOUCET        	c 17 Aug 1813  					IGI-NS-SYD


Francois DOUSSET			m              Coleta SAULNIER

	1.  Mariam DOUSSET		c 15 Oct 1874					IGI-NS-MGH
	2.  Mariam Sadie DOUSSET	c 30 Dec 1876					IGI-NS-MGH


Francois DOUCET				m              Magdaleine TRAHAN

	1.  Ambrosiam DOUCET		c  2 Jun 1854					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Guilellmum Henricum DOUCET
					c 17 Nov 1856					IGI-NS-PLY
	3.  Mariam Suzanna DOUCET	c 21 Jun 1858					IGI-NS-PLY
	4.  Mariam Magdalenam DOUCET	b  8 Apr 1859					IGI-NS-PLY
	5.  John Olivier DOUCET		c 20 Mar 1862					IGI-NS-PLY
	6.  Theohile DOUCET		c 26 Oct 1864					IGI-NS-PLY
	7.  Stephani DOUCET		c 11 Nov 1866					IGI-NS-PLY
	8.  Alpheum DOUCET		c 24 Feb 1871					IGI-NS-PLY
	9.  Josephum DOUCET  		c    Oct 1872					IGI-NS-PLY


	combined with


Francois DOUCET				m              Celeste LeBLANC

	1.  Francois DOUCET		b  7 Oct 1838					IGI-NS-YAR CO


Francois DOUCET				m              Marie GIROARD

	1.  Marie Magdelaine DOUCET	c 10 Aug 1722					IGI-NS-BBS


Francois DOUCET           		m 25 Jun 1726  Marie PISNET         		IGI NS  


Francoise DOUCET			b abt    1687					IGI-NS
					m              Germain DOUCET

For children of this marriage, see Germain DOUCET, ME-A1-NS-GERM-01, below.


Francois (Leon) DOUCET			m              Louise MIUS			RD-0350a

+	1.  Jean Mande DOUCET		b        1860					GD-1243
					m 25 Feb 1882  Vitaline FRONTAIN		RD-0350a
							(Hilaire FRONTAIN and Marie BURRIDGE)

2-  Jean Mande DOUCET			m              Vitaline FRONTAIN

	1.  Jean Hylaire DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	2.  Joseph DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	3.  Ruben DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	4.  William DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	5.  David DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	6.  Fanny DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	7.  Louise DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	8.  Helen DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	9.  Mary Rose DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	10. Jesie DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	11. John Lovette DOUCET		b						GD-1243
	12. Leo DOUCET			b						GD-1243


Fred DOUCETTE				m              Leonie				RE-0136a


Genoni DOUSSET				m              Anne LANOUE
(poss Benoni)

	1.  Elizabeth DOUSSET		b        1814					IGI-NS-SMB


George DOUCETTE				m						GE-0943

+	1.  Rene Joseph DOUCETTE	b  3 Jul 1917					GE-0943
	2.  Maude DOUCETTE		b						GE-0943
	3.  Ely DOUCETTE		b						GE-0943
	4.  Benoit DOUCETTE		b						GE-0943
	5.  Simon DOUCETTE		b						GE-0943
	6.  Abel DOUCETTE		b						GE-0943
	7.  Phillip DOUCETTE		b						GE-0943

2-  Rene Joseph DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Sandra DOUCETTE		b						GE-0943
					m              unknown TESSIER			GE-0943


George DOUCETTE				m              Minnie MUISE

+	1.  George DOUCETTE		b        1911					GD-0824
					m              unknown				GD-0824
	2.  Mel DOUCETTE		b						GD-0824
	3.  Simon DOUCETTE		b						GD-0824
	4.  Artenise DOUCETTE		b						GD-0824

2- George DOUCETTE			m              unknown

	1.  Bruce DOUCETTE		b						GD-0834


Germain DOUCET				m              Francoise DOUCET
					b abt    1683					IGI-NS-PRA

	1.  Francois DOUCET		b        1709					IGI-NS-PRA

Note:  See ME-A1-NS-FRAN-08 above.


Germain DOUCET				b about  1838					RT-0005

	1.  Joseph DOUCET		b						RT-0005


Helen DOUCET				m              William LAINEY			GD-1132

	1.  Nelwood LAINEY		b						GD-1132
					m              Olive PAULIN			GD-1132


Henri DOUCET				m              Marie COMEAU

	1.  Magdeleine DOUCET		c  1 Oct 1857					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Jacobum Guillelmum DOUCET	c  3 Jun 1859					IGI-NS-PLY
	3.  Marie DOUCET		b  3 Feb 1867					IGI-NS-CPD


Henri DOUCETTE				m              Mary LeBLANC

	1.  Mary Benita DOUCETTE	b 12 Jul 1899					IGI-NS-WPT


Henri E DOUCET				m 21 Jan 1917  Rose Delphine DEVEAU		GE-0300
							(Athanase DEVEAU m Adeline d�ENTREMONT)


Isaac DOUCETTE				m              Sarah A. AMIREAULT

	1.  James Willerd DOUCETTE	c 30 May 1878					IGI-NS-PLY


Isadore DOUCET				m  3 May 1892  Sylvie HUBBARD			GD-0506
							(widow of Jean Remi DOUCET)

	1.  Mary Delia DOUCET		b 26 Sep 1892					GD-0523
	2.  Odessa DOUCET		b about  1894					GD-0523
					d  6 May 1903					GD-0523


Isaiah DOUCETTE				m              Elizabeth TINKHAM

	1.  Emma DOUCETTE		b        1871					IGI-NS-YAR


Isaie DOUCET				m              Rosalie BOURQUE

	1.  Marie Elizabeth DOUCET	b 12 Dec 1873					IGI-NS-CPD
	2.  Marie Francoise DOUCET	b 30 Jun 1875					IGI-NS-CPD
	3.  Joseph Damien DOUCET	b 31 May 1877					IGI-NS-CPD


Jacob DOUCET				m              Elizabeth HOLDING/HOLDEN

	1.  Catharinam DOUCET		c    Oct 1847					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Jacobum Alexander DOUCET	c 31 Oct 1854					IGI-NS-PLY
	3.  Joannem Dionysium DOUCET	c  3 Jan 1857					IGI-NS-PLY
	4.  Margaritam DOUCET		c 25 Oct 1858					IGI-NS-PLY


Jacques DOUCET				m              Marguerite LeBLANC

	1.  Elizabeth DOUCET		b  6 Jun 1837					IGI-NS-YAR CO


James DOUCETTE				m              Hannah MUSE

	1.  Isaiah DOUCETTE		b 23 May 1853					IGI-NS-QUI


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Matt-01


James DOUCETTE				m              Mary RIBICHEAU			RE-0139a

+	1.  Elizabeth Mary DOUCETTE	b 06 Aug 1848					RE-0257v
					m              Louis HUBBARD			RE-0139a

2- Elizabeth Mary DOUCETTE		m              Louis HUBBARD

	1.  Agnes HUBBARD		b 02 May 1872					RE-0139a
					m 25 Sep 1899  James JONES			RE-0445a
	2.  Louis HUBBARD		b 12 Aug 1877					RE-0445a
					m 07 Jun 1910  Eliza SURETTE			RE-0445a

James Jones' parents:  John JONES and Sarah
Eliza Surette's parents:  Stephen D. SURETTE and Chantal


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Matt-01


James Albert DOUCETTE			m              Carrie				RE-0032

	1.  Lillian E. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0030


James DOUCETTE				m              Nora				RE-0190

see CU-93-MA-S01-098 (possible)


Jean DOUCET				m              Elisabeth/Isabella HARRINGTON

	1.  Daniel DOUCET		c  4 Sep 1864					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Marie Julitte DOUCET	c  8 Apr 1866					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Cyrillum DOUCET		c 29 Mar 1868					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Catharinam Adelinam DOUCET	c  4 Jul 1871					IGI-NS-SLM
	5.  Emiliam DOUCET		c 10 May 1872					IGI-NS-SLM
	6.  Emilam DOUCET		c 14 Jul 1874					IGI-NS-SLM
	7.  Ignatum DOUCET		c  1 Sep 1877					IGI-NS-MGH


Jean DOUCET				m              Marie Catherine COMEAU

	1.  Joseph DOUCET		c  4 Feb 1864					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Marie Elizabeth DOUCET	c 29 Apr 1865					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Francois DOUCET		c  7 May 1867					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Martinam Venerandam DOUCET	c  8 Nov 1868					IGI-NS-SLM
	5.  Margaritam Annam DOUCET	c 15 Nov 1870					IGI-NS-SLM
	6.  Catharinam Adelinam DOUCET	c  4 May 1872					IGI-NS-SLM


Jean DOUCET				m              Marie PRUDENT

	1.  Jean DOUCET			c 10 Mar 1715					IGI-NS-PRA


	combined with

Jean DOUCET				b abt    1683					IGI-NS-GPK
               				m1             Elisabeth PROU      		DNCF, p417
              				m2       1711  Anne PINET        		IGI-NS
                      			m3 24 Apr 1729 Marie Therese DAUPHIN  		IGI-NS

The child of the first marriage is:

	1.  Jean Francois DOUCET	b 20 May 1706					IGI-QU-NDQ

The children of the second marriage are:

	2.  Marie Josephe DOUCET 	b 20 Apr 1712					IGI-NS-GPK
	3.  Phillipe DOUCET		b 30 Nov 1713					FH-JGA
	4.  Joseph DOUCET		b 19 Aug 1715					FH-JGA
	5.  Marie Therese DOUCET	b 12 Aug 1717					FH-JGA
	6.  Marguerite DOUCET		b						FH-JGA
	7.  Anne Marie DOUCET		b        1722					IGI-PE-PLJ
					m 19 Mar 1739  Jean LUCAS dit Bergerac		FH-JGA

The child of the third marriage is:

	8.  Marie Josephe DOUCET 	c 10 Jun 1730  					IGI-NS-LSB


Jean DOUCET               		m              Marguerite LENDER    	

	1.  Jean DOUCET         	b        1754
                              		m        1770  Marie Madeleine BERNIER 		DNCF, p417	 


Jean DOUCET               		m              Jeanne DESCAMPS      	

	1.  Jean DOUCET         	m        1742  Marie Therese DUCHESNE         	DNCF, p417


Jean DOUCET               		m              Suzanne BERNARD      	

	1.  Louis DOUCET        	m        1752  Catherine DUBREUIL   		DNCF, p417


Jean DOUCET               		b        1736                      		Ta  


Jean J. DOUCET				m              Jeanne THIBODEAU

	1.  Marie Octavie DOUCET	b  4 Feb 1875					IGI-NS-CPD
	2.  Marie DOUCET		b  8 Apr 1876					IGI-NS-CPD


Jean Guillaume DOUCET 			m              Leonisse LeBLANC			GD-0814

+	1.  Remi DOUCET			b						GD-0814
					m              Adele CLAIRMONT			GD-0814

2- Remi DOUCET 				m              Adele CLAIRMONT
		 					(Remi CLAIRMONT m Elizabeth LeBLANC)

+	1.  Guillaume DOUCETTE		b						GD-0814
					m              Hortense MUISE			GD-0809

3- Guillaume DOUCETTE			m              Hortence MUISE	
							(Simon MUISE m Marthe MUISE)

+	1.  Leslie DOUCETTE		b            					GD-0809
					m              Claudette AMIRAULT		GD-0809

4- Leslie DOUCETTE			m              Claudette AMIRAULT
							(Paul AMIRAULT m Angeline)

+	1.  Howard Paul DOUCETTE	b            					GD-0809

5- Howard Paul DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Leslie Anne DOUCETTE	b            					GD-0809
					d about age 19


	combined with


Jerry DOUCETTE				m              Rosetta				GE-1053

+	1.  Patrick DOUCETTE		b						GE-1053
					m 25 May 1874  Elizabeth MUISE			GE-1053

2-  Patrick DOUCETTE			m              Elizabeth MUISE
							(Vitale MUISE and Marguerite)

	1.  Frederick L. DOUCETTE	b about  1875					GE-1053/CU-90-MA-M01-077
					m              Isabella LEITCH			GE-1053

3-  Frederick L. DOUCETTE		m              Isabella LEITCH
							(John LEITCH and Elizabeth GRANGER)

	1.  Sadie E. DOUCETTE		b about  1896					CU-90-MA-M01-077
					m              unknown SHEA			RE-0174
	2.  James A. DOUCETTE		b about  1898					CU-90-MA-M01-077
	3.  Isabella M. DOUCETTE	b about  1900					CU-90-MA-M01-077
	4.  Edith DOUCETTE		b about  1902					CU-92-MA-M01-222
	5.  Joseph E. DOUCETTE		b about  1905					CU-92-MA-M01-222
+	6.  William A. DOUCETTE		b 07 Jun 1908					RE-0174/CU-92-MA-M01-222
					m              Mary				RE-0174

4-  William A. DOUCETTE 		m              Mary

	1.  William A. DOUCETTE Jr	b						RE-0174


Joanni DOUCET				m              Charlottae TIBO

	1.  Mariam Virginam DOUCET	c  6 Apr 1866					IGI-NS-PLY


Joannis DOUCETTE			m              Maria AMIRAULT

	1.  Georgium Henricum DOUCETTE	c 26 Jan 1877					IGI-NS-PLY


	combined with


Joannis DOUSSET				m              Genofera COMEAU

	1.  Jonnem Eugeniam DOUSSET	c  9 Aug 1878					IGI-NS-MGH


John DOUCETTE				m              Selina

	1.  Mary Celeste DOUCETTE	b  2 Feb 1888					IGI-NS-CHT


John DOUCETTE				m						GE-0664

	1.  Elizabeth DOUCETTE		b 27 May 1877					GE-0664
					m        1896  John LYNCH			GE-0664


John DOUCETTE				m about  1810  Mary ROBESHAW/ROBICHAUD	GE-0790


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Matt-01


John Mephile DOUCETTE			m              Madeleine			GE-0347

	1.  John DOUCETTE		b						GE-0347
					m              Emily ROBICHEAU			GE-0347


John Wallace or Vernon DOUCETTE		b 10 Apr 1878					GE-0568
					m 12 Nov 1900  Susan Euphemie Frances FITZGERALD
							(William FIRZGERALD m Annie HARRIS)

	1.  Albert Edgar DOUCETTE	b						GE-0568
	2.  George Milford DOUCETTE	b						GE-0568
	3.  Charles Irving DOUCETTE	b						GE-0568
	4.  William Gordon DOUCETTE	b						GE-0568
	5.  Susan Ethel DOUCETTE	b						GE-0568	


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Matt-01


John Charles DOUCETTE			m              Modeste MUSE

	1.  Francois DOUCETTE		c 11 Nov 1849					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Francis DOUCETTE		c  2 Oct 1851					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Mary DOUCETT		c  7 Sep 1858					IGI-NS-SLM


John DOUCETTE				m              Honorah MacPHERSON		RE-0114


John Simon DOUCETTE			m              Margaret BONVIE			RE-0213


Joseph DOUCET				m              Nathalie MIUS

	1.  Anne Seraphie DOUCET	b  8 Jul 1805					IGI-NS-EBY
	2.  Marie Julie DOUCET		b  1 Jun 1807					IGI-NS-EBY
	3.  Anne DOUCET			b 29 Jun 1811					IGI-NS-EBY
	4.  Joseph Seraphin DOUCET	b 18 Nov 1813					IGI-NS-EBY
	5.  Cyrille DOUCET		b  4 Dec 1815					IGI-NS-EBY
	6.  Marceline DOUCET		b abt    1818					IGI-NS-CDS


Joseph DOUCET 				m              Madeleine TRAHAN

	1.  Rosally Gertrude DOUCET	c 20 Oct 1854					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Philomene DOUCET		c 17 Jul 1856					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Timothy DOUCET		c  4 Nov 1858					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Emily DOUCETT		c 16 Feb 1860					IGI-NS-SLM
	5.  Marie Elizabeth DOUCET	c  9 May 1862					IGI-NS-SLM
	6.  Jean Pierre DOUCET		c 24 Jun 1864					IGI-NS-SLM
	7.  Marianne DOUCET		c  3 Jun 1866					IGI-NS-SLM
	8.  Marie Berthe DOUCET		c  3 Jun 1866					IGI-NS-SLM


Joseph DOUCET				m              Monica DOUCET

	1.  Gentiliam DOUCET		c 11 Jun 1855					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Nataliam DOUCET		c 11 Jun 1855					IGI-NS-PLY


Joseph DOUSSET				m              Maria THIBIDAU

	1.  Monicam DOUSSET		c  5 Apr 1875					IGI-NS-MGH


	combined with


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Marie BORNAIS        		DNCF, p417
                             		b        1760                      		Ta
                              		d 31 Mar 1794                      		Ta  


	combined with


Joseph B. DOUCETTE			m              Ruth Frances FRASER

	1.  Benoit Joseph DOUCETTE	b 23 Feb 1924					IGI-NS-HLX


Joseph DOUCETTE				m about  1850  Monica/Monique COMEAU		GD-0418

	1.  Natalie M. DOUCETTE		b 21 Sep 1851					GD-0418


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Rose COMEAU			GE-0371

	1.  Jennie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0371
	2.  Nellie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0371
	3.  Eliza DOUCETTE		b						GE-0371
	4.  Luke DOUCETTE		b						GE-0371
	5.  Leo DOUCETTE		b						GE-0371
	6.  Demelia DOUCETTE		b						GE-0371
	7.  Henry DOUCETTE		b						GE-0371
	8.  Herbert DOUCETTE		b						GE-0371


Joseph Francis DOUCETTE			b  5 Aug 1887					GD-0746


Joseph Emille DOUCET			b						FH-HD
					m              Hazel Venus HAMBURGER		FH-HD

	1.  Joseph DOUCET		b 03 Apr 1932					FH-HD
	2.  Henry DOUCET		b						FH-HD


Joseph O. DOUCETTE			m              Mary W. SMITH			RE-0090

	1.  Alice Louise DOUCETTE	b						RE-0090


Joseph Charles Doucet			b						RD-0228
					m              Lucie COMEAU			RD-0228
							(Benjamin COMEAU and Ethel)


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Rosalie MUISE			RE-0261


Joseph DOUCETTE				b 09 Sep 1846					RE-0465a
					m              Alice d'ENTREMONT		RE-0465b

	1.  Hattie F./Katie DOUCETTE	b about  1879					RE-0465a
	2.  Thomas J. DOUCETTE		b 26 Apr 1880					RE-0465a
					m              Nellie				RE-0465
	3.  Grace DOUCETTE		b 12 Dec 1882					RE-0465a
					m 03 Feb 1913  Robert W. SURETTE		RE-0465b
	4.  Nora/Laura DOUCETTE		b 09 Aug 1884					RE-0465a
	5.  Louis DOUCETTE		b 12 Sep 1888					RE-0465a
					m              Mary E				RE-0465
	6.  Edward DOUCETTE		b 02 Oct 1890					RE-0465a
	7.  Bertha DOUCETTE		b 06 Nov 1894					RE-0465a
					m              Walter Edward CARR		RE-0465

Note:  The 1901 Canada census shows Louis as Louise, however this would be incorrect due to
Louis marrying Mary E.  Also, Edward is also referred to as James in 1891 Digby census 


Josue DOUCET				b about  1850					GE-0183
					m              Rosalie MIUS			GE-0183

+	1.  Josue Arthur DOUCET		b        1877					GE-0183
					m              Elizabeth Beatrice SAULNIER	GE-0183

2- Josue Arthur (George Arthur) DOUCETTE
					m              Elizabeth Beatrice SAULNIER	GD-0140

	1.  George Melbourne DOUCETTE	b						GD-0140

NOTE:  Per GE-0438 Josue DOUCET may have been name Josue DEVEAU, and has a sister Mary.  Per GE-0967, Josue may be Joshua.


Jovita DOUCETTE				m              Rosalia BELIVEAUX

	1.  Mariam Petronillam DOUCETTE
					c 29 May 1860					IGI-NS-PLY


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Beno-01

Julien DOUCET				m              Margaret POIRIER			GD-1267

	1.  Pepin DOUCET		b 15 Dec 1858					GD-1267


Louis DOUCET				m              Therese BONENFANT

	1.  Leodore DOUCET		b 16 Oct 1864					IGI-NS-CPD
	2.  Chniale DOUCET		b 26 Mar 1868					IGI-NS-CPD
	3.  Charles DOUCET		b 26 May 1870					IGI-NS-CPD
	4.  Agnes Lina DOUCET		b 17 Oct 1872					IGI-NS-CPD
	5.  Mande Lionel DOUCET		b 15 Feb 1874					IGI-NS-CPD


Louis DOUCET 				m              Celine CHAISSON			GD-0784

	1.  Simon DOUCET		b						GD-0784
					m              Marie Levier			GD-0784


Louis DOUCETTE				b        1780					GE-0027


Luc B. DOUCET				m              Leonise DOUCET

	1.  Simeon DOUCET		b 16 Feb 1875					IGI-NS-CPD


Luc B. DOUCET				m              Monique DOUCET

	1.  Annie DOUCET		b  1 Jan 1873					IGI-NS-CPD


Luca DOUCET				m              Monica GODET

	1.  Carolum Ludovicum DOUCET	c  6 Apr 1859					IGI-NS-PLY


Ludovici DOUCET				m              Genovefa COMEAU

	1.  Lucam Augustinum DOUCET	c 12 Dec 1858					IGI-NS-PLY


Mande DOUCET				m              Monique LeBLANC

	1.  Charles DOUCET		c 13 Jun 1862					IGI-NS-SLM


Marc DOUCETTE				m              Marie BOUCHER			GD-0275

	1.  Hazel DOUCETTE		b						GD-0275
					m        1812  Adam ARMSTRONG			GD-0275
	2.  Lena DOUCETTE		b						GD-0275
					m              Lawrence BOURQUE			GD-0275
	3.  Eugene DOUCETTE		b						GD-0275
	4.  Josephine DOUCETTE		b						GD-0275
					m              Elizee GAUDET			GD-0275


Marcarii DOUZETT			m              Marie DOUZETT

	1.  Veronicam Annam DOUZETT
					c 27 Jun 1861					IGI-NS-PLY


Marguerite DOUCET			b abt    1725					IGI-NS
					m              Charles VINCENT


Marguerite DOUCET			b abt    1734					IGI-NS
					m		Jean Baptiste BARILLOT


Marguerite DOUCET         		m 30 Aug 1799  Ignace COMEAU        		IGI-NS  


Maria DOUCET				b abt    1827					IGI-NS


Marie DOUCET              		m              Louis LENAC      

	1.  Paschal DOUCET      	c 14 Feb 1745  					IGI-NS-LSB


Marie DOUCET				b abt    1840					IGI-NS


Marie DOUCET              		m  7 Jan 1800  Charles DUGAS        		IGI-NS  


Marie DOUCET              		m  7 Jan 1800  Joseph PRITCHARD     		IGI-NS  


Marie Josephe DOUCET      		m  3 Feb 1750  Joseph BOURS         		IGI-NS  


Marie Madeleine DOUCET    		m        1821  Jean Baptiste FOUNTAIN        	IGI-NS  


Marie Therese DOUCET      		m        1829  Anselm FOUNTAIN      		IGI-NS  


Marie DOUCETTE				m              Alexis BOUCHER			GE-0748


Marion Jane DOUCETTE			r              James Chester POWER		GD-1158

	1.  Robert Timothy DOUCETTE	b						GD-1158

Robert was given up for adoption and his last name was changed to Tobin.


Marie DOUCET				m             unknown				GE-1005

	1.  John			b						GE-1005
	2.  Verna			b						GE-1005
					m              unknown MELANSON			GE-1005
	3.  Lorraine			b						GE-1005
					m1             unknown FULLER			GE-1005
					m2             unknown BOWMAN			GE-1005
	4.  Robert			b						GE-1005


Mary Jessie DOUCET			b 10 Nov 1890					IGI-NS


Mary DOUCETTE				b about  1835					GE-0747
					m about  1860  John A. BOUCHIE			GE-0747

	1.  Robert BOUCHIE		b						GE-0749


	combined with


Matthew DOUCETTE			m              unknown McNEIL			GE-0696

+	1.  James J. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0129a
					m              Mary HAWLEY/HOWLEY		GE-1115

2- James J. DOUCETTE			m              Mary HAWLEY/HOWLEY

+	1.  Susan DOUCETTE		b about  1844					RE-0205/CC-11-NS-39/26/100/113
					m              George BREWER			RE-0205d
+	2.  John Richard DOUCETTE	b        1852					RE-0129a
					m              Jane BREWER			RE-0447/GE-1115
+	3.  Matthew DOUCETTE		b        1859					GE-0495
					m              Annie JESSOME			GE-0465
+	4.  James DOUCETTE		b about  1864					RE-0205/CC-11-NS-39/26/102/115
					m              Mary ROBINSON			RE-0447a/RE-0129f
	5.  Thomas A. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0205
	6.  William DOUCETTE		b						RE-0205

3- Susan DOUCETTE			m              George BREWER

	1.  George BREWER		b about  1896  (Grandson)			CC-11-NS-39/26/100/113
	2.  George DOUCETTE		b about  1903  (Grandson)			CC-11-NS-39/26/100/113

3- John Richard DOUCETTE		m              Jane BREWER				
							(Thomas BREWER and Mary)

	1.  Frank DOUCETTE		b about  1880					CC-11-NS-40/11/130/130
	2.  Maggie DOUCETTE		b about  1883					CC-11-NS-40/11/130/130
+	3.  John M. DOUCETTE		b about  1892					RE-0447/CC-11-NS
					m        1913  Euphemia Effie Mae HILL		GE-1167
+	4.  Thomas Leo DOUCETTE		b about  1894					RE-0129a/CC-11-NS
					m        1918  Lucey DEVENISH			GE-0794
	5.  James DOUCETTE		b						GE-0794

3- Matthew DOUCETTE			m              Annie JESSOME

	1.  Mary DOUCETTE		b about  1902					CC-11-NS-39/09/102/102
	2.  John William DOUCETTE	b about  1904					CC-11-NS-39/09/102/102
	3.  Charles Joseph DOUCETTE	b about  1905					CC-11-NS-39/09/102/102

3- James DOUCETTE			m              Mary ROBINSON			

+	1.  James DOUCETTE		b about  1890					CC-11-NS-39/26/102/115
	2.  John DOUCETTE		b about  1893					CC-11-NS-39/26/102/115
	3.  Thomas DOUCETTE		b about  1895					CC-11-NS-39/26/102/115
	4.  Charles DOUCETTE		b about  1898					RE-0447a
	5.  Matthew DOUCETTE		b about  1900					CC-11-NS-39/26/102/115
	6.  Leo DOUCETTE		b about  1902					RE-0447a
	7.  Mary Ellen DOUCETTE		b about  1904					RE-0447a
	8.  Kate/Cathern DOUCETTE	b about  1906					RE-0447a
	9.  Effie DOUCETTE		b about  1909					RE-0447a/CC-11-NS-39/26/102/115

Note:  It is believed by the family that James, born about 1890, is the John James "Jack" who is
the father of Keats.

4- John M. DOUCETTE			m              Euphemia Effie Mae HILL
							(Alexander HILL and Sarah CAMERON)			

	1.  Elizabeth Alfreda DOUCETTE	b        1916					GE-1167
					m              unknown CHEETHAM			GE-1166
+	2.  John Vincent �Jack� DOUCETTE
					b  3 Apr 1920  (twin)				GE-1054/RE-0447
					m              Catherine Marie MacINTYRE	GE-1054
	3.  Marie DOUCETTE		b  3 Apr 1920  (twin)				GE-1054

4- Thomas Leo DOUCETTE			m

+	1.  Thomas Vincent DOUCETTE	b        1923					RE-0129a

4- John James "Jack" DOUCETTE		m						

+	1.  Keats DOUCETTE		b						GE-0999
					m              Cora Lee SHEA			GE-1140

5- John Vincent �Jack� DOUCETTE		m              Catherine Marie MacINTYRE
							(Hector MacINTYRE and Margaret McDOUGALL)

	1.  Ruth DOUCETTE		b            					GE-1054
	2.  Hugh DOUCETTE		b            					GE-1054

NOTE:  John Vincent �Jack� DOUCETTE was indentured to Daniel A. MacISAAC.  Marie was adopted by
McDONALDS and taken to Baltimore, Maryland.

5-  Thomas Vincent DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Joanne DOUCETTE		b						RE-0129a

5-  Keats DOUCETTE			m               Cora Lee SHEA

	1.  Murray DOUCETTE		b						GE-0999
	2.  Lawrence DOUCETTE		b						RE-0129e


Maunde DOUCET				m              Matalda MELANCON

	1.  Justinum DOUCET		c  5 Jun 1867					IGI-NS-PLY


Maximim DOUCET				m              Magdalena DOUCET

	1.  Anselmum DOUCET		c 10 Jan 1858					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Mariam Annam DOUCET		c  5 Apr 1859					IGI-NS-PLY


Melburne DOUCETTE			b 23 Jul 1897					GE-0599
					m              Philomene LEFEBVRE		GE-0599
							(Pierrot LEFEBVRE)


Michael DOUCETT				m              Madeleine CORPORON

	1.  Janvier Adale DOUCET	c 29 Nov 1866					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Joseph DOUCETT		c  8 Oct 1869					IGI-NS-PLY


Michaeli DOUZETT			m              Magdalenae DOZETT

	1.  Margarettam Annam DOUZETT	c 10 Nov 1862					IGI-NS-PLY


Michel DOUCET				m              Elizabeth DUGAS

	1.  Joannem Vincentiam DOUCET	c 21 Jul 1856					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Anne DOUCET			c 22 Aug 1857					IGI-NS-PLY
	3.  Martinum Augustinum DOUCET	c 19 Sep 1858					IGI-NS-PLY
	4.  Gulielmum Frederic DOUCET	c 29 Mar 1868					IGI-NS-PLY
	5.  Mariam Emiliam DOUCET	c  6 Jun 1874					IGI-NS-PLY
	6.  Georginam Elizabeth DOUCETTE
					c  6 Jun 1874					IGI-NS-PLY
	7.  Benjamen Vencentium DOUCET	c  2 Nov 1874					IGI-NS-PLY


Michel DOUCET				m

	1.  James DOUCET		b        1790					IGI-NS-MPY


Michel DOUCET 				m              Charlotte ROBICHAU

	1.  Marie Celenie DOUCET	c 23 Dec 1866					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Mariam Joannam DOUCET 	c 31 Oct 1869					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Rosaliam Amatam DOUCET 	c  9 May 1871					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Mariam Sylvam DOUCET  	c 23 Jun 1872					IGI-NS-SLM
	5.  Jacobum DOUCET 		c 23 Dec 1874					IGI-NS-MGH
	6.  Mariam Emiliam DOUCET 	c 17 Mar 1878					IGI-NS-MGH


Michel DOUCET				m              Adele GAUDET

	1.  Marie Philomene DOUCET	b 11 Feb 1877				 	IGI-NS-CPD
	2.  Marie Adde DOUCET		c 15 May 1877					IGI-NS-CPD


Michel DOUCET				m              Anne MATHIEU

	1.  Pierre DOUCET		c 22 Jul 1742					IGI-NS-BBS


Modeste DOUCETTE			b 27 Jul 1864					GD-1131
					m1             Casimere FRONTAIN/FROTTEN	GD-1131
							(Maurice FRONTAIN and Catherine DOUCETTE)
					m2             Frank B. MUISE			GD-1131


Monique DOUCET            		m 28 Aug 1799  Anselm MELANCON      		IGI-NS  


Norman DOUCETTE				m              Evangeline HUBBARD		GE-0298

	1.  Byron DOUCETTE		b						GE-0298
					m              unknown MUISE			GE-0298
	2.  Able DOUCETTE		b						GE-0298
	3.  Eva DOUCETTE		b						GE-0298
	4.  Laura DOUCETTE		b						GE-0298


	combined with

Olive DOUCET				b  3 Feb 1899					GE-0537
					m              Fred J. SULLIVAN			GE-0537


Patient DOUSSET/DOUCET			m              Monica/Monique THERIAULT

	1.  Franciscum DOUSSET		c 17 Sep 1876					IGI-NS-MGH
	2.  Alexandrum Theophilum DOUSSET
					c 26 Mar 1878					IGI-NS-MGH
	3.  Joseph Eloi DOUCET		c  8 Dec 1879					IGI-NS-SLM


Patrice DOUCET(TE)			m						GD-0209

+	1.  Joseph DOUCET		b						GD-0209

2- Joseph DOUCET			m

	1.  Jerry DOUCET		b						GD-0209
	2.  Eli DOUCET			b						GD-0209
	3.  Edward DOUCET		b						GD-0209
	4.  Sylvia DOUCET		b						GD-0209
	5.  Odessa DOUCET		b						GD-0209
	6.  Marcelline DOUCET		b						GD-0209


Patrick DOUCET				m              Anne MUISE			GD-0665

	1.  Josephine DOUCET		b 13 Jul 1879					GD-0665
					m              Victor VACON			GD-0665


Paul DOUCET				m						RD-0027

	1.  Fred DOUCET			b						RD-0027
					m              Alberta				RD-0027


Paul Joseph DOUCETTE			m              Annie ASPRAY			RE-0089

	1.  Lee DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	2.  Dorothy DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	3.  Regina DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	4.  Darlene DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	5.  Tammy DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	6.  Michael DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	7.  Brian DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	8.  David DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	9.  George DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	10. Paul DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089
	11. Robert DOUCETTE		b						RE-0089


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Pier-09


Peter Anselm DOUCETTE			b        1912					RE-0227
					m              Barbara Lillian BEECROFT		GE-0817

	1.  Peter Edwin DOUCETTE	b						GE-0817
	2.  Barbara DOUCETTE		b						GE-0817
+	3.  Roy DOUCETTE		b						GE-0817
	4.  Richard DOUCETTE		b						RE-0227
	5.  Brian DOUCETTE		b						RE-0227
	6.  Stephanie DOUCETTE		b						RE-0227
					m              Alan HAMILTON			RE-0227
	7.  Coral Margaret DOUCETTE	b						RE-0227
	8.  Angela Fern DOUCETTE	b						RE-0227

2- Roy DOUCETTE				m

	1.  Holly Lynn DOUCETTE		b						RE-0227
	2.  Amanda DOUCETTE		b						RE-0227


Pierre DOUCET				m              Elizabeth DOUCET

	1.  Anselme DOUCET		b 30 Nov 1875					IGI-NS-CPD


Pierre DOUCET				m              Henriette FRONTAIN

	1.  Pierre Urbain DOUCET	c 16 Mar 1863					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Marie Vitaline DOUCET	c 26 Mar 1865					IGI-NS-SLM
	3.  Marie Emilie DOUCET		c 27 Jan 1867					IGI-NS-SLM
	4.  Rosaliam Vitalinam DOUCET	c  6 Sep 1868					IGI-NS-SLM
	5.  Mariam Oliviam DOUCET 	c 19 Nov 1871					IGI-NS-SLM
	6.  Mariam Obelinam DOUCET	c 25 Dec 1875					IGI-NS-MGH


Pierre DOUCET				m

	1.  Rosalie DOUCET		b abt    1791					IGI-NS-DIG CO


Pierre DOUCET             		m              Marie Josephe DUGAST      

	1.  boy                 	c 26 May 1752  					IGI-NS-PRA


Pierre DOUCET             		m1             Cecile GAUDET       		DNCF, p417
                             		m2 10 Feb 1766 Francoise CHASSE  		DNCF, p417 


Pierre DOUCET             		m              Claire LANDRY        		DNCF, p417  


Pierre Joseph DOUCET      		m              Marie Josephte BIRON 		DCNF, p417  


Pierre L. DOUCET			m              Marguerite COMEAU

	1.  Marie Rose DOUCET		b 10 Mar 1876					IGI-NS-CPD


	combined with

Pierre DOUCET				m              Marie Marguerite LeBLANC		GD-1063

	1.  Marie DOUCET		b 15 Mar 1788					GD-1063
					m        1804  Benjamin Anselme LeBLANC		GD-1063


Reginald J. DOUCETTE			m              Mary Jane THIBAULT		GE-0912

	1.  Robert Timothy John DOUCETTE	
					b 22 Feb 1957					GE-0978


	combined with


Rene DOUCET				m              Anne BOURG

	1.  Joseph DOUCET		b        1752					IGI-NS-PRA


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Geor-01


Reuben DOUCETTE				m              Bridget SWEENEY			RE-0122

+	1.  Francis Vincent DOUCETTE	b 						RE-0122
					m              Emma				RE-0121

2- Francis Vincent DOUCETTE		m              Emma				RE-0121

	1.  Marjorie Jane DOUCETTE	b						RE-0121
	2.  Mary DOUCETTE		b						RE-0121
	3.  Frank DOUCETTE		b						RE-0121


Rosalie DOUCET            		m 19 Aug 1800  Timothee AMIRAUT     		IGI-NS  


Rosalie DOUCET            		m 13 May 1800  Benoni MELANCON      		IGI-NS  


Samuel DOUCETTE				m              Marie Anne OLIVER

	1.  Alfred DOUCETT		c  8 Aug 1872					IGI-NS-PLY
	2.  Albien Wilfield Thoman DOUCETTE
					c  5 Oct 1873					IGI-NS-PLY
	3.  Elizabeth Laura Annam DOUCETTE
					c  5 Oct 1873					IGI-NS-PLY
	4.  Larentum Martinum DOUCETTE	c  5 Oct 1873					IGI-NS-PLY
	5.  Margaritam Emiliam DOUCETTE	c  5 Oct 1873					IGI-NS-PLY


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Thom-02


Sifroy DOUCET				m              Salomee CHAMBERLAIN		GD-0733

+	1.  Elizabeth DOUCET		b about  1840					GD-0394
					m 28 Nov 1862  Joseph COUTURE			GD-0394
	2.  Bruno DOUCET		b						GD-0785

2- Elizabeth DOUCET			m              Joseph COUTURE

	1.  Clara COUTURE		b						GD-0368
	2.  Joseph COUTURE		b						GD-0368

13 children


	combined with


Simon DOUCET				m  8 May 1864  Genevieve DeVEAU			IGI-NS-HPY

	1.  Francois Joseph DOUCET	b  5 Jun 1865					IGI-NS-HPY
	2.  Simon Robert DOUCET		c 24 Jun 1867					IGI-NS-SLM


Simon DOUCETTE				m              Elizabeth DOUCETTE

	1.  Mary DOUCETTE		b        1851					IGI-NS-HLX


	combined with


Simon DOUCET				m              Marie MUISE			GD-0970

+	1.  Lawrence DOUCET		b 11 Feb 1932					GD-0970

2- Lawrence DOUCET			m

	1.  Shirley DOUCET		b						GD-0970
					m              unknown RUSSELL			GD-0970


	combined with


Sophia DOUCETTE				b about  1821					RE-0087
					m              James/Jacques AMERO/AMIRAULT	RE-0087

	1.  Charles Mathias AMERO	b        1843					RE-0087
					m        1871  Minetta Carmelia WEAVER		RE-0087
	2.  Elair AMERO			b						RE-0087
	3.  Ambrosine AMERO		b						RE-0087
	4.  Phillip AMERO		b						RE-0087
	5.  Mary AMERO			b						RE-0087
	6.  Charlotte AMERO		b						RE-0087
	7.  James AMERO			b						RE-0087
	8.  John AMERO			b						RE-0087
	9.  Emma AMERO			b						RE-0087


Stephani DOUSSET			m              Catherine LeBLANC

	1.  Adrianum DOUSSET		c 20 Jul 1868					IGI-NS-MGH
	2.  Mariam Luciam DOUSSET	c  1 Jan 1870					IGI-NS-MGH
	3.  Carolum Andream DOUSSET	c 29 Oct 1871					IGI-NS-MGH
	4.  Josephum Adolphum DOUSSET	c 23 Dec 1873					IGI-NS-MGH
	5.  Mariam Madalenam DOUSSET	c 16 May 1878					IGI-NS-MGH


Stephani DOUSSET			m              Joanna COMEAU

	1.  Georgium DOUSSET		c 25 Apr 1876					IGI-NS-MGH


Stephen Theodore DOUCETTE		m about  1865  Marie BROWN			GE-1157

	1.  George A. DOUCETTE		b 28 Mar 1866					GD-0318
					m              Olivine VADEBONCOEUR		RD-0352
+	2.  Joseph Augustus DOUCETTE	b about  1875					GD-0636
					m              Mabel PERKINS			GE-1155

2- Joseph Augustus DOUCETTE		m              Mabel PERKINS

	1.  Shirley DOUCETTE		b						GE-1155


Sylvia DOUCETT				m              unknown MUISE			GD-0586

	1.  Elizabeth MUISE		b						GD-0586
					m              unknown CONROY			GD-0586


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Step-02


Thomas DOUCET				b						FH-DD3
					m              Catherine			FH-DD3

	1.  Adolph DOUCETTE		b						FH-DD3
					m              Regina				FH-DD3


Thomas Seraphin DOUCET			b 07 Mar 1817					RD-0239c
					m about  1841  Monique Henriette LOMBARD	RD-0230c

	1.  Charles Lucien DOUCET	b 29 Oct 1842					RD-0230c
+	2.  Marie Magdelene DOUCET	b 31 Mar 1844					RD-0230e
					m              Jean Chrysostome ROBICHAUD 	RD-0230b
						(Isaac ROBICHAUD and Marguerite GAUDET)

2- Marie Magdelene DOUCET			m              Jean Chrysostome ROBICHAUD

	1.  Joseph S�raphin ROBICHAUD 	b        1865					RD-0230b
	2.  Lucius ROBICHAUD 		b        1867					RD-0230b
	3.  Jules Victorien ROBICHAUD 	b        1868					RD-0230b
	4.  Isidore Tiburce ROBICHAUD 	b        1870					RD-0230b
	5.  Jean Hilarion ROBICHAUD 	b        1872					RD-0230b
	6.  Paul Fran�ois ROBICHAUD 	b        1874					RD-0230b
	7.  Marie Charlotte ROBICHAUD 	b        1877					RD-0230b
	8.  Louis Vincent ROBICHAUD 	b        1879					RD-0230b
	9.  Marie Elizabeth ROBICHAUD 	b        1884					RD-0230b


Timothee DOUCET				m              Julienne MIUS

	1.  Jean Pierre DOUCET		b  6 Oct 1837					IGI-NS-YAR CO


Timothei DOUSSET			m              Anna DOUSSET

	1.  Mariam Agnetem DOUSSET	c 15 Jan 1872					IGI-NS-SLM


Timotheii DOUSSET			m              Catharina MOLAISON

	1.  George Manning DOUSSET	c 11 Apr 1877					IGI-NS


Ulalie Anne DOUCETTE

	1.  Rosally DOUCETTE		c  1 Aug 1858					IGI-NS-SLM


Vincent Maud DOUCET			m              Catherine Philomene BOUDREAU

	1.  Antoine Dosithee DOUCET	c  2 Oct 1865					IGI-NS-SLM
	2.  Jacques Guillame DOUCET	c 29 Sep 1867					IGI-NS-SLM


	combined with


Volusien DOUCET				m              Elizabeth BELLIVEAU

	1.  Jean Irenee DOUCET		b  1 Mar 1878					IGI-NS-CPD


Wilfred DOUCETTE			m              Emelie COLLINS			GD-0479


Wilfred DOUCETTE			m              Rita				GE-0138

+	1.  Wayne Joseph DOUCETTE	b						GE-0138

2- Wayne Joseph DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Tanya DOUCETTE		b						GE-0138


William DOUCETTE			b        1892					GE-0182
					m              (Mary) Evelyn DEVEAU		GE-0182


William DOUCET				b            					RE-0451
					m              Ludivine LeBLANC			RE-0451

William is stated to be the son of Augustin DOUCET and Marguerite LeBLANC,


	a.  Philomene DOUCET		b        1838					GE-0695
	    Parents:  Joseph DOUCET and Marguerite DeGRACE

	b.  Philomene DOUCET		c 24 Nov 1842					GE-0695
	    Psrents:  Bernard DOUCET and Venerande DeGRACE
	c.  Philoment DOUCET		c 18 Dec 1842					GE-0695
	    Parents:  Olivier Martin DOUCET and Magdeleine DEVEAU

	d.  Philomene DOUCET		c 28 Jun 1837					GE-0828
	    Spouse:  Jean Baptiste MARCHAND

	e.  Philomene VERVILLE		b						GE-0828
	    Spouse:  Jean DOUCET

	f.  Philomene GARON		b						GE-0828
	    Spouse:  Hector DOUCET


unknown DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Elizabeth Ada DOUCETTE	b 10 Sep 1890					GE-0316
					m              George Zachary ROMAINE		GD-0323
							(Hillaire ROMAIN)
	2.  Rita DOUCETTE		b						GE-0316


	combined with


unknown DOUCET				m               Charlotte AMERO			RE-0154

	1.  Annie DOUCET		b 27 Mary 1905					RE-0154
					m               Wallace COAKLEY			RE-0154

Note:  see Charlotte AMERO, ME-A1-NS-Soph-01


unknown DOUCETTE			m

+	1.  Charles DOUCETTE		b						GE-1154
					m               Margaret LeBLANC		GE-1154
	2.  Arthur DOUCETTE		b						GE-1154

2- Charles DOUCETTE			m               Margaret LeBLANC

+	1.  Kenneth Charles DOUCETTE	b						GE-1154
					m               unknown
	2.  Karen DOUCETTE		b						GE-1154

3-  Kenneth Charles DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Gregory DOUCETTE		b						GE-1154


unknown DOUCETTE			m

+	1.  Don DOUCETTE		b						RE-0093
	2.  Raymond DOUCETTE		b						RE-0093
+	3.  Norman DOUCETTE		b						RE-0093
					m              Inez				RE-0093a
	4.  Eyvonne DOUCETTE		b						RE-0093
	5.  Shirley DOUCETTE		b						RE-0093

2- Don DOUCETTE				m

	1.  Don DOUCETTE		b						RE-0093

2- Norman DOUCETTE			m              Inez

	1.  Eddie DOUCETTE		b						RE-0093a


unknown DOUCETTE

+	1.  Dorothy DOUCETTE		b about  1906					RE-0453
	2.  Francine DOUCETTE		b						RE-0453
	3.  Gerald DOUCETTE		b						RE-0453

2- Dorothy DOUCETTE				

	1.  Jacqueline DOUCETTE		b						RE-0148c

Note: Jacqueline was given up for adoption.  In one message she is referred to as Jacqueline Doucette
and in another as Jacqueline Donalds, both from the same person.  It is unclear if Donalds is her 
maiden name or adopted name.  For that reason I have left her last name as Doucette. 


unknown DOUCETTE			b						GE-0758

	1.  Sarah DOUCETTE		b about  1880					RT-0002
					m              Alexander ARCHIBALD		GE-0758
	2.  Mary DOUCETTE		b						GE-0758
	3.  Eleze DOUCETTE		b						GE-0758

2- Sarah DOUCETTE			m              Alexander ARCHIBALD		GE-0758

	1.  Marion ARCHIBALD		b						GE-0758
	2.  Hector McDonald ARCHIBALD	b        1902					GE-0535
	3.  Gordon ARCHIBALD		b						GE-0758
	4.  Scotty ARCHIBALD		b						GE-0758
	5.  Ernest ARCHIBALD		b						RD-0041

Note:  One of Sarah's sisters married a Scott, the other a Cutts.

unknown DOUCETTE			b						RE-0465e

	1.  Louis DOUCETTE		b						RE-0465e
	2.  Thomas DOUCETTE		b						RE-0465e
	3.  Isabelle DOUCETTE		b						RE-0465e
	4.  Grace DOUCETTE		b						RE-0465e


Adelaide DOUCET				m  9 Nov 1858  George ROY			GD-0114


Albert DOUCET				m              Elizabeth McGRAW			GD-0913


Alex DOUCETTE				m						GE-0765

+	1.  Mary Imelda DOUCETTE	b						GE-0765
	2.  Mary Marie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0765
	3.  Mary Catherine DOUCETTE	b						GE-0765

2- Mary Imelda DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Emily EGGERS		b						GE-0765


Alexander DOUCET			b 25 Dec 1827					RD-0341
					m 04 Mar 1851  Marie ROY			RD-0341d
	1.  Elizabeth DOUCET		b 10 Sep 1872					RD-0341
					m 26 Jun 1894  Joseph LAGACE/LEGACE		RD-0341
							(Joseph LAGACE and Tharsile PITRE)
2- Elizabeth DOUCET			m                     Joseph LAGACE

+	1.  Adelard LAGACE		b about  1895					RD-0222
					m 27 May 1924  Marie Eveline Melvina LUCE	RD-0222b
	2.  Mary Amanda LAGACE		b about  1898					RD-0222
	3.  Lorette LAGACE		b about  1899					RD-0222
	4.  Joseph Arthur LAGACE	b about  1900					RD-0222
					m             Elsie Margaret BATEMAN		RD-9341g
	5.  Mary Martina LAGACE		b about  1902					RD-0222b
	6.  Joseph Francis LAGACE	b about  1904					RD-0222b
+	7.  Joseph Francis LAGACE	b about  1905					RD-0222b
					m              Elizabeth LAGACE			RD-0222a
	8.  Joseph LAGACE		b about  1907					RD-0222b
	9.  William LAGACE		b						RD-0341
	10. Mary Dulcinea LAGACE	b						RD-0341

Note:  This family lived next to Charles and Philomene DOUCETT, ME-A1-NB-Char-03.

3- Adelard LAGACE           		m              Marie Eveline Melvina LUCE
							(George LUCE and Clementine DeSILVA)

	1.  Lorraine LAGACE		b              died in childbirth		RD-0222b
	2.  Marie Bertha LAGACE		b              died in childbirth		RD-0222b
	3.  Cleophas (Clifford) LAGACE	b        1927					RD-0222b
					m              Honorine VIENNEAU		RD-0222b
	4.  Patrice Alderic LAGACE	b        1930					RD-0222b
					m              Marguerite HACHE			RD-0222b
	5.  boy LAGACE			b						RD-0222b
	6.  Marie Brigitte LAGACE	b						RD-0222b
					m              Leo CYR				RD-0222b
	7.  Raymond LAGACE		b						RD-0222b
	8.  Beatrice LAGACE		b						RD-0222b
	9.  girl LAGACE			b						RD-0222b
	10. Alden LAGACE		b						RD-0222b
	11. living male LAGACE		b						RD-0222b
	12. living female LAGACE	b						RD-0222b
	13  living male LAGACE		b						RD-0222b

-3 Joseph Francis LAGACE    		m               Elizabeth LAGACE

	1.  Cleophas LAGACE		b						RD-0222a


	combined with ME-A1-NB-Jose-15


Anastasie DOUCET                     	m              Edmond BOIS			GD-0795


Appoline DOUCET				b about  1822					GD-1018


Arthur DOUCETTE				m              Lillian				GE-0706

+	1.  Robert Wayne DOUCETTE	b           					GE-0706
					m              unknown				GE-0706

2- Robert Wayne DOUCETTE		m              unknown

	1.  Melanie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0706


Bazil DOUCET				m	

+	1.  Elizabeth DOUCET		b						GD-0954
					m              Allan ARSENEAU          		GD-0954

2- Elizabeth DOUCET			m              Allan ARSENEAU

	1.  Joseph Wilfred ARSENEAU	b						GE-0954
					m              Ida MARCHAND			GD-0954


	combined with


Bernadette DOUCET			b						GD-0972

	1.  Robert Joseph DOUCET	b						GD-0972


Cajetan DOUCET				m              Marie/Minnie ROY			RD-0196

	1.  Leon(ard) DOUCET		b        1904					RD-0196
					m              Ectorine BOUDREAU		RD-0196
	2.  Antoine DOUCET		b						RD-0196
	3.  Stanislas DOUCET		b 						RD-0186
	4.  Edgar DOUCET		b						RD-0196
	5.  Marie Rose DOUCET		b						RD-0196
	6.  Exilda DOUCET		b						RD-0196
	7.  Maggie DOUCET		b						RD-0196


Charles DOUCET				m 29 Jun 1835  Virginie FRENETTE		GD-1119
							(Francois FRENET and Julie PORLIER)


Charles DOUCETTE			m              Mona				GD-1168

	1.  Wayne Thomas DOUCETTE	b						GD-1168


Charles DOUCETT				m           Philomene		RD-0222

	1.  Joseph DOUCETT		b 						RD-0222
	2.  Mary Ann DOUCETT		b 						RD-0222
	3.  Nellie DOUCETT		b 						RD-0222
	4.  Amadore DOUCETT		b 						RD-0222
	5.  Berthilde DOUCETT		b 						RD-0222
	6.  Gilbert DOUCETT		b 						RD-0222
	7.  Leta DOUCETT		b 						RD-0222
	8.  Benoit DOUCETT		b 						RD-0222

Note:  This family lived next to Elizabeth and Joseph Lagace, ME-A1-NB-Alex-02.


	combined with


Ebner DOUCETTE				m              Marceline

	1.  Marceline DOUCETTE		b        1836					IGI-NB-BRF


Edward DOUCETTE				m              Elisabelle			GE-0861

	1.  Edward DOUCETTE Jr		b  2 May 1858					GE-0712
					m              Mary WILLETT			GE-0712
							(Malcolm WILLETT m Dela)

Note:  see CU-91-ME-A02-001 for family of Edward and Mary.


Eliza DOUCET              		m 14 Jan 1850  Roma MELANSON        		IGI-NB  


	combined with ME-A1-NB-Alex-02


Francois DOUCET				b        1882					GD-1110
					m              Sara COMEAU			GD-1099
							(Jean COMEAU and Luce)

+	1.  Eveline DOUCET		b 22 Jun 1906  					GD-1116
					m 30 Oct 1928  Francois Leopold BOUDREAU	GD-1099
	2.  Imelda DOUCETE		b 14 Dec 1907					GD-1116
					m  7 Dec 1933  Matthias DOUCET			GD-1116
	3.  Antoinette DOUCET		b 25 Oct 1915					GD-1116
					d  1 Nov 1915					GD-1116
	4.  Amanda DOUCET		b about  1920					GD-1116
					m1             Donald MAGOON			GD-1116
					m2             unknown DALEY			GD-1116

-2  Eveline DOUCET			m              Francois Leopold BOUDREAU
							(Stanislas BOUDREAU and Anne FRENETTE)

	1.  Valmond BOUDREAU		b about  1929					GD-1116
					m              Therese Marie CHIASSON		GD-1116
	2.  Reginald BOUDREAU		b about  1930					GD-1116
					m              Estelle BOUDREAU			GD-1116
	3.  Annette BOUDREAU		b            					GD-1116
					m              Albert ARSENEAU			GD-1116
	4.  Gerard BOUDREAU		b            					GD-1116
	5.  Normand BOUDREAU		b            					GD-1116
	6.  Germain  BOUDREAU		b            					GD-1116
					m              Blanche HACHEY			GD-1116


George DOUCET				m               Emily Mary			RD-0226

	1.  Elizabeth DOUCET		b						RD-0226


Hubert DOUCET				b about  1831					GD-0929
					m  5 Jul 1858  Delphina BERTIN			GD-0880

	1.  Marie Anne DOUCET		b        1862					GD-0880
	2.  Tharsille DOUCET		b        1864					GD-0880
	3.  Olive DOUCET		b        1865					GD-0880
	4.  Anne DOUCET			b        1867					GD-0880
	5.  Elizabeth DOUCET		b        1869					GD-0880
	6.  Thomas DOUCET		b        1871					GD-0880
	7.  Luce DOUCET			b        1873					GD-0880
					m              Joseph TREMBLEY/TROMBLEY		GD-0678
	8.  Joseph DOUCET		b        1875					GD-0880
	9.  Jean DOUCET			b        1877					GD-0880
	10. Catherine DOUCET		b        1880					GD-0880


	combined with


James H. DOUCETT			m        1864  Margaret KINGSTON		RE-0457


James Edmond DOUCET			b 26 Jul 1922					FH-JD3
					m               Dorothy				FH-JD3

Note:  James is also known as Edmond James DOUCETTE.


Jerome DOUCET				b 06 Jan 1865					FH-AG
					m               Marie BOUCHER			FH-AG

+	1.  William John DOUCETTE	b 30 Apr 1890					FH-AG

2- William John DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Jeanette Marie DOUCETTE	b 19 Mar 1940					FH-AG

NOTE:  Jeanette may have a brother named William.


John/Jean F. DOUCET			b						GD-0205
					m1 11 Jul 1880 Elizabeth PITRE			GD-0205
					m2 17 Nov 1885 Marie Anne LeJEUNE		GD-0205

The children of the first marriage are:

	1.  Gertrude Josephine DOUCET	b 18 Apr 1881					GE-0085
					m  1 Nov 1904  Walter John VEZEY		GE-0085
	2.  Elizabeth DOUCET		c 22 Apr 1882					GD-0205
					m              Hubert NESSBAUER			GE-0085
	3.  Sarah Jane DOUCET		c 25 Oct 1883					GD-0205

There are no known children of the second marriage.

John has sis:  Mary DOUCETTE


John Joseph �William� DOUCET		b 15 Sep 1886					GD-0131
					m  3 Jul 1919  Marie Grace FOURNIER		GD-0131


John DOUCET				m              Marie GODIN			RD-0237/RD-0238

	1.  Eva DOUCET			b						RD-0238
					m              unknown LAVOIE			RD-0238
	2.  Lidia DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	3.  Therese DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	4.  Marie DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	5.  Beatrice DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	6.  Jeanne DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	7.  Gilberte DOUCET		b						RD-0238
+	8.  Joseph Arthur DOUCET	b about  1896					RD-0237
					m              Jeanne MIVILLE			RD-0237
+	9.  Edgar DOUCET		b        1906					RD-0238

2- Joseph Arthur DOUCET			m              Jeanne MIVILLE

+	1.  Gilles DOUCET		b 30 Dec 1930					RD-0238
					m              Gabrielle LAVERDURE		RD-0237
+	2.  Jean Yves DOUCET		b						RD-0238
					m              Renee CARON			RD-0238
	3.  Carmen DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	4.  Liliane DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	5.  Lise DOUCET			b						RD-0238
	6.  Pierre (David) DOUCET	b						RD-0238

2-  Edgar DOUCET			m

	1.  Jean Marc DOUCET		b						RD-0238

3- Gilles DOUCET			m              Gabrielle LAVERDURE

+	1.  Philippe DOUCET		b						RD-0237
					m              Nathalie BROUSSEAU		RD-0237
							(unknown BROUSSEAU and Louise BLAIS)
	2.  Louis DOUCET		b						RD-0237
	3.  Michel DOUCET		b						RD-0237

3- Jean Yves DOUCET			m              Renee CARON

	1.  David DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	2.  Robert DOUCET		b						RD-0238
	3.  Andre DOUCET		b						RD-0238

4- Philippe DOUCET			m              Nathalie BROUSSEAU

	1.  Chloe DOUCET		b						RD-0237

Note:  John DOUCET is believed to be the great grandson of Charles DOUCET and Anne ARSENAULT,
His wife, Marie GODIN, was also referred to as Marie HACHE.


John F. DOUCET				b about  1841					RE-0263h
					m              Mary/Marie ST COEUR		RE-0263h

	1.  Albert DOUCET		b about  1862					RE-0263h
	2.  Alice DOUCET		b about  1864					RE-0263h
	3.  Caroline DOUCET		b about  1866					RE-0263h
	4.  Alfred DOUCET		b about  1869					RE-0263h
	5.  Emma DOUCET			b about  1872					RE-0263h
	6.  Edmund DOUCET		b about  1873					RE-0263h
	7.  Martin DOUCET		b about  1876					RE-0263h
	8.  Ellen DOUCET		b about  1878					RE-0263h


John DOUCETTE				b about  1835					GD-1275
					m about  1860  Marie BOUDREAU			GD-1275

	1.  George DOUCETTE		b about  1861					GD-1275
	2.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b about  1873					GD-1275
					m              Rose LaBREE			GD-1275
	3.  Frances DOUCETTE		b about  1876					GD-1275

2-  Joseph DOUCETTE			m              Rose LaBREE

	1.  Celia M. DOUCETTE 		b about  1904					CU-92-ME-P01-016
	2.  Everett E. DOUCETTE 	b about  1907					CU-92-ME-P01-016
	3.  Margaret J. DOUCETTE 	b about  1908					CU-92-ME-P01-016
	4.  Florence J. DOUCETTE 	b about  1910					CU-92-ME-P01-016
	5.  Bernard H. DOUCETTE		b about  1914					CU-92-ME-P01-016
	6.  Mary D. DOUCETTE		b about  1915					CU-92-ME-P01-016
	7.  Virginia M. DOUCETTE	b about  1917					CU-92-ME-P01-016
	8.  Elaine F. DOUCETTE		b about  1919					CU-92-ME-P01-016


	combined with FFOT JD.1.8


Joseph DOUCET				b about  1809					GD-0046
					m              Polina PHENN or PHENU		GD-0077
							(Catherine PHENN)

	1.  Mary DOUCET			b        1846					GD-0046
	2.  Laurence DOUCET		b        1847					GD-0046
	3.  Elizabeth DOUCET		b        1848					GD-0046
	4.  John DOUCET			b        1850					GD-0046
	5.  Catherine DOUCET		b        1852					GD-0046
	6.  Rose Ann DOUCET		b        1855					GD-0046
	7.  Margaret DOUCET		b        1857					GD-0046


Joseph DOUCET				m              Agnes BLAIR			GD-0722


Joseph DOUCET				m              Agnes LeCLAIR			GD-1022

	1.  Walter DOUCET		b						GD-1022
	2.  Simon DOUCET		b						GD-1022
	3.  Gertrude DOUCET		b						GD-1022
	4.  Joseph DOUCET		b						GD-1022


	combined with


Joseph DOUCETT				m about  1900  Mary ROBICHAUD			GE-0887

	1.  John DOUCETT		b						GE-0887
	2.  Regina Elizabeth DOUCETT	b						GE-0887
	3.  Rupert DOUCETT		b						GE-0887
	4.  Agnes �Dorothy� DOUCETT	b						GE-0887
	5.  Anne DOUCETT		b						GE-0887
	6.  Wilfred DOUCETT		b						GE-0887


Joseph DOUCETT				b        1808					GD-0174
					m              Phoebe BREWSTER			GD-0174
							(William BREWSTER and Anna PINEO)

	1.  Martha Ann DOUCETT		b        1840 					GD-0174
					m1 30 Aug 1860 James Ephrem WEAVER		GD-0174
					m2 12 Mar 1890 William ROGERS			RD-0181
	2.  William Ambrose DOUCETT	b about  1844					RT-0006
	3.  Joseph E. DOUCETT		b about  1851					RT-0006
	4.  James Wellington DOUCETT	b about  1853					RT-0006
					m              Sarah				RT-0006

Note:  Joseph's parents are believed to be Pierre DOUCET (b 1776) and Isabelle PITRE.


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Rosalie MORRIS			GE-0621

+	1.  John William DOUCETTE	b						GE-0621

2- John William DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Nicole DOUCETTE		b						GE-0621


Joseph G. DOUCET 			b        1854					GD-0727
					m1       1873  Marie LAPOINT			GD-0727
					m2             unknown FERNNETTE		GD-0727


Joseph R. DOUCET			b about  1845					GD-0320
					m about  1868  Helene DOUCET			GD-0320

	1.  Georges J. DOUCET		b						GD-0320
					m  6 Aug 1900  Louise Marie Anne HACHE		GD-0320
	2.  Phebe DOUCET		b 18 Jan 1852					GD-1274


	combined with


	combined with


Joseph DOUCET				m              Rose				GD-0122

+	1.  George DOUCET		b        1863					RD-0160
					m        1883  Lucy DOYLE			GD-0122

2- George DOUCET			m              Lucy DOYLE
							(William DOYLE and Anastasie JONCAS)

	1.  William W. DOUCET		b        1884					GD-0122
+	2.  Mary Anastasia DOUCET	b        1885					GD-0122
					m              William Ludger BESSETTE		RD-0160
	3.  Alice T. DOUCET		b        1886					GD-0122
	4.  George Ernest DOUCET	b        1887					GD-0122
	5.  James Edmond DOUCET		b        1887					GD-0122
	6.  Lucy Janet DOUCET		b        1891					GD-0122
	7.  Joseph August DOUCET	b        1893					GD-0122
	8.  Francis Leo DOUCET		b        1893					GD-0122
	9.  Clarence DOUCET		b        1897					GD-0122

2-  Mary Anastasia DOUCET		m              William Ludger BESSETTE

	1.  Jeanette BESSETTE		b        1914					RD-0160

Note:  Mary Anastasia was also known as Marie Anastasie and William Bessette was also known as Guillaume.


Joseph DOUCET				m              Eugenie				GD-0939

	1.  Marie Ange DOUCET		m  2 Jan 1940  Luc BELANGER			GD-0939


Joseph DOUCET				b						GD-1208
					m              Lucie BEAUDRY			GD-1208

+	1.  John Alfred DOUCET		b 23 Jan 1882					GD-1208
					m 27 Jun 1910  Rose Julia Gabriel ASSELIN	GD-0761

2- John Alfred DOUCET			m              Rose Julia Gabriel ASSELIN

	1.  Marie DOUCET		b        1911					GD-1208
Note:  John Alfred has also beed referred to as Alfred Joseph DOUCETT.


	combined with JD.1.8


Laurent DOUCET				m              Elinore VANTOUR			GD-0673

	1.  Oscar Joseph DOUCET		b 19 Apr 1899					GD-0673
					m    Jun 1920  Lina CHEVARIE			GD-0673
							(Patrice CHEVARIE m Scholastique RICHARD)


Leo Peter DOUCET			m              Lila May DUMAS			GD-0705/6

+	1.  Joseph Reginald DOUCET	b            					GD-0705
					m              Barbara Ann LOBAN		GD-0705
+	2.  Joseph Ronald DOUCET	b            					GD-0706
					m              Mary STAURCH			GD-0706

2- Joseph Reginald DOUCET		m              Barbara Ann LOBAN

	1.  Michael Leonard DOUCET	b            					GD-0705
	2.  Donna Marie DOUCET		b            					GD-0705
	3.  Kenneth Blair DOUCET	b            					GD-0705
	4.  John Reginald DOUCET	b            					GD-0705
	5.  Peter Brian DOUCET		b            					GD-0705
	6.  Dorothy Ann DOUCET		b            					GD-0705
	7.  David Lawrence DOUCET	b            					GD-0705
	8.  Karen Dianne DOUCET		b            					GD-0705
	9.  Leo Paul DOUCET		b            					GD-0705

2- Joseph Ronald DOUCET			m              Mary STAURCH

	1.  Ronald DOUCET		b						GD-0706
	2.  Gary DOUCET			b						GD-0706
	3.  Susan Michelle DOUCET	b						GD-0706


Lionel DOUCET				b 15 Nov 1895					RD-0234
					m 25 Aug 1920  Amanda FRENETTE			RD-0234

	1.  Gabriel DOUCET		b						RD-0234a
					m              Aurele HACHE			RD-0234a
	2.  Yolande DOUCET		b						RD-0234a
					m              Boniface ROY			RD-0234a


Luce DOUCET				b 20 Dec 1854/6					GD-0447
					m 18 Nov 1872  Marcel PELLETIER			GD-1172

	1.  Jean Baptiste PELLITIER	b 12 Dec 1888					GD-1172
	2.  George Marcel PELLITIER	b 04 Jul 1890					RD-0029
	3.  Emma PELLITIER		b 26 Jun 1892					GD-1172
	4.  Elizabeth PELLITIER		b 03 May 1894					GD-1172
	5.  Marie Genevieve PELLITIER	b 04 Jan 1897					GD-1172
	6.  Helen Jane PELLITIER	b 22 Jan 1898					GD-1172
	7.  Luce PELLITIER		b 04 May 1900					GD-1172


Major DOUCET				m						GD-0772

	1.  Wilfred DOUCET		b						GD-0772
					m              Bernice CARRIER			GD-0772


Margaret DOUCETTE			b        1859  					GD-0345
					m              Thomas COMERFORD			GD-0345

	1.  Harry COMERFORD		b        1884					GD-0345
					d        1907					GD-0345
	2.  Gertrude COMERFORD		b						GD-0345
	3.  Joseph COMERFORD		b						GD-0345
	4.  Margaret COMERFORD		b						GD-0345
	5.  William COMERFORD		b						GD-0345
	6.  Joseph John COMERFORD	b  5 Jul 1896					GD-0345
	7.  Mary COMERFORD		b        1897					GD-0345


Marguerite DOUCET			b        1829 					GD-0828
					m              Mathurin HACHE GALLANT		GD-0828
							(Joseph HACHE GALLANT m Helene LANDRY)

	1.  Agnes HACHE GALLANT		b        1851 					GD-0828
	2.  Pierre HACHE GALLANT	b        1853					GD-0808
	3.  Joseph HACHE GALLANT	b 28 Sep 1855					GD-0828
	4.  Marie Anne HACHE GALLANT	b 31 Mar 1857					GD-0828
	5.  Marin HACHE GALLANT		b 12 Jul 1858					GD-0828
	6.  Marguerite HACHE GALLANT	b        1861					GD-0828
	7.  Mathurin HACHE GALLANT	b        1863					GD-0828
	8.  Helene HACHE GALLANT	b        1865					GD-0828
	9.  Philomene HACHE GALLANT	b        1869					GD-0828

NOTE:  According to GE-0900, Marguerite may have been married to Moise GALLANT instead of 
Mathurin HACHE GALLANT.  See


Margaret Jane DOUCET			m              Peter RUSSELL			GD-1182


Margaret DOUCETTE			m 02 Apr 1894  Joseph Richard LeJEUNE		GD-1250


Marguerite DOUCET			b about  1805					GD-1261
					m 18 Jan 1825  Pierre HACHE or GALLANT		GD-1261
							(Sylvain HACHE or GALLANT and Anastasie LAVIGNE)


Marie DOUCET              		m 10 Jan 1826  David DeGRACE        		IGI-NB  


	combined with ME-A1-NB-MARI-06


Marie Madeleine DOUCET			m              unknown HACHE			GD-0078

	1.  Angelique HACHE or HACHE-GALLANT
					b						GD-0078
					m              Antoine DeGRASSE			GD-0078


Marie Rose DOUCETTE			m              Louis SALESSES			GD-1241

Note:  Marie Rose is possibly the same person who is the daughter of Fabien DOUCET and
Reine ROY,


Marie DOUCET				m              Jaques ROY			GD-1269

	1.  Joseph ROY			b						GD-1269
					m              Therese ROY			GD-1269
	2.  Helene ROY			b						GD-1269
					m              Edmund COMEAU			GD-1269


Marie (Margaret) DOUCET			m 24 Nov 1863  Louis BOUDREAU			GD-0168/RD-0041

	1.  Philomene BOUDREAU		b						RD-0041
	2.  Gertrude BOUDREAU		b						RD-0041
	3.  Catherine BOUDREAU		b						GD-0168
					m  6 Jan 1902  unknown				GD-0168
	4.  Marie E. BOUDREAU		b						RD-0041
	5.  Joseph BOUDREAU		b						RD-0041
	6.  Elizabeth BOUDREAU		b						RD-0041
	7.  Marie BOUDREAU		b						RD-0041
	8.  Marie Ann BOUDREAU		b						RD-0041

Note:  See ME-A1-NB-Mari-02 above.


Marie DOUCET				m              Timothy ROY			RD-0213


Marie P. DOUCET				m 03 Apr 1894  Joseph LeJEUNE			GD-1249


Mathilda DOUCET				m              Emile AUBE			GD-0936


Maurice DOUCETT				m						GD-0026

+	1.  Ella Jane DOUCETT		b 10 Jun 1877					GD-0002
					m 26 Nov 1892  William Henry PERKINS		GD-0002

2- Ella Jane DOUCETT			m              William Henry PERKINS

	1.  Annie Elizabeth PERKINS	b 21 Apr 1900					GD-0002
					m              Clifford E. HALL			GD-0016


Metrel DOUCETTE (poss parent)		m              Elizabeth/Betty			GE-0598

	1.  Joseph Blair �Barney� DOUCETTE
					b 16 Nov 1919					GE-0329
	2.  Florence DOUCETTE		b						GE-0598
					m              unknown LeBLANC			GE-0598


Moise DOUCET				m about  1845  Marguerite HACHE			GD-0386
							(Augustin HACHE m Marie GOULET)


Monique DOUCET            		m 13 Jul 1861  William MALANSON     		IGI-NB  


Monique DOUCET            		b about  1833					GD-1145
					m        1861  Perry J. COMEAU     		GD-1145
							(Nicholas COMEAU and Helene ARSENEAULT)

Note:  Monique is possibly the daughter of Dominique DOUCET and Helene ROBERTSON,  


Peter DOUCETT				m						GD-0265

+	1.  Wilbert Josef DOUCETT	b 11 Jul 1878					FH-ER
					m              Mary Ann REYNOLDS		GD-0266

2- Wilbert Josef DOUCETT		m              Mary Ann REYNOLDS		FH-ER

	1.  John Lester DOUCETT		b 07 Sep 1909					FH-ER
					m              Margaret STARINSKI		FH-ER
	2.  William R. DOUCETT		b 12 Jan 1914					FH-ER
	3.  Gladys M. DOUCETT		b						FH-ER


Peter DOUCETTE				m

	1.  John Edward DOUCETTE	b 13 Dec 1908					RE-0045
					m              Mary Esibell SNIDER		RE-0045
	2.  Felix DOUCETTE		b						RE-0045


Philomene DOUCET			m              Raphael ROY			GD-0906

	1.  Theodore ROY		b						GD-0906
					m              Adelanda M. GUITARD		GD-0906
							(Alphonse GUITARD m Marie Rosalie PITRE)


Phoebe DOUCET				b						GD-1272


Pierre DOUCET				m              Francoise DeGRACE		GD-0092

+	1.  Francois Denis DOUCET	b        1849  					GD-0092
					m 12 Jul 1869  Marie Ernestine GRENIER		GD-0092

2- Francois Denis DOUCET		m              Marie Ernestine GRENIER

	1.  Philomene DOUCET		b						RD-0191
+	2.  Louis DOUCET		b about  1875					RD-0191/CU-90-IL-C04-003
					m 22 Jun 1898  Hattie MARTIN			RD-0191a
	3.  Napoleon DOUCET		b						RD-0191
	4.  Marie Francoise DOUCET	b						RD-0191
	5.  Arthur DOUCET		b						RD-0191
	6.  Marie DOUCET		b						RD-0191
	7.  Dora DOUCET			b						RD-0191
	8.  Belizmire DOUCET		b						RD-0191
	9.  Joseph DOUCET		b						RD-0191
	10. Marie Helen DOUCET		b						RD-0191

3- Louis DOUCET                 	m              Hattie MARTIN

	1.  Louis DOUCET		b about  1899					CU-90-IL-C04-003
	2.  Manuel DOUCET		b about  1901					CU-91-IL-C04-005
	3.  Harold DOUCET		b about  1903					CU-91-IL-C04-005
	4.  Irving DOUCET		b about  1908					CU-91-IL-C04-005
	5.  Arthur DOUCET		b about  1910					CU-91-IL-C04-005


Pierre DOUCET				b 05 Aug 1831					RD-0332b
					m1 04 Nov 1850 Magdeleine HACHE			RD-0332c
					m2 24 Nov 1854 Mary PITRE			RD-0332c
					m3 24 Sep 1858 Marguerite DOUCET		RD-0332

There are no known children of the first or second marriages.

The children of the third marriage are:

	1.  George DOUCET		b about  1861					GD-1079
	2.  Margaret DOUCET		b about  1863					GD-1079
	3.  Henri DOUCET		b        1865					GD-0189
					m        1888  Lucy Jane GREENLOW		GD-0189
	4.  Minnie DOUCETT		b about  1868					GD-1079
	5.  Ellen (Helen) DOUCET	b        1870					GD-0189
					m        1888  W. Israel BEAUDIN		GD-0189
	6.  Teressa DOUCETT		b about  1873					GD-1079
+	7.  Joseph DOUCETT		b about  1875					GD-1079
					m              Emma/Emily LAVIGNE		RD-0332b
	8.  Peter DOUCET		b        1879					GD-0189
					m        1908  Seraphina HILAIRE		GD-0189
+	9.  Francis Joseph DOUCET	b  7 May 1881					GD-1078
					m  8 May 1905  Eugenie GIRARD			GD-1078
							(William GIRARD m Josephine LeCOURTOIS)
	10. Felix DOUCET		b 01 Jun 1885					RD-0332b

2- Joseph DOUCETT			m          Emma/Emily LAVIGNE

	1.  Hubert DOUCETT		b						RD-0332b

2- Francis Joseph DOUCET		m	       Eugenie Mary GIRARD

	1.  Alexina Mary DOUCETTE	b  4 May 1908					IGI-NB-SJS
	2.  Edith Mary DOUCETTE		c 21 Nov 1909					IGI-NB-SJS
	3.  Charles Joseph DOUCETTE	b  6 Mar 1916					IGI-NB-SJS
	4.  Mary Clara DOUCETTE		c  9 Dec 1923					IGI-NB-SJS


Rose DOUCET               		m 26 Sep 1831  Edouard PITRE        		IGI-NB  


Rose DOUCET				m              Joseph Louis BOIS		GD-0706
							(Guillaume BOIS m Emerentienne LAROQUE)


Rose DOUCET               		m 10 Jun 1913  Aime LeJEUNE        		GD-1247  


	combined with


	combined with

Sylvain DOUCETTE			m 19 Jan 1927  Elizabeth ARSENAULT		GE-1102


Theophil or Theofil DOUCETTE		b about  1890					GD-0118


Theophile DOUCET			m        1896  Marguerite CAISSIE		GD-1224


Veronica DOUCETTE			b abt    1866					IGI-NB
					m              James COMEAU


Vital DOUCETT				m              Suzanne GAUDIN			RE-0037

+	1.  Thomas DOUCETT		b						RE-0037
					m 11 Jul 1887  Rose/Roseanne LEGER		RE-0037

2-  Thomas DOUCETTE			m              Rose/Roseanne LEGER

	1.  Marie Elize Lillian DOUCETT	b 23 Oct 1888					RE-0037
	2.  Joseph William Edward DOUCETT	
					b 20 Sep 1890					RE-0037
	3.  Joseph Antoine Tilman DOUCETT	
					b 20 Nov 1891					RE-0037
+	4.  Edgar DOUCETT		b        1897					RE-0037
					m        1932  Mina BOURQUE			RE-0119a
	5.  Clarence DOUCETT		b 08 Apr 1899					RE-0037
	6.  Marie Elda DOUCETT		b 07 Jan 1903					RE-0037
	7.  Marie Claudia DOUCETT	b 28 Sep 1905					RE-0037
	8.  Joseph Lauri DOUCETT	b 20 Nov 1906					RE-0037
	9.  Marie Loretta Pauline DOUCETT	
					b 15 Jul 1909					RE-0037
	10. Marie Marguerite Florence DOUCETT	
					b 28 Jan 1912					RE-0037

3-  Edgar DOUCETT			m              Mina BOURQUE

+	1.  Jeannine DOUCETT		b						RE-0119a
					m              unknown CAISSIE			RE-0119a

4-  Jeannine DOUCETT			m              unknown CAISSIE

	1.  Bruce CAISSIE		b						RE-0119a


William DOUCETTE			m						GE-0679

	1.  William Jerome DOUCETTE	b						GE-0679
	2.  June DOUCETTE		b						GE-0679
	3.  Phyllis DOUCETTE		b						GE-0679
	4.  Phillip DOUCETTE		b						GE-0679
	5.  Lorane DOUCETTE		b						GE-0679
	6.  Jeanette DOUCETTE		b						GE-0679
	7.  Dorthy DOUCETTE		b						GE-0679


William DOUCETTE			m              Lucy GUTEAU			GE-0156

	1.  Margaret DOUCETTE		b 26 Aug 1881					GE-0156
					m 25 Dec 1901  unknown				GE-0156


unknown DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Emmanuel Peter DOUCETTE	b						GE-0938
					m        1914  Agnes DOUCETTE			GE-0938
	2.  Paul DOUCETTE		b						GE-0938
	3.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						GE-0938
+	4.  Timothy DOUCETTE		b						GE-0938
					m              Marie				GE-0938
+	5.  Marie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0938
					m              unknown DESROCHE			GE-0938
	6.  Margaret DOUCETTE		b						GE-0938

2- Timothy DOUCETTE			m              Marie

	1.  Pauline DOUCETTE		b						GE-0938

2- Marie DOUCETTE			m              unknown DESROCHE

	1.  Emile DESROCHE		b						GE-0938
	2.  George DESROCHE		b						GE-0938
	3.  Leo DESROCHE		b						GE-0938


unknown DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Frank Joseph DOUCETTE	b        1870					GD-0156
	2.  Charles DOUCETTE		b 						GD-0156


unknown DOUCETTE			m

+	1.  William James DOUCETTE	b about  1872					RE-0044/CU-90-MA-M01-045
					m              Clara F.				CU-90-MA-M01-045
	2.  Ellen/Helen DOUCETTE	b about  1874					RE-0184
					m about  1890  Amos MacARTHUR			RE-0184
	3.  Florence DOUCETTE		b						RE-0184
	4.  Josephine DOUCETTE		b						RE-0184
					m              Phillip COMEAU			RE-0184
	5.  Francis DOUCETTE		b						RE-0184
	6.  Samuel DOUCETTE		b						RE-0184
	7.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						RE-0184

2-  William James DOUCETTE		m              Clara F.

+	1.  William C. DOUCETTE		b        1895					RE-0044
					m1             unknown				RE-0044
					m2             unknown				RE-0044
	2.  Arthur DOUCETTE		b about  1898					CU-91-MA-M01-081
	3.  Howard DOUCETTE		b about  1900					CU-91-MA-M01-081
	4.  Alice DOUCETTE		b about  1905					CU-92-MA-M01-135
	5.  Ethel DOUCETTE		b about  1906					CU-91-MA-M01-081

3-  William C. DOUCETTE			m

The child of the first marriage is:

	1.  William C. DOUCETTE Jr	b						RE-0044

The children of the second marriage are:

	2.  James DOUCETTE		b						RE-0044
	3.  Marilyn DOUCETTE		b						RE-0044


Adelaide DOUCET				b about  1772					GD-1237
					m about  1790  Etienne ARSENAULT		GD-1237
							(Paul ARSENAULT and Anne BERNARD)


	combined with


Alphonse DOUCETTE			m              Adeline BOUTE			GE-0707

	1.  Marjory Lucy DOUCETTE	b						GE-0707
	2.  Clair DOUCETTE		b						GE-0249
	3.  Sylvia DOUCETTE		b						GE-0249


	combined with FFOT-S01-0001.00


Augustine DOUCETTE			m              Elizabeth			RE-0070

	1.  Jeremiah DOUCETTE		b						RE-0070
	2.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						RE-0070


Barbe DOUCETTE				m              Mary PARAIGNE			GE-0965

	1.  Jane DOUCETTE		b about  1877					GE-0965
					m 11 Sep 1895  unknown				GE-0965


Cyril DOUCETTE				m              Mildred				GE-1175

	1.  Joseph Clovis DOUCETTE	b        1938					GE-1175
					m              Bernadette BLANCHARD		GE-1175
							(Antoine BLANCHARD and Lena Marie GALLANT)


Dorleen DOUCETTE			b						RE-0070b


Emelie DOUCET				b        1879					IGI-PE
					m              Arthur ROY


Ernest DOUCETTE				m						GE-1038

	1.  JoAnne DOUCETTE		b						GE-1038
					m              unknown HOLLIDAY			GE-1038


Eugene DOUCETTE				b        1910					GD-1261
					m about  1935  Dorothy GAUTHIER			GD-1261


Francois DOUCET				m              Marie Elizabeth ROGER

	1.  Philippe Charles DOUCET	b 12 Aug 1742					IGI-PE-SPN


Francois DOUCET				m              Julie BUOTE

	1.  Sophie DOUCET		c 20 Sep 1818					IGI-PE-SRQ


Frank DOUCETTE				b						GD-1012


George Clarence DOUCETTE		b        1913					GD-1261
					m 27 Sep 1939  Edna GALLANT			GD-1261
							(Ignace GALLANT and Edesse GALLANT)


Isiaac DOUCETTE				b        1894					GE-0409
					m about  1914  Pearl Eda Louise DELORIA/DELOREY
							(Ben DELORIA m Mary Jane)	GE-0409

	1.  Germaine DOUCETTE		b 30 Sep 1917					GE-0409
					m              Phillip RODY			GE-0409
+	2.  Lester DOUCETTE		b 23 Jun 1914					GE-0409
	3.  Stephonie DOUCETTE		b 19 Apr 1916
	4.  Cecilia DOUCETTE		b        1918					GE-0409
	5.  Freda DOUCETTE		b        1919					GE-0409
	6.  Leo DOUCETTE		b        1921-24				GE-0409
	7.  Mildred DOUCETTE 		b  5 Aug 1925					GE-0409
	8.  Eliot DOUCETTE		b        1927					GE-0409

2- Lester DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Michael DOUCETTE		b            					GE-0409
	2.  Lance DOUCETTE		b            					GE-0409
	3.  David DOUCETTE		b            					GE-0409


	combined with


	combined with


Jean DOUCETTE				m						RE-0450

	1.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						RE-0450
	2.  May DOUCETTE		b						RE-0450
					m              unknown BRIDET			RE-0450


	combined with JS.1.7.2


John DOUCETTE				m about  1890  Catherine MACKIE			GE-0630

	1.  Mary Melissa DOUCETTE	b  8 Jun 1892					GE-0632
	2.  Bertha Ellen DOUCETTE	b  6 Sep 1894					GE-0632
	3.  Howard DOUCETTE		b  4 Sep 1895					GE-0632
	4.  Florence Floss DOUCETTE	b about  1902					GE-0632


John Alan DOUCETTE			b						GE-1144


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Jane HARDING

	1.  Annie Maud DOUCETTE		c 12 Oct 1879					IGI-PE-SPG


Joseph Henry DOUCETTE			b 						GE-0118


Judith DOUCETTE				b about  1870					GD-0951
					m about  1896  Maxime GALLANT			GD-0945
							(Jean GALLANT)

	1.  Rose GALLANT		b about  1897					GD-0945
					m about  1910  Isidore GALLANT			GD-0945
	2.  John GALLANT		b about  1898					GD-0945
+	3.  Joseph L. GALLANT		b about  1899					GD-0945
					m1 about 1920  Susan ARSENAULT			GD-0945
					m2 about 1947  Marguerite ARSENAULT		GD-0945

2- Joseph L. GALLANT			m1             Susan ARSENAULT
					m2             Marguerite ARSENATLT

The children of the first marriage are:

	1.  Lawrence GALLANT		b about  1924					GD-0951
					m              Betty GALLANT			GD-0951
	2.  Vincent GALLANT		b about  1926					GD-0951
					m              Valerie COSTAIN			GD-0951
	3.  Eileen GALLANT		b about  1928					GD-0951
					m              Stephen LeBLANC			GD-0951

There are no known children of the second marriage.


Laurent DOUCET				m              Bibiene ARSENAULT		GD-0988

	1.  Angelie DOUCET		b 23 Mar 1891					GE-0988


	combined with


Laurent DOUCETTE			m              Biane ARSENAULT

	1.  Alphe DOUCETTE		c 17 Mar 1890					GD-0375
					m              Marie Angeline DesROCHES		GD-0375

Note:  See ME-A1-PE-Laur-01


Lawrence DOUCETTE			m              Ursule				GE-0125

+	1.  Amede DOUCETTE		b						GE-0125
					m              Lucy				GE-0125

2- Amede DOUCETTE			m              Lucy

+	1.  Fred DOUCETTE		b						GE-0125
					m              Joan GALLANT			GE-0125

3- Fred DOUCETTE			m              Joan GALLANT	

	1.  Denise DOUCETTE		b						GE-0125
					m              unknown ROBINSON			GE-0125


Marguerite DOUCET			b        1730					IGI-PE
					m              Pierre BEAULIEU


Marguerite DOUCET         		m  5 May 1862  Eusebe ARSENAULT     		IGI-PE  


Marie Josephe DOUCET			b abt    1726					IGI-PE
					m              Jacques ARSENAULT


Marie DOUCET				m              Fidele GALLANT			GD-0160

	1.  Edesse GALLANT		b						GD-0160
					m        1857  Joseph ARSENEAU			GD-0160
	2.  Jean GALLANT		b 20 Jun 1839					GD-0190
	3.  Helene GALLANT		b  3 Jul 1841					GD-0190
	4.  Judith GALLANT		b  8 Jun 1846					GD-0190


Marie Josephe DOUCET			b about  1740					GD-0469
					m              Jacques ARSENAULT		GD-0469
							(Abraham ARSENAULT m Marie Josette SAVOIE)


Marie Rose DOUCETTE			b        1894					GD-1261
					m about  1912  Robert B. GALLANT		GD-1261
							(Jonas GALLANT and Caroline SHEPHERD)


Mary DOUCETTE				m              Onison BOUTE			GE-0162


	combined with


Michel DOUCET				b  5 Apr 1734					GE-0082

	1.  Athanase DOUCET		b						GE-0081


Norbert P. DOUCETTE			b 						GD-1261


	combined with


Sophique DOUCET				m about  1839  Joseph POIRIER/PERRY		RD-0342

Sophique is believed to be the daughter of Francois DOUCET and Marie Julie BUOTE.
See ME-A1-PE-Fran-01 above.


Sophie DOUCET				b about  1823					GD-1261
					m about  1846  Lazaire GAUDET			GD-1261
							(Joseph GAUDET and Marie POIRIER)


Thomas DOUCETTE				m              Sarah

	1.  Susan Ida Woodhouse DOUCETTE
					c 24 Sep 1871					IGI-PE-SPG
	2.  Mary Elizabeth DOUCETTE	c 17 May 1874					IGI-PE-SPG


Veronica C. DOUCETTE			m              Andrew F. MOONEY			RE-0461a


Vital DOUCETTE				b  6 Apr 1853					GE-0922
					m		Marguerite MARTIN		GE-0955
							(Firmin MARTIN m Isabelle ARSENAULT)

	1.  Mary Rose DOUCETTE		b  1 Jan 1879					GD-0923
	2.  Joseph Thomas DOUCETTE	b 26 Jul 1880					GE-0923
					m              Sophie DeROCHE			GE-0016
	3.  Madeleine DOUCETTE		b    Jun 1893					GD-0955
					m              Thomas Joseph DeROCHE		GE-0016
	4.  Louise DOUCETTE		b						GE-0016
	5.  Marian DOUCETTE		b						GE-0016
	6.  Freeman/Firman DOUCETTE	b						GE-0016


Wilfred Aloyosious DOUCETTE		b 11 Jul 1891					IGI-PE


	a.  Adelaide DOUCET		b about  1772					GD-1237
	    Spouse:  Etienne ARSENAULT
	    see:  ME-A1-PE-ADEL-01

	b.  Monique DOUCET		b about  1818					GD-1237
	    Spouse:  Sebastien HACHE

	c.  Anne DOUCET			b about  1752					GD-1237
	    Spouse:  Joseph DesROCHES

	d.  Marie DOUCET		b about  1879					GD-1237
	    Spouse:  Laurent GALLANT

	e.  Lavinia Anne DOUCET		b about  1860					GD-1237
	    Spouse:  Pierre DOUCET

	f.  Josue Louis DOUCET		b 08 Dec 1812					GD-1261
	    Parents:  Pierre DOUCET and Helene BLANCHARD

	g.  Amand DOUCET		b 20 Sep 1846					GD-1261
	    Parents:  Fidele DOUCET and Gertrude GALLANT
	h,  Marguerite DOUCET		b about  1805					GD-1261
	    Spouse:  Pierre HACHE or GALLANT
	    see:  ME-A!-NB-MARG-05

	i.  Eugene DOUCETTE		b        1910					GD-1261
	    Spouse:  Dorothy GAUTHIER
	    see:  ME-A!-PE-EUGE-01

	j.  James Edouard DOUCETTE	b        1924					GD-1261
	    Spouse:  Mathilda GALLANT
	    see: (Jacques Edward)

	k.  Norbert P. DOUCETTE		b 						GD-1261
	    see:  ME-A1-PE-NORB-01

	l.  Wilfred Aubin DOUCETTE	b        1911					GD-1261
	    see:  possible (brother to "j" above)

	m.  George Clarence DOUCETTE	b        1913					GD-1261
	    Spouse:  Edna GALLANT
	    see:  ME-A1-PE-GEOR-01

	n.  Anne DOUCET			b about  1752					GD-1261
	    see "c" above

	o.  Marie DOUCET		b about  1879					GD-1261
	    see "d" above

	p.  Lavinia Anne DOUCET		b about  1860					GD-1261
	    see "e" above

	q.  Sophie or Sophique DOUCET	b about  1826					GD-1261
	    Spouse:  Lazaire GAUDET
	    see:  ME-A1-PE-SOPH-02

	r.  Marie Rose DOUCETTE		b        1894					GD-1261
	    Spouse:  Robert B. GALLANT
	    see:  ME-A1-PE-MARI-04


unknown DOUCET				m						GD-0134
FFOT-C01-0001.00 & FFOT-D01-0001.00

	1.  Joseph DOUCET		b						GD-0134
					m              Anastasie ARSENAULT		GD-0134
	2.  Charles DOUCET		b						GD-0134
					m1             Isabelle ARSENAULT		GD-0134
					m2             Madeleine ARSENAULT		GD-0134


Unknown DOUCETTE			m              Nancy Lee			GE-0734

	1.  Jeramie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0734
	2.  Peter DOUCETTE		b						GE-0734
	3.  Sharon DOUCETTE		b						GE-0734


Ambroise Doucette			m              Anne				GE-0063

+	1.  Victor Alexander DOUCETTE	b        1913					GE-0063
	2.  Ray DOUCETTE		b						GE-0063
	3.  Jack DOUCETTE		b						GE-0063
	4.  Anne DOUCETTE		b						GE-0063
	5.  Doris DOUCETTE		b						GE-0063

2- Victor Alexander DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Victor A DOUCETTE		b            					GE-0063
	2.  Craig DOUCETTE		b            					GE-0063


Raymond DOUCETTE			m              Mary				GE-0989

	1.  Elizabeth DOUCETTE		b						GE-0989
					m             John A. GRANT			GE-0989
	2.  Arthur DOUCETTE		b						GE-0989
	3.  William DOUCETTE		b						GE-0989
	4.  John DOUCETTE		b						GE-0989

Elizabeth had eight sisters.


	combined with


unknown DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Jeremiah DOUCETTE		b						RE-0008
					m              Rachel				RE-0008
	2.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						RE-0008


Adelaide DOUCET           		m 21 Jan 1823  Louis Salomon CARPENTIER       	IGI-QU


Adelaide DOUCET           		m 22 Feb 1870  Francois Xavier BERGERON       	IGI-QU


Amable DOUCET				m              Marie BROUSARD

	1.  Marie DOUCET		c 14 Oct 1774					IGI-QU-CLT


Ambroise DOUCET           		m 14 Oct 1669  Jacques MIGNIER      		IGI-QU


Angelique DOUCET			m              Pierre ORILLON	(DOIRON)	GD-0248
                         				(Charles ORILLON m Marie Louise MIRABENT)


Anne DOUCET               		m 17 Sep 1860  David RHEAULT        		IGI-QU


Atanase DOUCET				m              Marie LeBLANC

	1.  Athanase DOUCET		c 15 Oct 1774					IGI-QU-CLT


Aurelie DOUCET            		m 15 Feb 1847  Francois VANASSE     		IGI-QU


Basile DOUCET             		m 23 Nov 1830  Marguerite LaTOUR    		IGI-QU


Basile DOUCET             		m 23 Nov 1852  Caroline GIRARD      		IGI-QU


Catherine DOUCET          		m 18 Jul 1826  Jean NOEL            		IGI-QU


Celina DOUCET             		m 13 Aug 1867  Ephrem DESILETS      		IGI-QU


Celina DOUCET             		m 11 Sep 1877  Joseph PRUNEAU       		IGI-QU


	combined with

Charles DOUCET				m              Anne BOUDRAUL

	1.  Silvain DOUCET		c 27 Oct 1793					IGI-QU-CLT


Charles DOUCET				m1             Octavie DUPRE			TRQM/GE-0292
					m2 31 Aug 1899 Phebee ROUSSEAU			TRQM-GE-0292


David DOUCETTE				b  4 Aug 1887  					GE-1066
					m              Marie Anne BECOTTE		GE-1066
							(Charles Michel dit BECOTTE and Marie Desneiges BARIL)

	1.  Germaine Marie DOUCETTE	b 26 Nov 1911					GE-0727
					m              Albert THIEL			GE-0970
+	2.  Dominique DOUCETTE		b						GE-0727
					m              unknown DEMONTE			GE-0727

2- Dominique DOUCETTE             	m              unknown DEMONTE

	1.  Edgar DEMONTE		b						GE-0970
	2.  Henry DEMONTE		b						GE-0970


Domithilde DOUCET         		m  7 Jan 1834  Pierre ROBILLARD     		IGI-QU


Edouard DOUCET				m              Adelaide DUFRENSE		RD-0055a

	1.  Joseph DOUCET		b						RD-0055a


Elizebeth DOUCET			b about  1911					GD-0703
					m              James SAINTONGE			GD-0703

	1.  Roger ST ONGE		b						GD-0703
	2.  James ST ONGE		b						GD-0703
	3.  Allen ST ONGE		b						GD-0703
	4.  George ST ONGE		b						GD-0703
	5.  Carmel ST ONGE		b						GD-0703
	6.  Caroll ST ONGE		b						GD-0703
	7.  Brenda ST ONGE		b						GD-0703


Elizabeth DOUCET			m              Charles DOUGLASS			RD-0214

	1.  Charles DOUGLASS		b						RD-0214
					m 16 Sep 1846  Marie RIVET			RD-0214
							(Louis RIVET and Charlotte BRUNETTE)


Emelie DOUCET             		m 26 Jun 1866  Napoleon SICARD      		IGI-QU  


Emerence DUCHETTE			m              Joseph LAVALLIERE		GE-0692

	1.  Celina LAVALLIERE		b                                            	GE-0692
	2.  Exord LAVALLIERE		b                                           	GE-0692
	3.  John LAVALLIERE		b                                           	GE-0692
	4.  Celindre LAVALLIERE		b                                            	GE-0692
	5.  Virginia LAVALLIERE		b                                            	GE-0692


Emmerance DOUCETTE			b						GE-0338


Ernestine DOUCET          		m  3 Jul 1894  Joseph Philipe LeBLANC        	IGI-QU  


Francois DOUCET				m              Marguerite JAINSENE	

	1.  Charles DOUCET		c 15 Oct 1774					IGI-QU-CLT


Francois DOUCET           		m 23 Oct 1817  Louise Julie CHARPENTIER      	IGI-QU  


	combined with


Frederick DOUCETTE			m              Suzanne				GD-0245

	1.  Percy DOUCETTE		b						GD-0245
	2.  Irene DOUCETTE		b						GD-0245
	3.  Gertrude DOUCETTE		b						GD-0245
	4.  Frederick DOUCETTE		b						GD-0245


Frederic DOUCETTE			b        1835					GE-1099
					m              unknown        			GE-1099

	1.  Latice DOUCETTE		b 28 Nov 1963					GE-1099


Harry DOUCET				b        1904					RD-0207
					m              Dora TURMEL			RD-0207


Helen DOUCET				m              Felix LECOUFFE			RD-0183


Henry DOUCETTE				m              Emma PAGE			GE-0752

	1.  Cecile DOUCETTE		b    Oct 1894					GE-0752
					m              unknown LAVELLE			GE-1062
	2.  Rose A. DOUCETTE		b						GE-0752
					m              George CARON			GE-0266
	3.  John DOUCETTE		b						GE-0752
	4.  Emily DOUCETTE		b						GE-0752
+	5.  Hortense DOUCETTE		b        1900					GE-1062
					m              Napoleon John MANSEAU		GE-0752
	6.  Henry DOUCETTE		b						GE-0752
	7.  Delia Lorenda DOUCETTE	b						GE-0752
	8.  Zalfred DOUCETTE		b						GE-1061

2-  Hortense DOUCETTE			m              Napoleon John MANSEAU

+	1.  Aurore MANSEAU		b						RE-0068
					m1             unknown BARTON			RE-0068c
					m2             unknown DESROSIERS		RE-0068c
	2.  Loretta MANSEAU		b						RE-0068
	3.  Irene MANSEAU		b						RE-0068
	4.  Willie MANSEAU		b						RE-0068
	5.  Barney MANSEAU		b						RE-0068
	6.  Doris MANSEAU		b						RE-0068
	7.  John MANSEAU		b						RE-0068
	8.  Cecelia MANSEAU		b						RE-0068
	9.  Louise MANSEAU		b						RE-0068e
	10. infant MANSEAU		b              (twin)				RE-0068
	11. infant MANSEAU		b              (twin)				RE-0068

3-  Aurore MANSEAU			m               unknown

	1.  Teresa			b						RE-0068


	combined with


Hubert DOUCET				m        1848  Mathilde GUILLEMETTE		GD-1157

	1.  Virginie DOUCET		b about  1848					GD-1157
	2.  Marie DOUCET		b about  1850					GD-1157
	3.  Roseanna DOUCET		b 10 Mar 1853					GD-1157
					m 24 Feb 1873  Amedee HOULE			RD-0336
	4.  Eulalie DOUCET		b        1854					RD-0336
	5.  Adele DOUCET		b        1857					RD-0336
					m              P. AUBRY				RD-0336
	6.  Delphine DOUCET		b about  1859					GD-1157
	7.  Severine DOUCET		b        1860					RD-0336
	8.  Theophile DOUCET		b        1862					RD-0336
	9.  Adelard DOUCET		b        1864					RD-0336
	10. Severine DOUCET		b        1868					RD-0336
	11. Alphonse DOUCET		b        1870					RD-0336
	12. Ernest DOUCET		b        1873  (twin)				RD-0336
	13. Ernestine DOUCET		b        1873  (twin)				RD-0336  


Isaie DOUCET				m              Emilie LaBOUTE			GD-0966

	1.  Isaie DOUCET		c 30 Jul 1854, 3 mo				GD-0966
	2.  Joseph DOUCET		c 20 Jan 1856, 20 day				GD-0966
	3.  Moise DOUCET		c 20 Jan 1856, 20 day				GD-0966
	4.  Henriette DOUCET		c 24 Aug 1862, 3 mo				GD-0966
	5.  anonyme DOUCET		bur 1 Mar 1872					GD-0966


Israel DOUCET				m              Rosalie GOSSELIN			GD-0966

	1.  Israel Edward DOUCET	b 27 Oct 1874					GD-0966


Jean DOUCETTE				m              Catherine CHAMPAGNE

	1.  female			c  2 Mar 1720 					IGI-QU-CIM


Jean Baptiste DOUCET      		m 24 May 1841  Marie Delphine VANASSE        	IGI-QU  


	combined with


	combined with


	combined with


	combined with


John DOUCETTE				m              Alice PITRE			GE-0391

+	1.  Norman DOUCETTE		b						GE-0391
					m              Donna YOUNG			GE-0391

2- Norman DOUCETTE			m              Donna YOUNG

	1.  Tonya Fawn DOUCETTE		b           					GE-0391


Joseph DOUCET				m              Georgiana PRINCE

	1.  Joseph Emerle Armand DOUCET	c  9 Jun 1905					IGI-QU-STE


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Marie GIGNAC

	1.  Celina DOUCETTE		b        1863					IGI-QU-DRM


Joseph DOUCET             		m 27 Jan 1846  Domitilde VALLIERES  		IGI-QU  


Joseph Conrad DOUCET      		m  8 Jan 1917  Antoinette LAMBERT   		IGI-QU


	combined with


Joseph PELLETIER-DOUCET			m              Marie Anne BOUCHER

	1.  Joseph PELLETIER-DOUCET	b 22 Nov 1722					IGI-QU-SAP
	2.  Madeleine PELLETIER-DOUCET	b 16 Mar 1724					IGI-QU-SAP
	3.  Marie Anne Joseph PELLETIER-DOUCET
					b        1726					IGI-QU-SAP
	4.  Jean PELLETIER-DOUCET	b abt    1728					IGI-QU-SAP
	5.  Francois PELLETIER-DOUCET	b        1731					IGI-QU-SAP
	6.  Isidore PELLETIER-DOUCET	b  7 Feb 1733					IGI-QU-SAP
	7.  Augustin PELLETIER-DOUCET	b  8 Mar 1744					IGI-QU-SAP


Josette DOUCET            		m  5 Apr 1785  Jean Marie BARBEAU   		IGI-QU  


Joseph DUCETTE				b    Aug 1823  					GE-0367
					m              Mary Jane SOVEREIGN		GE-0367

	1.  William DUCETTE		b						GE-0367
	2.  Milton DUCETTE		b						GE-0367


Joseph Louis DOUCET			m              Catherine GERVAIS		GD-0326

+	1.  Nicolas/Nicolet DOUCET	b						GD-0326
					m  4 Oct 1790  Marie Anne BISAILLON		GD-0326/IGI-QU

2- Nicolas DOUCET			m              Marie Anne BISAILLON

+	1.  Marguerite DOUCET		b						GD-0327
					m 30 Jan 1815  Francois MONETTE			GD-0327

3- Marguerite DOUCET			m              Francois MONETTE
							(Francois MONETTE m Marie Reine REMILLARD)

	1.  Catherine MONETTE		b						GD-0327
					m 30 Jun 1835  Hippolyte LAVENTURE dit Boffu	GD-0327
	2.  Hilaire MONETTE		b						GD-0327
					m1 29 Sep 1846 Rose LAVENTURE			GD-0327
					m2  5 Jul 1855 Aurelie PINEL			GD-0327
	3.  Julienne MONETTE		b						GD-0327
					m 19 Feb 1949  Moise GAUTIER			GD-0327


Josephte DOUCET 			m 25 Apr 1802  Jean BLONDIN			TRQM/GE-0289


	combined with


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Eugenie BESSETTE			RE-0238c


Joseph F. DOUCET			b 24 Nov 1841					RE-0263k


	combined with


Josue DOUCET				m              Charlotte GALLANT

	1.  Modeste DOUCET		c  8 Jan 1872					IGI-QU-SAM


Julie DOUCET              		m  7 Nov 1848  Louis Anselme DESILETS        	IGI-QU  


Julie DOUCET				m              Napoleon HEON			RD-0342a


	combined with


Louise DOUCET             		m  9 Apr 1804  Louis VANASSE        		IGI-QU  


Louis DOUCET				m              Adeline ADAM			GD-0130

+	1.  Amede DOUCET		b						GD-0130
					m 22 May 1876  Emelie CARON			GD-0130
							(Joseph CARON m Aurelie DUBE)

2- Amede DOUCET				m              Emelie CARON

	1.  Hormidas DOUCETTE		b 23 Apr 1879					GE-0050
					m              Josephine BELANGER		GE-0050
	2.  Argie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0050
	3.  Pierre DOUCETTE		b						GE-0050
	4.  Donat DOUCETTE		b						GE-0050
	5.  Arcelia DOUCETTE		b						GE-0050
	6.  Armand DOUCETTE		b						GE-0050


Louis DOUCET				m1             Julie POTHIER			TRQM/GE-0292
					m2 31 Jul 1848 Emelie GENDREAU			TRQM/GE-0292


Luce DOUCET				m              Pierre COTE			GD-0526


Marguerite DOUCET         		m 18 Nov 1764  Francois BIGOT or DUVAL        	IGI-QU  


Marie DOUCET              		m 11 Nov 1771  Jean Baptiste LeBLANC		IGI-QU  


Marie DOUCET              		m 15 Jul 1776 Jean Baptiste AUBIN  		IGI-QU  


Marie DOUCET              		m 29 Jan 1798  Francois LANOUE      		IGI-QU  


Marie DOUCET              		m 27 Nov 1860  Michel BELLEVILLE    		IGI-QU  


	combined with


Marie Genevieve DOUCET    		m  5 Nov 1770  Jean Baptiste QUELLET		IGI-QU  


Marie DOUCET              		m 12 Jul 1790  Jean Baptiste SINCENNES Jr	GD-0449
							(Jean Baptiste SINCENNES m Genevieve CARON)


Mary DOUCET				b 31 May 1864					FH-JH
					m              Napoleon HEON			FH-JH

+	1.  Georges HEON		b						FH-JH
					m 04 Oct 1932  Aline GERVAIS			FH-JH

2- Georges HEON				m              Aline GERVAIS

	1.  Jude HEON			b						FH-JH


Michel DOUCET				m              Genevieve FILLAU

	1.  Genevieve DOUCET		c 11 Sep 1725					IGI-QU-QUE


Modeste DOUCET				m              Archange NOLIN

	1.  Marie Exilia DOUCET		c 26 Nov 1847					IGI-QU-PLS


Moyse DOUCET              		m 28 Jul 1928  Marie LEVASSEUR      		IGI-QU  


	combined with ME-A2-QU-Jose-09


Oliva DOUCET				m              Moise DUCHARME 			GD-0829


	combined with


Osithe DOUCET             		m 26 Oct 1824  Isaac REGNIER        		IGI-QU  


Paul DOUCET				m              Marie BEAUMIER

	1.  Bernadette DOUCET		c        1909					IGI-QU-STG


	combined with


Philomene DOUCETTE			b 26 Jul 1845					GE-0829
					m              Bernard MAURICE			GE-0689

	1.  (Joseph) Delphis MAURICE	b about  1884					GE-0689
+	2.  (Joseph) Alexandre MAURICE	
					b						GE-0797
+	3.  (Joseph) Alfred MAURICE	b						GE-0689
					m              Marie Louise Yvonne LaFANTAISIE or
							LaFOUNTAIN			GE-0797
	4.  (Joseph) Dolfice MAURICE	b						GE-0689

2- Joseph Alexandre MAURICE		m

+	1.  Joseph Alexandre Adolphe MAURICE	**
					b						GE-0797

2- Joseph Alfred MAURICE		m              Marie Louise Yvonne LaFANTAISIE or LaFOUNTAIN

	1.  Joseph Alexandre Adolphe MAURICE	**
					b						GE-0797
	2.  Eugene MAURICE		b						GE-0797
					m              Francoise SAUVE			GE-0797

3- Joseph Alexandre Adolphe MAURICE	m

	1.  Brenda MAURICE		b						GE-0689
					m              Thomas FARR			GE-0906

**:  Joseph Alexandre Adolphe was adopted by Joseph Alexandre and his wife.  Adolphe�s bio parents are 
Joseph Alfred MAURICE and Marie Louise Yvonne LAFANTAISIE or LAFOUNTAIN.  (GE-0797)


Pierre DOUCET             		m 11 Aug 1706  Marguerite MOUSSEAUX 		IGI-QU  


Pierre DOUCETTE				m              Marie Genevieve BEAUCHAND	GE-0768

	1.  Marie Genevieve DOUCETTE	b						GE-0768
					m  2 Mar 1778  Jean GAGNON			GE-0768


Pierre DOUCET				m              Hyppolite PICHARD		FH-DSD

+	1.  Antoine DOUCET		b						FH-DSD	
					m 23 May 1835  Marie Rose ROBY			FH-DSD				

2-  Antoine DOUCET			m              Marie Rose ROBY
							(Joseph ROBY and Archange RANGER)

+	1.  Fabien DOUCET		b						FH-DSD
					m              Ada MERNARD			FH-DSD
	1.  Christine DOUCET		b						RD-0193

3-  Fabien DOUCET			m              Ada MERNARD

+	1.  Joseph Moise DOUCETTE	b 07 Sep 1888					FH-DSD
					m              Nathalia Marie MINNEY		FH-DSD

4-  Joseph Moise DOUCETTE		m              Nathalia Marie MINNEY

+	1.  Edmund Fabien DOUCETTE	b						FH-DSD
					m              Judith Ann PIERCE		FH-DSD

5-  Edmund Fabien DOUCETTE		m              Judith Ann PIERDE
							(Charles Myron PIERCE and Shirley Octavia GILBERT)

+	1.  Darryl Scott DOUCETTE	b						FH-DSD
					m              Tami Jean MAGOON			FH-DSD
	2.  Derek DOUCETTE		b						FH-DSD
+	3.  Darlene DOUCETTE		b						FH-DSD
					m              Peter GOUGER			FH-DSD
	4.  David DOUCETTE		b						FH-DSD

6-  Darryl Scott DOUCETTE		m              Tami Jean MAGOON
							(Bernard MAGOON and Dorothy FLETHER)

	1.  Jason DOUCETTE		b						FH-DSD
	2.  Renee DOUCETTE		b						FH-DSD

6-  Darlene DOUCETTE			m              Peter GOUGER

	1.  Kylee Ann GOUGER		b						FH-DSD
	2.  Courtney Mae GOUGER		b						FH-DSD


Pierre Augustin DOUCET			m 09 Feb 1784  Esther LePRINCE or PRINCE	RD-0356a
							(Jean Baptiste PRINCE and Madeleine BOURG)

+	1.  Jean DOUCET			b						RD-0356a
					m 22 Cot 1850  Euphosine THIBAULT		RD-0356a

2- Jean DOUCET				m              Euphosine THIBAULT

	1.  Agnes DOUCET		b 17 Sep 1852					RD-0356
					m 24 Sep 1867  Augustin SICARD			RD-0356a

Note:  According to RD-0356a, the parents of Pierre Augustin are Joseph Doucet and Marie Anne Bourg.
This family is found at  They have a son Pierre Abel married to Marie Prince, but not a 
Pierre Augustin.


Raphael DOUCET				m1             Marie LaBONTE			TRQM/GE-0292
					m2 26 Apr 1892 Justine CHAMBERLAND		TRQM/GE-0292


	combined with ME-A2-QU-Hube-01


	combined with


Sophie DOUCET             		m 18 Oct 1842  Pierre AYOTTE        		IGI-QU  


Therese DOUCET            		m 11 Oct 1825  Pierre LAUZON        		IGI-QU  


Veronique DOUCET          		m 23 Sep 1830  Eugene TRUDEAU       		IGI-QU  

	1.  Malvina TRUDEAU		b						GD-0876
					m 13 Oct 1863  Joseph Adonis LEBEL		GD-0876

NOTE:  In some marriage records Veronique�s name is listed as Victoire, with both individuals having 
the same marriage date to Eugene Trudeau.  Since the only child known to this couple lists Veronique 
as the mother, her name is used in this entry, and references to Victoire are considered included within.


Virginie DOUCET           		m 18 Oct 1858  Olivier BLAIS        		IGI-QU  


Wilfred DOUCET				m              Albertine MIMEAULT

	1.  Wilfred DOUCET		b 14 Feb 1871					IGI-QU-QUE


Wilfrid M. DOUCET			m              Angeline DUTEAU De GRANDPRE

	1.  Joseph Robert Rene DOUCET	b  5 Oct 1909					IGI-QU-STC


Wilfred Louis DOUCET			b 19 Feb 1871					GD-1089
					m 16 Jun 1914  Beatrice BERTIN			GD-1089

	1.  Jean Romeo DOUCET		b 19 Apr 1918					GD-1089
					m              Veronica LEGACE			GD-1089

ten more children


	combined with


Zoel DOUCET               		m  5 Oct 1852  Amarilis GUILMET     		IGI-QU  


The following are Doucet Catholic marriages performed at Trois Rivieres, Quebec Province, during the 1800s.

a.	Charles DOUCET, widower of Octavie DUGRE					ME-A2-QU-CHAR-02
		m 31 Aug 1899 Phebee ROUSSEAU

b.	Joseph DOUCET m 23 Jan 1809 Francoise-Julie DUCHESNEAU

c.	Josephte DOUCET m 25 Apr 1802 Jean BLONDIN					ME-A2-QU-JOSE-10

d.	Leon DOUCET, widower of Olive BOUDREAULT
		m 31 Jan 1853 Marie Eleonore AUBRY

e.	Louis DOUCET, widower of Julie POTHIER						ME-A2-QU-LOUI-03
		m 31 Jul 1848 Emelie GENDREAU

f.	Marie-Amnne DOUCET, widow of Joseph BOLVIN
		m 24 Sep 1827 Jean-Baptiste DUPUIS

g.	Raphael DOUCET, widower of Marie LABONTE					ME-A2-QU-RAPH-01
		m 26 Apr 1892 Justine CHAMBERLAND

h.	Children of Augustin DOUCET m 24 Oct 1808 Therese BOURG
		Lucie DOUCET m 12 Nov 1838 Jean BELLEFEUILLE				.01
		Marguerite DOUCET m 18 Aug 1840 Joseph DOUCET 				.02
			(he was m to Marie-Eleonore AUBRY 31 Jan 1853) 
		Moise DOUCET m 31 Jan 1842 Julie VEILLEUX				.03
		Calixte DOUCET m 16 Sep 1845 Narcisse RICHARD				.04

i.	Children of Basile DOUCET and Julie AUBRY
		Marie Adeline DOUCET m 27 Feb 1843 Jean FORTIN				.01
		Leon DOUCET m 03 Aug 1857 Marie-Olive BOUDREAU				.02
		Eugenie DOUCET m 11 Oct 1854 Michel CARON				.08

j.	Children of Eusabe DOUCET and Lucie GAUTHIER
		Elizire DOUCET m 12 Nov 1872 Joseph GREGOIRE				.02 
		Joseph DOUCET m 15 Feb 1870 Etudienne ALARIE				.01 
		Eusebe DOUCET m 13-03 Mar 1883 Marie-Delina COUETEAU			.03 
		Eleonore DOUCET m 12 Mar 1888 Jean-Baptiste PETITCLERC			.04 

k.	Children of Jean DOUCET and Madeleine AMIRAULT
		Nicholas Benjamin DOUCET m 05 Aug 1807 Euphrosine KIMBER		.03
		Basile DOUCET m 23 Oct 1810 Julie AUBRY					.07
		Marguerite DOUCET m 09 Feb 1813 Francois HELIE				.08
		Marie Antoinette DOUCET m 05 Jun 1815 Emmanuel DUMOULIN			.09
		Marie-Julie DOUCET m 17 Oct 1815 Joseph PRINCE				.10
		Henriette DOUCET m 09 Jan 1821 Francois LePRINCE			.11

l.	Child of Jean DOUCET and Angele BOUVET
		Victorine DOUCET m 10 Nov 1884 Honore ROCHELEAU				.02 

m.	Children of Jean DOUCET and Marie RICHARD
		Jean DOUCET m 02 Feb 1795 Marie-Anne VIGNEAULT				.02
		Josephte DOUCET m 24 Feb 1800 Michel BOURG				.04
		Marie DOUCET m 30 Jan 1804 Francois LACOURSE				.06
		Joseph DOUCET m 15 Jul 1811 Marguerite MARTEL				.07
		Augustin DOUCET m 24 Oct 1808 Therese BOURG				.09

n.	Children of Jean-Baptiste DOUCET and Monique LEFEBVRE
		Marie-Louise DOUCET m 02 Jul 1860 John-Lamber JARDINE			.01
		Joseph DOUCET m 17 Sep 1866 Hermine GAGNON				.02   

o.	Child of Joseph DOUCET m 15 Feb 1870 Etudienne ALARIE
		Henri DOUCET m 30 Jun 1891 Elise RANCOURT				.01 

p.	Children of Joseph DOUCET m 23 Jan 1809 Francoise-Julie DUCHESNEAU
		Hilaire DOUCET m 24 Aug 1840 Lucie DESILETS				.01 
		Joseph DOUCET m 01 May 1854 Elisabeth BOURGEOIS				.02

q.	Child of Joseph DOUCET and Marie GIRARDEAU
		Pierre DOUCET m 12 Oct 1812 Marie ABRAHAM				.11

r.	Children of Joseph DOUCET and Marie MARIER
		Joseph DOUCET m 18 Aug 1840 Marguerite DOUCET				.01
		Marie DOUCET m 18 May 1840 Antoine JALBERT				.03
		Sophie DOUCET m 10 Feb 1840 Jean-Baptiste BELLEFEUILLE			.04
		Louise DOUCET m 22 Apr 1850 Charles BOURGEOIS				.05
		Julie DOUCET m 27 Feb 1854 Pierre BELLEFEUILLE				.06

s.	Child of Joseph DOUCET m 15 Jul 1811 Marguerite MARTEL
		Marie DOUCET m 05 Jun 1843 Louis LEFEBVRE				.04 

t.	Child of Joseph DOUCET and Marie PRINCE
		Marie-Louise DOUCET m 15 May 1848 Louis GAGNON				.02

u.	Child of Michel DOUCET and Genevieve GEMEREUX
		Norbert DOUCET m 18 Jul 1836 Caroline Eleoise NOISEAUX			.02

v.	Child of Moise DOUCET and Julie VEILLEUX
		Eleonore DOUCET m 16 Jul 1860 Cyrille LaJOIE				.01

w.	Child of Pierre DOUCET and Marie-Esther LaPIERRE
		Marie-Pelagie DOUCET m 15 Oct 1810 Joseph DESILETS			.03

x.	Children of Pierre-Abel DOUCET and Marie-Esther PRINCE
		Julie DOUCET m 19 Aug 1817 Francois POIRIER				.07
		Hubert DOUCET m 10 Jan 1826 Celeste TALBOT				.08


unknown DOUCET				m

+	1.  Jean Lucien DOUCET		b about  1916					GD-0958
					r              Olga TRAHERNE/O�CONNOR		GD-0948
					m              Cecile				GD-0958
	2.  Maurice DOUCET		b						GD-0959
					m              Germaine DONTIGNY		GD-0959
	3.  Aime DOUCET			b 						GD-0959
					m              Cecile OUELLET			GD-0959
	4.  Helen DOUCET		b						GD-0959
					m              Marcel AUGER	 		GD-0959

2- Jean Lucien DOUCET			r              Ogla TRAHERNE/O�CONNOR
					m              Cecile

The children of the relationship are:

	1.  Leonide DOUCET		b						GD-0948
+	2.  Paul Anthony DOUCET		b						GD-0948

The children of the marriage are:

	3.  Suzanne DOUCET		b						GD-0958
					m              Armand HENAULT			GD-0958
	4.  Daniel DOUCET		b						GD-0958
					m              France LARIVIERE			GD-0958
	5.  Claire DOUCET		b						GD-0958
					m              Jacques FAFARD			GD-0958

3- Paul Anthony DOUCET			m

	1.  Tracy DOUCET		b						GD-0948


unknown DOUCET				m						GD-0143

	1.  Patrick DOUCET 		b						GD-0143
	2.  Alexander DOUCET 		b						GD-0143


unknown DOUCETTE			b        1873					GE-1042
					m              Georgenia			GE-1042


Cecilia DOUCET				m						GD-0679

	1.  Gene SIEDEKUM		b						GD-0679


Burquitlam Cemetery,Coquitlam,BC							GE-0071

.01    	Alfred Joseph Doucette 1902-1991
      	wife:Marie L Doucette May 24/1916-Jul 8/1994

.02   	Dolores Doucette Mar 19/1895-Oct 29/1976

.03  	Donat Doucette 1889-1949

.04  	Wilfrid Doucet 1898-1985
     	wife:Simonne Doucet 1908-1987


Angus DOUCETTE                  	b        1872					RE-0016
					m              Margaret H. WHALEN		RE-0016

	1.  Marion DOUCETTE		b about  1897					CC-91-ON-104/20/20/20
	2.  Wilfred DOUCETTE		b about  1903					CC-91-ON-104/20/20/20
	3.  Alma DOUCETTE		b about  1908					CC-91-ON-104/20/20/20
	4.  Margaret DOUCETTE		b about  1910					CC-91-ON-104/20/20/20
	5.  Walter DOUCETTE		b						RE-0016
	6.  Dorothy DOUCETTE		b						RE-0016

Note:  Marion is the name in the census record.  In RE-0016 she is referred to as Mary.


Basile DOUCET or LaFLEUR		m              Angelica SAUTEUSE
					b abt    1767					IGI-ON-SDW

	1.  Angelica DOUCET		c 26 Sep 1796					IGI-ON-SDW
	2.  Augustin DOUCET		c 26 Sep 1796					IGI-ON-SDW
	3.  Mary Clara DOUCET		b  5 Aug 1799					IGI-MI-DTR
	4.  Henry DOUCET		c 27 Jul 1804					IGI-ON-SDW
	5.  Michael DOUCET		c 27 Jul 1804					IGI-ON-SDW
	6.  Joseph DOUCET		c 25 Mar 1814					IGI-ON-SDW


Charles DOUCET

	1.  Charles DOUCET		c 25 Aug 1765					IGI-ON-SDW


Edouard DOUCETTE			m              Jane TRICKEY			GE-0976

	1.  William DOUCETTE		b						GE-0976


	combined with


John Dominque DOUCET			m              Agnes HACHEY			GD-0177

	1.  John/Jack DOUCET		b						GD-0177
					m              Grace				GD-0177


Marie DOUCETTE				b abt    1858					IGI-ON
					m              Ambroise WILMOT			FH-LK

+	1.  Bridget Anna WILMOT		b 11 Oct 1880					FH-LK
					m 10 Sep 1902  Bernhard Heinrich August KLIPPERT FH-LK

2- Bridget Anna WILMOT			m              Bernhard Heinrich August KLIPPERT

	1.  Klementine Evelyn KLIPPERT	b 02 Apr 1904					FH-LK


Moise DOUCET				m1              Anna THERRIEN			GD-0731
					m2              Georgianna BOIVIN		GD-0719

The children of the first marriage are:

	1.  Emma DOUCET			b         1878  				GD-0731
	2.  Edward DOUCET		b						GD-0719
	3.  Adlard DOUCET		b						GD-0719

The children of the second marriage are:

+	4.  Rosalie Louise DOUCET	b 25 May 1889					GD-0719
					m              Francis Xavier PARIS		GD-0344
	5.  Anna DOUCET			b     						GD-0732
	6.  Lizzie DOUCET		b						GD-0719

2- Rosalie Louise DOUCET 		m              Francis Xavier PARIS

	1.  Francis PARIS		b						GD-0344
	2.  Roger PARIS			b        1920  					GD-0344
	3.  Georgette PARIS		b						GD-0344
	4.  Gilberte PARIS		b						GD-0344


Sophie DOUCETTE				m 25 Apr 1843  Joseph (Jean) BOURQUE


	moved to ME-A3-ON-Jose-01


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Esther				GE-1171

	1.  William DOUCETTE			b        1836, France
					m abt    1856  Frances Marguerite LEEVER	IGI-ON-MXW

2- William DOUCETTE			m              Frances Marguerite LEEVER	

	1.  William DOUCETTE		b        1857					IGI-ON-MXW
					m              Sarah				IGI-ON-MXW
	2.  Frances Laura DOUCETTE	b 29 May 1859					IGI-ON-PLN
	3.  Mary Jane DOUCETTE		b        1860					IGI-ON-MXW
	4.  Lizzie DOUCETTE		b        1862					IGI-ON-MXW
+	5.  William DOUCETTE		b  3 Mar 1862					IGI-ON-MTG
					m 15 Jul 1885  Catherine WARD			IGI-ON-MXW
	6.  Kate DOUCETTE		b        1863					IGI-ON-PLN
	7.  Joseph DOUCETT		b        1863					GE-1171
					m              Martha M. IRWIN			GE-1171

3- William DOUSETT			m              Catherine WARD
							(William WARD and Marie STEWARD)

	1.  William Henry DOUSETT	b 20 Jun 1887					IGI-ON-RCV
					m 24 Jul 1912  Minerva May Wallace		IGI-ON-
	2.  Silas Alexander DOUSETT	b  6 Jan 1889					IGI-ON-RCV
	3.  Marie Margaret DOUSETT	b 10 Sep 1891					IGI-ON-MXW
	4.  George Washington DOUSETT	b 14 Oct 1895					IGI-ON-MXW
	5.  Mary Elizabeth DOUSETT	b        1898					IGI-ON-MXW
	6.  Catherine DOUSETT		b 22 Jun 1900					IGI-ON-MXW
	7.  Albert Howard DOUSETT	b  6 Aug 1902					IGI-ON-RCV
	8.  Donald Ward DOUSETT 	b 19 Jun 1907					IGI-ON-MXW


unknown DOUCET				m

	1.  Francois DOUCET		b            					GD-0674
	2.  Jean DOUCET			b						GD-0674
	3.  Sylvie DOUCET		b						GD-0674
	4.  Carole DOUCET		b						GD-0674
	5.  Johanne DOUCET		b						GD-0674


Alcide DOUCETTE				m              Lena GABOURY

	1.  Lucien Henry Joseph DOUCETTE
					b 21 Aug 1928					IGI-SK-LVT


Isidore Azilda DOUCET			b 05 Sep 1869					RD-0202a
					m 11 Jan 1892  Albina PLANTE			RD-0202a
	1.  Isidore DOUCET		b 21 Dec 1895					RD-0202a
	2.  Parmeliza DOUCET		b        1901					RD-0202a
					m 18 Jun 1918  Joseph PRINCE			RD-0202a
	3.  Alfred DOUCET		b btwn 1892 - 1908				RD-0202a


Norman DOUCETTE				b						GE-0238
					m              Shirley				GE-0238

Part of the G09-1TA-B07 family


Wilfred Henry DOUCETTE			m              Gladys Aleta CONGDON

	1.  Eileen Olive DOUCETTE	b 10 Feb 1920					IGI-SK-SSK


Armand DOUCETTE				m              Jeanne Irene VIOLETTE		GE-0608


Germain DOUCET				b about  1867					CU-91-CT-N02-001
					m              Elizabeth GODDARD or GAUDET	RD-0109

	1.  Joseph DOUCET		b about  1897					CU-90-CT-N02-001
	2.  William DOUCET		b about  1900					CU-91-CT-N02-001
	3.  Lumina/Lena DOUCET		b about  1901					CU-91-CT-N02-001
	4.  Edward DOUCET		b about  1903					CU-91-CT-N02-001
	5.  Laura DOUCET		b about  1906					CU-91-CT-N02-001
	6.  Eva DOUCET			b about  1907					CU-91-CT-N02-001


Howard Roger DOUCETTE			b						GE-0205


	combined with


Frank E. DOUCETTE			m              Margaret FROTON

	1.  Theodore Amos DOUCETTE	b						RE-0436b
					m              Lucy DUDLEY			RE-0436b
							(Mark Leroy DUDLEY and Bertha DILL)


Jane DOUCETTE				b						GE-0966


Joseph DOUCETTE				b        1903					GE-0258
					m              Edna				GE-0258

	1.  Gertrude Mary DOUCETTE	b						GE-0258


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Marie Louise			RE-0149

	1.  Bernadette Ursula DOUCETTE	b						RE-0149


Peter DOUCETTE				m              Mary BELANGER			GE-1176

	1.  Fredrick DOUCETTE		b 24 Aug 1881 					GE-1176


Pierre DOUCETTE				b about  1871					RE-0017
					m              Malvina MARCOUILLIER		RE-0017

+	1.  William DOUCETTE		b about  1895					CU-92-ME-A01-012
					m              Blanche				CU-92-ME-A01-012
	2.  Rose DOUCETTE		b about  1898					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	3.  Rodolph DOUCETTE		b about  1900					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	4.  Antoinette DOUCETTE		b about  1901					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	5.  Florence DOUCETTE		b about  1903					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	6.  Laura DOUCETTE		b about  1904					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	7.  Rose Alma DOUCETTE		b about  1906					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	8.  Ernest DOUCETTE		b about  1909					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	9.  Cecile DOUCETTE		b about  1912					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	10. Louis DOUCETTE		b about  1914					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	11. Pricilla DOUCETTE		b about  1916					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	12. Patricia DOUCETTE		b about  1917					CU-92-ME-A01-012

2- William DOUCETTE			m              Blanche

	1.  Valdora DOUCETTE		b about  1918					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	2.  Annette DOUCETTE		b about  1919					CU-92-ME-A01-012
	3.  Laurette DOUCETTE		b about  1922					CU-93-ME-A01-006
	4.  Raymond DOUCETTE		b about  1924					CU-93-ME-A01-006


unknown DOUCETTE			m						GE-0467

	1.  Paul DOUCETTE		b						GE-0467
	2.  Pherman (Firmin) DOUCETTE	b						GE-0467
	3.  Ernest DOUCETTE		b						GE-0467


	combined with


unknown DOUCETTE			m1						GE-0833
					m2						GE-0833

The children of one of the marriages are:

	1.  Henry Xavier DOUCETTE	b						GE-0833
					m              Mary C. THIBODEAU		GE-0833
	2.  Philip DOUCETTE		b						GE-0833
	3.  Nicholas DOUCETTE		b						GE-0833
	4.  William DOUCETTE		b						GE-0833
	5.  Marion DOUCETTE		b						GE-0833
					m              unknown COLBURN			GE-0833

The children of the other marriage are:

	6.  Emile DOUCETTE		b						GE-0833
	7.  Edgar DOUCETTE		b						GE-0833
	8.  Rose DOUCETTE		b						GE-0833
					m              unknown YOUNG			GE-0833


Unknown DOUCETTE			m						GE-0918

+	1.  Alfred DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918
					m              Elizabeth CHUICHIOLO		GE-0918
	2.  Ethel DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918
	3.  Cindy DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918
+	4.  Millie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918
					m              Al DURATTI			GE-0919
	5.  Barbara DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918
	6.  Larry DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918
	7.  David DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918
					m              Linda				GE-0919
	8.  Doug DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918
	9.  Jimmy DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918

2- Alfred DOUCETTE			m              Elizabeth CHUICHIOLO

	1.  Julie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0918

2- Millie DOUCETTE			m              Al DURATTI

	1.  Debbie DURATTI		b						GE-0919
	2.  Jimmy DURATTI		b						GE-0919
	3.  Michael DURATTI		b						GE-0919
	4.  Freddy DURATTI		b						GE-0919


Alexander DOUCETTE			b about  1850					GE-0578
					m        1862  Catherine			GE-0614

+	1.  Ada Victoria DOUCETTE	b    May 1874					GE-0613
					m        1894  William John MUSE		GE-0601
	2.  Jean Jeffery DOUCETTE	b 15 Jun 1879					GE-0614
					m  6 Feb 1911  Modeste MUSE			GE-0614
							(Guillaume MUSE)
	3.  Louis DOUCETTE		b						GE-0578
	4.  Joseph W. DOUCETTE		b						GE-0578
	5.  Annie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0578
					m 31 Jan 1900  Frank CLEMENTS			GD-0005
							(Simon CLEMENTS m Julia DOUCETTE)

2- Ada Victoria DOUCETTE		m              William John MUSE
							(Jean B. MUISE m Madeleine)

	1.  Rose Mildred MUSE		b 26 Aug 1909					GE-0503
					m              William Charles BRANT		GE-0503


Alfred "Frederick" DOUCETTE		b about  1882					GE-1086/CU-92-MA-B03-002
					m              Aldea ARCHAMBAULT		GE-1086

	1.  Clarence DOUCETTE		b about  1910					CU-92-MA-B03-002
	2.  Alice DOUCETTE		b about  1913					CU-92-MA-B03-002
+	3.  Dorothy DOUCETTE		b about  1916					CU-92-MA-B03-002
					m              Linus O'BRIEN			GE-1150
+	4.  Raymond Francis DOUCETTE	b about  1919					GE-1086/CU-92-MA-B03-002
					m1             unknown				GE-1086
					m2             Lesbia Y MORALES			GE-1163
	5.  Creon DOUCETTE		b about  1920					CU-93-MA-B03-032
+	6.  Yvonne DOUCETTE		b about  1922					CU-93-MA-B03-032
					m              unknown ALLEN			GE-1163         
+	7.  Frederick J DOUCETTE	b about  1926					CU-93-MA-B03-032
					m              unknown				GE-1163
	9.  Irene DOUCETTE		b						GE-1163
					m              unknown DRURY			GE-1163
	19. Alfreda DOUCETTE		b						GE-1163

Note:  According to GE-1163 there are two additional children: Irene and Alfreda, who are not listed
in the census.  Creon, born about 1820, is a daughter and could be one of the additional daughters.

2-  Raymond Francis DOUCETTE		m2             Lesbia Y MORALES

	1.  Raymond H. DOUCETTE		b						GE-1153

2-  Dorothy DOUCETTE			m              Linus O'BRIEN

	1.  Janet O'BRIEN		b						GE-1150
	2.  James O'BRIEN		b						GE-1150
+	3.  Daniel O'BRIEN		b						GE-1150
					m              unknown				GE-1150

2-  Yvonne DOUCETTE			m              unknown ALLEN

	1.  James ALLEN			b						GE-1163

2-  Frederick J DOUCETTE		m              unknown

	1.  Sandra DOUCETTE		b						GE-1163
					m              unknown LEE			GE-1163

3-  Daniel O'BRIEN			m              unknown

	1.  Cheryl O'BRIEN		b						GE-1150

Arthur Richard DOUCETTE			b         					GE-0964

Note:  See ME-B1-MA-Simo-01.


	combined with ME-B1-MA-Simo-01


Basil DOUCETTE				m 26 Feb 1933  Annie GERRIOR			RE-0028
							(John GERRIOR and Annie FOUGERE)

	1.  Basil DOUCETTE		b						RE-0028


Bruno DOUCET				b about  1876					CU-92-MA-E01-148
					m              Annabelle O�BRIEN		GE-0101

	1.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						GE-0101
	2.  Loretta DOUCETTE		b about  1908					GE-0101/CU-92-MA-E01-148
	3.  Carmelita DOUCETTE		b about  1909					GE-0101/CU-92-MA-E01-148
	4.  Irene DOUCETTE		b about  1911					GE-0101/CU-92-MA-E01-148
	5.  Esther DOUCETTE		b about  1914					GE-0101/CU-92-MA-E01-148
	6.  Leo DOUCETTE		b about  1915					GE-0101/CU-92-MA-E01-148
	7.  Maybell DOUCETTE		b about  1917					GE-0101/CU-92-MA-E01-148
	8.  Harold DOUCETTE		b about  1919					GE-0101/CU-92-MA-E01-148
	9.  Francis DOUCETTE		b about  1921					GE-0101/CU-93-MA-E01-151
	10. Robert DOUCETTE		b about  1925					CU-93-MA-E01-151
	11. Roger DOUCETTE		b about  1927					CU-93-MA-E01-151

Note:  Bruno was shown as Bernard in the 1920 US Census.


Clovis DOUCETTE				m              unknown				GE-1012

	1.  Mary DOUCETTE		b        1890					GE-1012
					d 13 Mar 1904					GE-1012


Daniel DOUCETTE				m              Annie S. MEINSE

	1.  Lilliam May DOUCETTE	b 19 Mar 1911					IGI-MA-WFD


David DOUSETT				m              Sarah ESTHER

	1.  David Manley DOUSETT	b  7 Jun 1848					IGI-MA-RPT


Dommique DOUCETTE			m              Ann J.

	1.  Simeon F. DOUCETTE		b 17 Mar 1871					IGI-MA-WLM


Douglas Phillip DOUCETTE		b about  1904					GE-1068
					m              Gertrude Dorothy MEUSE		GE-1068

	1.  Gertrude DOUCETTE		b about  1926					GE-1068/CU-93-MA-M01-165
	2.  Douglas Phillip DOUCETTE Jr	b about  1929					GE-1068/CU-93-MA-M01-165
	3.  Donald DOUCETTE		b						GE-1068
	4.  Nancy DOUCETTE		b						GE-1068
	5.  Robert John DOUCETTE	b 23 Mar 1937					GE-1068
+	6.  Mary Ann DOUCETTE		b						GE-1068
					m              George Patrick WARD		RE-0202a
	7.  Lorraine Agnes DOUCETTE	b						GE-1068
	8.  George Norman DOUCETTE	b						GE-1068

2- Mary Ann DOUCETTE			m               George Patrick WARD

	1.  Sharon R. WARD		b						RE-0202a

Note:  Sharon was given up for adoption and her surname was changed to RIFFE.

Note:  See CU-91-MA-M01-055 and CU-92-MA-M01-117 for Douglas's parents and siblings.


	combined with ME-A!-NS-Andr-04


	combined with ME-B1-MA-Raym-02


Edward DOUCETTE				m						GE-0152

+	1.  Raymond Leonard DOUCETTE	b						GE-0152

2- Raymond Leonard DOUCETTE		m

	1.  John Leonard DOUCETTE	b						GE-0152


Eliza DOUCETT				b 15 Jun 1817					IGI-MA
					m              Joseph GRIFFIN


Emma DOUCETTE				m             Alcid DERY			RE-0186

	1.  Loretta DERY		b           					RE-0186
					m              unknown BERUBE			RE-0186

2- Loretta DERY				m              unknown BERUBE

	1.  Dale BERUBE			b						RE-0186


Ernie DOUCETTE				b						GE-0704


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Jerr-01


George DOUCETTE				m              Barbera				GE-0147

+	1.  Karen DOUCETTE		b						GE-0147
					r              Walter DUVAL			GE-0147

2- Karen DOUCETTE			r              Walter DUVAL

	1.  Paul DOUCETTE		b						GE-0147


George Gilbert DOUCETTE			b 01 Aug 1902					RD-0352a
					m              Florence Henrietta MARTIN	RD-0352a

	1.  George G. DOUCETTE		b about  1925					CU-93-MA-M01-083
	2.  Robert E. DOUCETTE		b about  1926					CU-93-MA-M01-083
	3.  Marion L. DOUCETTE		b about  1927					CU-93-MA-M01-083
	4.  Edwin DOUCETTE		b about  1929					CU-93-MA-M01-083
Note:  See also CU-92-MA-M01-059.		


Israel Joseph DOUCETTE			b 29 Apr 1875					GE-0571
					m  6 Jul 1896  Georgiana BEDARD			GE-0571


James Arthur DOUCETTE			b about  1878					GE-1094
					m about  1903  Alvina CAVANAUGH			GE-1094

	1.  Lillian M. DOUCETTE		b about  1904					CU-91-MA-E01-083
	2.  Frieda DOUCETTE		b about  1905					CU-91-MA-E01-083
	3.  Lawrence L. DOUCETTE	b about  1907					CU-91-MA-E01-083
	4.  Ida M. DOUCETTE		b about  1910					CU-91-MA-E01-083
	5.  Mildred C. DOUCETTE		b about  1913					CU-92-MA-E01-090
	6.  Melvin DOUCETTE		b about  1915					CU-92-MA-E01-090
	7.  Myrtle DOUCETTE		b about  1917					CU-92-MA-E01-090
	8.  Russell A. DOUCETTE		b about  1921					CU-93-MA-E01-107
	9.  Ellen R. DOUCETTE		b about  1925					CU-93-MA-E01-107


James Arthur DOUCETTE			m              Catherine SMITH			GE-1019

+	1.  James Arthur DOUCETTE	b about  1938					GE-1019
					m              Susan BAKER			GE-1019

2- James Arthur DOUCETTE		m              Susan BAKER

	1.  James Alan DOUCETTE  	b						GE-1019
	2.  Terry G. DOUCETTE		b						GE-1019
	3.  Keith E. DOUCETTE		b						GE-1019
+	4.  Shari A. DOUCETTE		b						GE-1019
					m              unknown LYNCH			GE-1019

3- Shari A. DOUCETTE			m              unknown LYNCH

	1.  Dawn LYNCH			b						GE-1019


	moved to ME-B1-MA-Zunk-03


Jeanette Marie Doris DOUCETT		b 23 Feb 1934					GD-0083
					m              Charles WOOD			GD-0083


Jeremiah DOUCETTE			b    Mar 1846					GE-0937
					m 26 Nov 1867  Ann Domitille MUISE		GE-0937

	1.  William H. DOUCETTE		b 30 Aug 1870					IGI-MA-WLM
	2.  Joseph E. DOUCETTE		b 16 Mar 1872					IGI-MA-WLM


Jerone F. DOUCETTE			b about  1893					RE-0258
					m              Mary J.				RE-0258

+	1.  Joseph R. DOUCETTE		b about  1929					RE-0258
					m              Eleanore F.			RE-0258

2-  Joseph R. DOUCETTE			m              Elenore F.

+	1.  Richard Edward DOUCETTE	b						RE-0258
					m              Mary Rose FAUVEL			RE-0258

3-  Richard Edward DOUCETTE		m              Mary Rose FAUVEL

	1.  Naomi DOUCETTE		b						RE-0258


Jewells DOUCET				m              Hermin ROSS			GD-0133

	1.  Edmond DOUCET		b						GD-0133


	combined with


John M. DOUCETTE			m              Francoise H.

	1.  Mary C. DOUCETTE		b  6 Aug 1870					IGI-MA-WLM


John DOUCETTE				m						GE-0755

	1.  Gerald M. DOUCETTE		b						GE-0755


John DOUCETTE				b						GE-0705


John �Butch� DOUCETTE			b        1911					GE-0697
					m              Regina RYAN			GE-0697

	1.  John Clarence �Jack� DOUCETTE
					b            					GE-0697


	combined with


John Joseph DOUCETTE			b        1900					GE-0355
					m              Edith				GE-0355

	1.  Edith DOUCETTE		b						GE-0355
+	2.  Joseph H. DOUCETTE		b						GE-0355

2- Joseph H. DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Jay Michael DOUCETTE	b						GE-0355


John L. DOUCETTE			b        1892					GE-0120
					m              Anne Louise DULONG		GD-0501

+	1.  Walter Vincent DOUCETTE	b about  1910					GE-0523

2- Walter Vincent DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Nancy DOUCETTE		b						GD-0501
					m              unknown SHIVERS			GD-0501
	2.  Jessica DOUCETTE		b						GE-0523
	3.  Marjory DOUCETTE		b						GE-0523


John N. DOUCETTE			b about  1815					CU-90-MA-M01-063

	1.  Timothy DOUCETTE		b about  1845					CU-90-MA-M01-063
					m              Mathilda MUSE			GE-0940

2- Timothy DOUCETTE			m              Mathilda MUSE

+	1.  James Alfred DOUCETTE	b about  1868					GE-0940/CU-90-MA-M01-062
					m 25 Apr 1888  Grace SMITH			RE-0215a
	2.  Rosalie C. DOUCETTE		b 17 Aug 1871					IGI-MA-WLM
	3.  Elizabeth S. DOUCETTE	b about  1876					CU-90-MA-M01-063
	4.  Sadie DOUCETTE		b about  1883					CU-90-MA-M01-063
	5.  Fred A. DOUCETTE		b about  1884					CU-90-MA-M01-063
	6.  Francis DOUCETTE		b about  1887					GE-0940/CU-90-MA-M01-063
	7.  Louis DOUCETTE		b about  1889					CU-90-MA-M01-063
	2.  Jenny DOUCETTE		b						GE-0940
	8.  Sophia DOUCETTE		b						GE-0940
	9.  George DOUCETTE		b						GE-0940
	10. Joseph DOUCETTE		b						GE-0940

3- James Alfred DOUCETTE		m              Grace SMITH

	1.  James Alfred DOUCETTE Jr	b about  1889					RE-0215a/CU-90-MA-M01-063
	2.  Joseph L. DOUCETTE		b about  1891					RE-0215a/CU-90-MA-M01-063
	3.  Mary L. DOUCETTE		b about  1892					RE-0215a/CU-90-MA-M01-063
	4.  George DOUCETTE		h						RE-0215a
	5.  Grace E. DOUCETTE		b about  1896					RE-0215a/CU-90-MA-M01-063
	6.  Agnes D. DOUCETTE		b about  1898					RE-0215a/CU-90-MA-M01-063
	7.  Alice M. DOUCETTE		b about  1899					RE-0215a/CU-90-MA-M01-063
	8.  Ernest DOUCETTE		b						RE-0215a
	9.  Helen DOUCETTE		b						RE-0215a
	10. Francis DOUCETTE		b						RE-0215a
	11. Denis DOUCETTE		b						RE-0215a
	12. Leon DOUCETTE		b						RE-0215a
	13. Dominic DOUCETTE		b						RE-0215a

Note:  According to CU-90-MA-M01-062, James Alfred's wife's name is Elizabeth.


John M. DOUCETTE			b about  1814					RE-0439
					m              unknown

	1.  Silvine DOUCETTE		b						RE-0439
	2.  John DOUCETTE		b						RE-0439


	1.  William MUSE		b						RE-0439
	2.  Fred DOUCETTE		b						RE-0439

Great Grandsons:

	1.  Raymond DOUCETTE		b						RE-0439
	2.  James DOUCETTE		b						RE-0439


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Gertrude

	1.  Francois Davies DOUCETTE	b 11 Jul 1871					IGI-MA-WLM


Joseph E. DOUCETTE			b        1908					GE-0731


Joseph Henry DOUCETTE			b about  1887					GE-0597


Joseph DOUCETTE				m1             unknown				GD-0111
					m2             Philomena LANDRY			GD-0111

The children of the second marriage are:

	1.  Mabel DOUCETTE		b						GD-0111
	2.  Marion DOUCETTE		b						GD-0111
	3.  Joseph Martin DOUCETTE	b						GD-0111
	4.  Joseph David DOUCETTE	b						GD-0111
	5.  Joseph Albert DOUCETTE	b						GD-0111
	6.  Joseph Alphonse DOUCETTE	b						GD-0111
+	7.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b         1916					GD-0111

2- Joseph DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Ernie DOUCETTE		b						GD-0111


Joseph Arthur DOUCET			b 07 Oct 1905					GD-1196

Note:  believed to be the son of Arcene Doucet and Marie Bourgeios,


Joseph Alfred DOUCETTE			b						RE-0003

NOTE:  see CU-92-MA-E01-149


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Margo				RE-0004

Note:  see CU-92-MA-E01-149


Katherine DOUCETTE			m              Charles Alfred NADEAU		RE-0191a

	1.  John NADEAU			b						RE-0191a
	2.  Alan NADEAU			b						RE-0191a
	3.  James NADEAU		b						RE-0191a
	4.  Donna NADEAU		b						RE-0191a


Louis Ernest Gerard DOUCETTE		b 31 May 1912					GE-0462


Madge DOUCETTE				b						GE-0350

+	1.  Walter R. DOUCETTE		b        1890/91				GE-0350

2- Walter R. DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Julia DOUCETTE		b						GE-0350

Walter may have been adopted by John A. DOUCETTE and Mary RILEY or O�REILLY.


Marguerite DOUCETTE			b about  1903					RE-0237
					m 05 Apr 1820  Frederick RAND			RE-0237

	1.  Robert RAND			b        1922					RE-0237
					d        1931
	2.  Alfred RAND			b        1927					RE-0237


Paul DOUCETTE				b about  1925					GE-0971

	1.  Peter DOUCETTE		b 						GE-1067
	2.  Mary DOUCETTE		b						GE-1067
	3.  Paul DOUCETTE Jr	b							GE-1067


Peter DOUCETTE				m              Adelaide "Delia" TAYLOR		RE-0024
							(Frederick TAYLOR and Phoebe GREENLIEF)

+	1.  Peter Joseph DOUCETTE	b  8 Apr 1885  					GE-0116
					m 06 Sep 1909  Rosanna BERNIER			GE-0116/RE-0247k/l
	2.  Agnes DOUCETTE		b						RE-0024b
					m              unknown THOMPSON			RE-0024b

2- Peter Joseph DOUCETTE		m              Rosanna BERNIER
							(Adolphe Andre BERNIER and Albina LUSSIER)

	1.  Peter A. DOUCETTE Jr	b about  1911					CU-93-CT-W01-002
	2.  Leo F. DOUCETTE		b about  1913					CU-93-CT-W01-002
	3.  Rose M. DOUCETTE		b about  1915					CU-93-CT-W01-002
	4.  Alfred J. DOUCETTE		b about  1916					CU-93-CT-W01-002
	5.  Raymond DOUCETTE		b about  1918					CU-93-CT-W01-002
	6.  Lawrence DOUCETTE		b about  1919					CU-93-CT-W01-002
+	7.  Doris A. DOUCETTE		b about  1921					CU-93-CT-W01-002
					m              Ambrose GOYOTTE			RE-0247a
+	8.  Rita D. DOUCETTE		b about  1924					CU-93-CT-W01-002
					m              James MITCHELL			RE-0247
+	9.  Robert A. DOUCETTE		b about  1926					CU-93-CT-W01-002
	10. Armond R. DOUCETTE		b about  1928					CU-93-CT-W01-002
+	11. Ernest Joseph DOUCETTE	b 						RE-0024a
	12. Therese DOUCETTE		b						RE-0027
	13. Jean "Jane" DOUCETTE	b						RE-0443b
					m              unknown CARON			RE-0443b

3- Doris A. DOUCETTE			m              Ambrose GOYOTTE

	1.  Kathi GOYOTTE		b						RE-0247i
	2.  Paula GOYOTTE		b						RE-0247g
	3.  John GOYOTTE		b						RE-0247g
	4.  Mary GOYOTTE		b						RE-0247a
	5.  Barbara GOYOTTE		b						RE-0247i

3- Rita D. DOUCETTE			m              James MITCHELL

	1.  Barbara Anne MITCHELL	b						RE-0247c
	2.  James MITCHELL		b						RE-0247b
	3.  John MITCHELL		b						RE-0247b
	4.  Dorthy Sue MITCHELL		b						RE-0247b
	5.  Jerry MITCHELL		b						RE-0247b

3- Robert A. DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Edward DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	2.  Carol DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	3.  Doreen DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	4.  Linda DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
3- Ernest Joseph DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Rhonda DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	2.  Ruth DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	3.  William DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	4.  Joseph Ernest DOUCETTE	b						RE-0024a
					m              Cheryl				RE-0024a
	5.  Mark DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	6.  Dennis DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	7.  Sue DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	8.  Sandy DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g
	9.  Patty DOUCETTE		b						RE-0247g

Note:  Rose Anna BERNIER is also shown as Rose BLAIR in some instances.


Peter DOUCETTE				b about  1871					CU-91-MA-E01-114
					m              Annie J. ROBBIN			RE-0020

+	1.  William H. DOUCETTE		b about  1889					CU-91-MA-E01-114
+	2.  Thomas Henry DOUCETTE	b 11 Dec 1895					RE-0011a
					m              Margarite			RE-0020
+	3.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b about  1897					CU-91-MA-E01-114
					m              Sophie				RE-0010
	4.  James P. DOUCETTE		b about  1899					CU-91-MA-E01-114
	5.  Louis L. DOUCETTE		b about  1901					CU-91-MA-E01-114
	6.  Isabelle DOUCETTE		b about  1903					CU-91-MA-E01-114
	7.  Alice DOUCETTE		b about  1905					CU-91-MA-E01-114
	8.  Gertrude H. DOUCETTE	b about  1907					CU-91-MA-E01-114
	9.  Anna DOUCETTE		b about  1908					CU-91-MA-E01-114
	10. Henry J. DOUCETTE		b about  1912					CU-92-MA-E01-138

2- William DOUCETTE			m

	1.  John DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	2.  Lawrence DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	3.  Rose DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	4.  Elizabeth DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	5.  William DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	6.  Angeline DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	7.  Henry DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	8.  Erving DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	9.  Sadie DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	10. Herman DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	11. Eva DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	12. Conrad DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	13. George DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010

2- Thomas Henry DOUCETTE		m              Margarite

+	1.  Thomas P. DOUCETTE		b 03 Oct 1929					RE-0011a
	2.  Louis DOUCETTE		b						RE-0007
	3.  Peter M. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0011a

2- Joseph DOUCETTE			m              Sophie

	1.  Adolph DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	2.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	3.  Victor DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	4.  William DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010
	5.  Peter DOUCETTE		b						RE-0010

3- Thomas DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Peter J. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0011a


Peter DOUCET				m              Emily FROTOU			RD-0002

	1.  Della DOUCET		b						RD-0002

Note:  See CU-92-MA-M01-104


Peter J. DOUCETTE			b about  1865					CU-92-MA-M01-169
					m              Louise MUISE			GE-0724

	1.  Sarah DOUCETTE		b about  1893					CU-92-MA-M01-169
					m              unknown CARTY			CU-92-MA-M01-169
	2.  Albert P. DOUCETTE		b about  1897					GE-0274/CU-92-MA-M01-169
	3.  Joseph Eli DOUCETTE		b about  1898					GE-0274/CU-92-MA-M01-169
	4.  Melbourne DOUCETTE		b about  1900					GE-0724/CU-92-MA-M01-169
					m              Seab A.				CU-93-MA-M01-219
	5.  Josephine DOUCETTE		b about  1908					GE-0274/CU-92-MA-M01-169
	6.  Irene DOUCETTE		b about  1910					GE-0274/CU-92-MA-M01-169
	7.  Anthony DOUCETTE		b						GE-0274
	8.  Jeffrey DOUCETTE		b						GE-0274
	9.  Nellie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0274


Philippe DOUCET				m              Eugenie SEMARE			GE-0431

	1.  Francois Joseph DOUCETTE	b						GE-0431
					m              Mabel CHARETTE			GE-0431


	combined with


Raymond George DOUCETT 			b 22 Jan 1891					GE-0680

+	1.  Raymond George DOUCETT  	b 14 Feb 1919					GE-0680
					m1             Ruth BIGLER			GE-0680
					m2             Percy				GE-0680

2- Raymond George DOUCETT  		m              Ruth BIGLER

+	1.  Raymond George DOUCETT	b            					GE-0680

3- Raymond George DOUCETT		m 

	1.  Tracey DOUCETT		b						GE-0680
					m              unknown NARITO			GE-0680


Raymmond L. DOUCETTE			b about  1904					RE-0046/CU-93-MA-M01-228
					m              Alice L.				RE-0046

	1.  James DOUCETTE		b about  1924					CU-93-MA-M01-228
					m              Edith HURLBERT			RE-0046
	2.  Dorothy DOUCETTE		b about  1925					CU-93-MA-M01-228
					m              Harry JOSEPHSON			RE-0046
	3.  Edward Louis DOUCETTE	b about  1928					RE-0091/CU-93-MA-M01-228
					m              Joanne GERRIOR			RE-0046
	4.  Robert DOUCETTE		b						RE-0046
					m              Charlotte ANDERSON		RE-0046
	5.  Raymond DOUCETTE		b						RE-0046
					m              Susanne LANGIVEN			RE-0048
	6.  Elizabeth DOUCETTE		b						RE-0046
					m              Charles SHEPPARD			RE-0046


Romeo DOUCET				m              Florida

	1.  Roger Gerard DOUCET		b             					IGI-MA-FCH


Rose Ann DOUCET				m              Marin BOUCHER			GE-0154


Rose DOUCET				b    Feb 1869					RD-0201
					m              Raphael PELLITIER		RD-0201


Sally DOUCETT				b  1 Jan 1815					IGI-MA
					m              Joshua TARR


Simon DOUCETTE				m              Marie MORRIS			GE-0230

+	1.  Arthur Peter DOUCETTE	b about  1883					GE-0230/CU-91-MA-S01-007
					m              Annie Emilie MUISE		RE-0153
							(Sylvain MUISE and Mary PETTITPAS)

2- Arthur DOUCETTE			m              Annie Emilie MUISE		

	1.  Clara M. DOUCETTE		b about  1896					CU-91-MA-S01-007
	2.  Flora A. DOUCETTE		b about  1905					CU-91-MA-S01-007
+	3.  Arthur Richard DOUCETTE	b 11 Sep 1908					GE-0230
					m              Mary PALLADINO			GE-0230
	4.  Margaret E. DOUCETTE	b about  1910					CU-91-MA-S01-007
	5.  Robert DOUCETTE		b about  1913					CU-92-MA-S01-013
	6.  Mildred DOUCETTE		b about  1915					CU-91-MA-S01-007
	7.  Clara M. DOUCETTE		b about  1918					CU-92-MA-S01-013
	8.  Ernest J. DOUCETTE		b about  1922					CU-93-MA-S01-024

Note: Per RE-0153 there are two daughters referred to, Dolly and Mae, that are not found in the censuses.
The only daughters not listed in RE-0153 are the two Clara M.  More than likely one was known as Dolly and
the other as Mae.  Also, in the census Arthur Richard is referred to as Richard A. or Richard.

3- Arthur Richard DOUCETTE		m              Mary PALLADINO

	1.  Arthur Richard DOUCETTE Jr	b              died as a child			GE-0230
	2.  Robert G. DOUCETTE		b						GE-0230
	3.  girl DOUCETTE		b              died as a child			GE-0230


Theophilus DOUCETTE			b about  1862					CU-91-MA-E01-012
					m              Elizabeth			CU-91-MA-E01-012/CU-92-MA-E01-018

+	1.  Ralph Theodorous DOUCETTE	b about  1892					RE-0193/CU-92-MA-E01-018
					m              Bertha S.			CU-93-MA-E01-019
	2.  Mabel M. DOUCETTE		b about  1897					CU-91-MA-E01-012
	3.  Alice DOUCETTE		b about  1902					CU-92-MA-E01-018
					m              unknown MEADER			CU-92-MA-E01-018
	4.  Mary E. DOUCETTE		b about  1904					CU-91-MA-E01-012	

Ralph Theodorous DOUCETTE		m              Bertha S.

	1.  Ralph T. DOUCETTE		b about  1927					CU-93-MA-E01-019
+	2.  Franklin Henry DOUCETTE	b						RE-0193

2- Franklin Henry DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Nancy DOUCETTE		b						RE-0193
					m              unknown LYONS			RE-0193              


	moved to ME-B1-MA-John-09


Wilfred DOUCET				m              Marie CALLAHAN

	1.  Rose DOUCET			b  9 Feb 1890					IGI-MA-FRB
	2.  Wilfred DOUCET		b 17 Feb 1893					IGI-MA-FRB
	3.  Albertine DOUCET		b 26 Oct 1896					IGI-MA-FRB
	4.  Reynold DOUCET		b  5 Jun 1899					IGI-MA-FRB


William Benjamin DOUCETTE		b						GE-0322


William DOUCETTE			m              Florida TREADEAU			GE-0319
							(Ferdinand TRUDEAU and Angelle LeMIEUX)

	1.  Ernest J. DOUCETTE		b						GE-1052
+	2.  Arthur Omer DOUCETTE	b						GE-0319
	3.  J. Frances DOUCETTE		b						GE-1052
	4.  Edna F. DOUCETTE		b						GE-1052

2- Arthur Omer DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Carolyn Diane DOUCETTE	b						GE-0319


Zephrin DOUCETTE			m              Elizabeth 			GE-0144


unknown DOUCETTE			m

+	1.  Emeline DOUCETTE		b						GE-0683
					m              Hector MARTELL			GE-0683
	2.  Angeline DOUCETTE		b						GE-0683
	3.  Ulric DOUCETTE		b						GE-0683
+	4.  Charlie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0683
					m              Mamie				GE-0683

2- Emeline DOUCETTE			m              Hector MARTELL

	1.  Albert MARTELL		b						GE-0683
	2.  Eugene MARTELL		b						GE-0683
	3.  Juliette MARTELL		b						GE-0683

2- Charlie DOUCETTE			m              Mamie

	1.  Charlie DOUCETTE		b						GE-0683


unknown DOUCETTE			m1             Olica				GE-0249
					m2						GE-0249

The children of one marriage are:

+	1.  Leonard Joseph DOUCETTE	b              (twin)				GE-0249
	2.  Grace DOUCETTE		b              (twin)				GE-0249
	3.  Alice DOUCETTE		b						GE-0249
	4.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						GE-0249

The child of the other marriage is:

	5.  John DOUCETTE		b              (listed as step brother)		GE-0249

2- Leonard Joseph DOUCETTE		m

	1.  David DOUCETTE		b						GE-0249


unknown DOUCET				m

	1.  Jean Denis DOUCET		b						GD-0503
	2.  Delcie DOUCET		b						GD-0503
					m              Leonard Hubbard			GD-0503


unknown DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Arthur O. DOUCETTE		b						GE-1064
					m              Eva				GE-1064
	2.  Marie DOUCETTE		b						GE-1064
	3.  Harvey DOUCETTE		b						GE-1064

Note:  see CU-91-MA-B03-003.08


unknown DOUCETTE			m

+	1.  Joseph A. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
					m              Margaret F. PETRICK		RE-0229
	2.  Susan DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
					m              unknown DeSANTIS			RE-0229
	3.  Mary DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
					m              unknown GORMLEY			RE-0229
	4.  Cecelia DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
	5.  Helen DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
					m              unknown MILLER			RE-0229
	6.  Laura DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
	7.  Clement DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
	8.  Robert DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
	9.  Edward DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
	10. Paul DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
	11. Vincent DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229

2- Joseph A. "Bill" DOUCETTE		m              Margaret F. "Pat" PETRICK

	1.  Colette DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229
	2.  Gregory DOUCETTE		b						RE-0229

Note:  There is mention of a granddaughter, Alexandra DOUCETTE, but doesn't state who the parent is.


unknown DOUCETTE			m

+	1,  Walter R. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
					m              Eugenia M. JELSKA		RE-0228
	2.  Marguerite DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
					m              unknown SWENSON			RE-0228
	3.  Julia DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
					m              unknown BOWES			RE-0228
	4.  Virginia DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
					m              unknown ROSS			RE-0228
	5.  Mary DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
					m              unknown KELLY			RE-0228
	6.  John DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
	7.  Pauline DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228

2- Walter R. DOUCETTE			m              Eugenia M. JELSKA

+	1.  Paul F. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
+	2.  Barbara J. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
					m              Mark W. DOMURAT			RE-0228
+	3.  Janet C. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
					m              unknown CAPOZZI			RE-0228
	4.  Phyllis L. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
	5.  Laura V. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228
					m              Paul M. MALONEY			RE-0228

3-  Paul F. DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Matthew P. DOUCETTE		b						RE-0228

3-  Barbara J. DOUCETTE			m               Mark W. DOMURAT

	1.  Joseph M. DOMURAT		b						RE-0228
	2.  Brian W. DOMURAT		b						RE-0228

3-  Janet C. DOUCETTE			m               unknown CAPOZZI

	1.  Elizabeth A. CAPOZZI	b						RE-0228

Note:  There is mention of a granddaughter, Stephanie DOUCETTE, but doesn't state who her parents are.


unknown DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Clarence DOUCETTE		b about  1920					RE-0131a
	2.  Eva DOUCETTE		b						RE-0057
+	3.  Helen DOUCETTE		b						RE-0057
					m              unknown COSSETTE or CASSETTE	RE-0057

2- Helen DOUCETTE			m              unknown COSSETTE or CASSETTE

	1.  Jacques Pierre COSSETTE or CASSETTE
					b						RE-0057


unknown DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Clarence DOUCETTE		b   						RE-0132a
	2.  Dorethy DOUCETTE		b						RE-0132a


Edward DOUCETTE				b        1901					GE-0189
					m              Emma ROY				GD-0242

+	1.  Everette DOUCETTE		b						GE-0189
					m              Barbara				GE-0189
+	2.  Lorraine DOUCETTE		b						GE-0189
					m              Donald MOONEY			GE-0189

2- Everette DOUCETTE			m              Barbara

	1.  Everette DOUCETTE Jr	b						GE-0189
	2.  Guy Mitchell DOUCETTE	b						GE-0189
	3.  Elaine Michelle DOUCETTE	b						GE-0189
	4.  Sandra DOUCETTE		b						GE-0189

2- Lorraine DOUCETTE			m              Donald MOONEY

	1.  Keith MOONEY		b						GE-0189
	2.  Norman MOONEY		b						GE-0189


Eileen DOUCET				b						GD-1270


Eleonore DOUCET				m              Thedore COURCHESNE		GD-0581

	1.  Auguste Francois COURCHESNE
					b about  1872					GD-0581


Frank DOUCETTE				m              Mary CASTINE			GE-0086

+	1.  James Alfred DOUCETTE	b 16 Dec 1916					GE-0086
	2.  Frank DOUCETTE		b						GE-0086
	3.  Edward DOUCETTE		b						GE-0086
	4.  Walter DOUCETTE		b						GE-0086
	5.  Robert DOUCETTE		b						GE-0086
	6.  Christine DOUCETTE		b						GE-0086

2- James Alfred DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Alfred DOUCETTE		b						GE-0086


Henry DOUCETT				b    May 1842					GE-1100
					m              Mary A. DeMARSH

	1.  Henry L. DOUCETT		b 11 Dec 1867					IGI-NH-WNC
					m              Mary E.				CU-91-NH-C02-007
+	2.  Joseph DOUCETT		b 30 Aug 1870					IGI-NH-WNC
					m              Lydia				CU-90-NH-C02-008
	3.  Mary A. DOUCETT		b 25 Feb 1872					IGI-NH-WND
	4.  Modeste DOUCETT		b  2 Nov 1874					IGI-NH-WNC

2-  Joseph DOUCETT			m              Lydia

	1.  Tressie DOUCETT		b about  1894					CU-90-NH-C02-008


Joseph Stanislas DOUCET 		b  1 Sep 1867					GD-0241
					m  9 Apr 1888  Henriette Albertine CHAGNON	GD-0241

	1.  Marie Elodie Alice DOUCET	c 10 Mar 1890					GF-0241

NOTE: Joseph had a sister named Leonore, who possible had a daughter Elodie.


Peter DOUCETTE				m						GD-0024

	1.  Elodie DOUCETTE		m 18 Aug 1883  Samuel Robert DOUCETTE		GD-0024


Ward A. DOUCETTE			b						RE-0233
					m             Helen S.				RE-0233

	1.  Cheryl DOUCETTE		b						RE-0233
	2.  Kathleen R. DOUCETTE	b						RE-0233


Wilfred DOUCETTE			m              Exilda BEAUDOIN			RE-0066


unknown DOUCET(TE)			m

	1.  Diana DOUCET		b						GD-0243
					m              unknown NOURY			GD-0243
	2.  Amanda DOUCET		b						GD-0243
	3.  Elodia DOUCET		b						GD-0243
	4.  Victorine DOUCET		b						GD-0243
	5.  Marie DOUCET		b						GD-0243
	6.  Hedwidge DOUCET		b						GD-0243
	7.  Dina DOUCET			b						GD-0243
	8.  Adelcie DOUCET		b						GD-0243
	9.  Edouard DOUCET		b						GD-0243


unknown DOUCETTE			m              Elizabette TROVENCHE		GE-1010

+	1.  Marie DOUCETTE		b        1896  					GE-1010
					m              unknown DEGRANDMASION		GE-1010
	2.  Yvonne DOUCETTE		b						GE-1010
	3.  Adrienne DOUCETTE		b 20 Jun 1901					GE-1010
					m              unknown DUPERRON			GE-1010
	4.  Alphonse DOUCETTE		b 16 Jun 1904					GE-1010
+	5.  Germaine A. DOUCETTE	b        1907					GE-1010
					m              Florian GAGNE			GE-1010
	6.  Bernice DOUCETTE		b 18 Jun 1908					GE-1010
					m              unknown VERVILLE			GE-1010
	7.  Gertrude DOUCETTE		b  2 Nov 1910					GE-1010
					m              unknown GOBIEL			GE-1010

2- Marie DOUCETTE			m              unknown DEGRANDMAISON

	1.  Laurette DEGRANDMAISON	b						GE-1010
					m              unknown RIVEZZO			GE-1010

2- Germaine A. DOUCETTE			m              Florian GAGNE

	1.  Pauline Anita GAGNE		b 10 Aug 1929					GE-1010


Edouard Vital DOUCET			b about  1878					GE-0945/CU-92-RI-P01-011
					m        1906  Mary Jane RUSH			GE-0945

	1.  Monica DOUCETTE		b about  1908					GE-0945/CU-92-RI-P01-011
	2.  Winnifred DOUCETTE		b about  1912					GE-0945/CU-92-RI-P01-011
					m              unknown PRIOR			GE-0945
	3.  Edward Godric DOUCETTE	b about  1914					GE-0945/CU-92-RI-P01-011
					m              Shirley				GE-0949
	4.  Joseph A. DOUCETTE		b about  1916					GE-1025/CU-92-RI-P01-011
					m              Louise FISCHER			GE-1025
	5.  James DOUCETTE		b about  1918					GE-0945/CU-92-RI-P01-011
					m              unknown WHITFORD			GE-0945
	6.  Lucille DOUCETTE		b about  1919					GE-0945/CU-92-RI-P01-011
	7.  Leo Francis DOUCETTE	b 11 Sep 1922					GE-0945
					m              Lucy Amanda SEVIGNY		GE-0945
	8.  Vincent Damien DOUCETTE	b about  1924					GE-1025/CU-93-RI-P01-012
					m              Ruth McCREA			GE-1025

sis:  Catherine DOUCET			m              unknown COMEAU(X)		GE-0945

father may have been Luc or Vital, dob about 1840


Albert DOUCET				m              Claire ALVENAZ			GD-0786

	1.  Joseph Amos DOUCET		m              Viviane Claire ACKER		GD-0786


Bernard DOUCETTE			b						GE-0649

	1.  John L. DOUCETTE		b						GE-0649
	2.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						GE-0649
	3.  Ronald DOUCETTE		b						GE-0649


Ida DOUCETTE				m              Felix MARTEL			GD-0645

	1.  Julie MARTEL		b						GE-1172
					m 29 Nov 1854  Adolphe GUERIN			GE-1172
	2.  Adeline MARTEL		b        1844/5					GD-0645
					m              Victor Hector SOSVILLE		GD-0645


Abbe DOUCET               		b        1906                      		C91-01

Adolphe DOUCET            		m              Julie RICHARD

	1.  Joseph DOUCET       	b 27 Oct 1894                      		La Ch v9, p286


Adolphe DOUCET            		m 25 Jan 1895  Aglise FONTENOT      		Cr CH Marr 1058

	1.  Helena DOUCET       	b 24 Oct 1895                      		Cr Ch v1, p1


Adolphe DOUCET            		m              Felicia HENDERSON

	1.  Columbus DOUCET     	b 26 Oct 1901                      		La Ch v10, p185
					bur 21 Jul 1907					La Ch v5, p73
	2.  Eva DOUCET			b  4 Jan 1905					La Ch v10, p327
	3.  Florinda DOUCET		b 20 Feb 1907					La Ch v10, p409


Agnante DOUCET            		m 11 Jun 1903  Louis RICHARD        		Cr CH Marr 3043


Agnes DOUCET              		d  2 Jul 1900, 10 mo               		La Ch v5, p1


Agnes DOUCET				b        1909
					m              Christie LASAGE			GD-0211


Albert J DOUCETTE			m              Albertine A.			RE-0256

	1. Albert J. DOUCETTE Jr	b						RE-0256


Alcide "Jourdan" DOUCET   		m              Delia MICHEL			GD-0132

	1.  Pearl Gennevieve DOUCET	b        1853					GD-0070
					m 15 Jan 1872  Walter H. WILLIAMS   		La Ch v1, p315  


Alexandre DOUCET          		m              Eugenia BABINEAU

+	1.  Louis DOUCET        	b 29 May 1877                      		SM Ch v11-b, p308
                          		m 18 Dec 1900  Celeste THERIOT      		BB Ch v2, p215A
     	2.  Delphine DOUCET     	b  1 Apr 1894                      		BB Ch v3, p235

2-	Louis DOUCET            	m              Celeste THERIOT

	1.  Baptistine DOUCET   	b 27 Sep 1901                      		BB Ch v4, p71


Alextin DOUCET            		m              Rosalie BOURGEOIS

	1.  Francois Octave DOUCET	b  9 Dec 1846                      		Th Ch v4, #1270


Alicia DOUCET (Marie)			m  3 Apr 1902 Alexandre FORESTIER		Ca Ch v3, p 98

	1.  Elina FORESTIER		b						GD-0228
	2.  Philoman FORESTIER		b						GD-0228
	3.  Bertha FORESTIER		b						GD-0228
	4.  Malvina FORESTIER		b						GD-0228  


Alvana DOUCET             		d 16 May 1897, 40 yr               		Th Ch v3, p200


Amelia DOUCET             		m  6 Dec 1882  Eugene DAIGLE        		Op CH Marr 12555


Amelia DOUCET             		m  2 Jan 1882  Jean Oscar LEE       		SM CH Marr 4579


Amelie DOUCET             		m  5 Dec 1881  Aristide VICTOR      		Yv Ch v3, p75


	combined with and


Angela DOUCET             		d 18 Feb 1900, 65 yr               		Wa Ch v1, p80


Angele Edithe DOUCET      		m  6 Feb 1895  Joseph BOURQUE       		La CH Marr 5305


Antoine DOUCET            		m              Marie (Syphronet) CADET                                                 			

	1.  Louis DOUCET        	b 24 Nov 1879                      		Ar Ch v3, p257
                              		m  9 Jan 1904  Edme EVEN            		Ce Ch v1, p42
	2.  Marie Adoisea DOUCET	b  6 Mar 1881                      		Ar Ch v4, p12
                              		m  5 Dec 1904  Alexandre ARCENAUX   		Ce Ch v1, p35
+	3.  Joseph DOUCET       	b 12 Sep 1883                      		Ar Ch v4, p78
					m 16 Apr 1906  Eloise EMMESSEE			Ar Ch v3, p129
	4.  Celestine DOUCET    	b  9 Dec 1891                      		Ar Ch v5, p43

2- Joseph DOUCET			m              Eloise EMMESSEE

	1.  Joseph Wesselin DOUCET	b 27 Dec 1906					Ar Ch v6, p116


Antoine DOUCET            		m 11 Jun 1897  Selima CANTAUX (Mu)  		SM CH Marr 7188

	1.  Antoine DOUCET      	b  3 May 1898                      		Ar Ch v5, p218
	2.  Bulah DOUCET        	b        1900                      		C91-14
	3.  Berthina DOUCET     	b  7 Jun 1902                      		Ar Ch v6, p2
	4.  Jonas DOUCET        	b 30 Apr 1904                      		Ce Ch v1, p150
	5.  Janetta DOUCET      	b        1906                      		C91-14
	6.  Marshal DOUCET      	b        1910                      		C91-14


Armillion DOUCET                                             				C91-15
                              		b        1891                      		St Landry


Arthur DOUCET             		m 15 Apr 1903  Lena JOHN            		Op CH Mar 29770


Arthur DOUCET             		m              Felicianna           		C91-19
                              		b        1885                      		St Landry
	1.  Wilfred DOUCET      	b        1908     
	2.  Delta DOUCET        	b        1910  


Auguste DOUCET            		m              Therese JOACHIM

	1.  Arthur DOUCET       	b 12 Feb 1883                      		Wa Ch v2, p19


Augustine DOUCET          		m              Eliza DIG__

	1.  Marie DOUCET        	d 24 Jul 1818                      		Op Ch v1, p171


Augustine DOUCET          		b        1810                      		C85-05
                                                            				St Landry


Aurelien DOUCET           		d 10 Jan 1897, 61 yr               		Th Ch v3, p195


Azeme DOUCET              		m  9 Jun 1894  Filaze BAKER         		La CH Marr 5266


Babin DOUCET              		m              Arman                		C91-24
                              		b        1882                      		Acadia
	1.  Earl DOUCET         	b        1909  


Baptiste DOUCET           		m              Augustine CORMIER

	1.  Celeste DOUCET      	b  5 Aug 1886                      		La Ch v9, p61


Baptiste DOUCET           		m              Belzaire MOUTON

	1.  Marcelite DOUCET    	b 26 Nov 1884                      		La Ch v9, p22


Baptiste DOUCET           		m              Eva MIGUE

	1.  Joseph DOUCET       	b  1 Oct 1888                      		La Ch v9, p115


Caroline DOUCET           		m 19 Mar 1890  Onezime MIRE         		Cr CH Marr 312


Celestin Joseph DOUCET			m              Lezima Marie TERREBONNE

	1.  Adam DOUCET			b 15 Nov 1902					LR Ch v4, p34
	2.  Joseph DOUCET		b  5 Dec 1904					LR Ch v4, p90
+	3.  Etienne Joseph DOUCET	b  4 Jan 1907					IGI-LA-LVL
					m              Pomelia GASPARD

2- Etienne Joseph DOUCET		m              Pomelia GASPARD

	1.  Mary Lou DOUCET		b  2 Mar 1933					IGI-LA-GML


Chale DOUCET              		m              Constons             		C88-02
                              		b        1848                      		St Landry
	1.  Adam DOUCET         	b        1868     
	2.  Lousin DOUCET       	b        1870     
	3.  Maria DOUCET        	b        1872     
	4.  Mary DOUCET         	b        1874     
	5.  Sonstones DOUCET    	b        1876     
	6.  Pear (Pierre) DOUCET	b        1878  


Cleobule DOUCET           		m              Elisina GIBSON

	1.  Elizabeth DOUCET    	m 17 Dec 1883  Edmond BELLARD       		CP Ch v4, p78


Cora DOUCET				b        1869					GD-0125
					m              Joseph Raoul BOUTE		GD-0125

	1.  Edwin BOUTE			b						GD-0125
	2.  James BOUTE			b						GD-0125
	3.  George Andrew BOUTE		b						GD-0125
	4.  Willis BOUTE		b						GD-0125
	5.  Inez BOUTE			b						GD-0125


Cora DOUCET				m              Pierre ROY			GD-0223

	1.  Lydia ROY			b        1897					GD-0223


Corine DOUCET             		m 25 May 1889  Israel ANTOINE       		Lo Ch v1, p176


Cyril DOUCET              		m              Magdeleine COMO or COMMO

	1.  Elodie DOUCET       	b 15 Sep 1866                      		CP Ch v4, p4


Cyrille DOUCET            		m              Nancy ROSBERRY

	1.  Thomas DOUCET       	b 14 Apr 1866                      		CP Ch v1, p89
                            		d  9 Aug 1868                      		Op Ch v2, p250


Cyusse DOUCET             		m              Armide               		C90-46
                              		b    Jan 1874                      		St Landry
	1.  Joseph DOUCET       	b    Mar 1896
	2.  Armide DOUCET       	b    Jan 1898


Dagason DOUCET            		m 28 Oct 1896  Azelie JAMES         		APMI


Damonville DOUCET         		m              Eulalie ABRAHAM

+	1.  Jean Baptiste DOUCET 	m1  5 Jan 1888 Eva CATALAN         		La Ch v7, p49 #2
                            		m2  9 Jun 1904 Marie Louise SCIPLON 		La Ch v7, p343

2- Jean Baptiste DOUCET    		m              Eva CATALAN

	1.  Aurelie DOUCET      	b 23 Feb 1890                      		La Ch v9, p155
	2.  Marie Antoinette DOUCET	b 23 May 1891                      		La Ch v9, p191
	3.  Aristile DOUCET     	b 23 Sep 1892                      		La Ch v9, p230
	4.  Arnaud DOUCET       	b 11 Feb 1894                      		La Ch v9, p269
	5.  Jean Roumiade DOUCET	b  8 Aug 1895                      		La Ch v9, p304
	6.  Rosina DOUCET       	b 24 Feb 1897                      		La Ch v9, p350
	7.  Louise DOUCET       	b 14 Jan 1899                      		La Ch v10, p70
	8.  Olive DOUCET        	b 28 Mar 1901                      		La Ch v10, p164


Damonville DOUCET         		m              Filonise BREAUX

	1.  Louis Emy DOUCET    	c 25 Nov 1876, 9 mth               		La Ch v7, p214
	2.  Marie DOUCET        	m  1 Feb 1892  Joseph MIRE          		La Ch v7, p104
	3.  Noemie DOUCET       	m 13 Apr 1893  Iclide BROUSSARD     		Mr Ch v1, p5


Damonville DOUCET         		m              Marie

	1.  Lise DOUCET         	m  3 Feb 1887  Francisque YOUNG     		La Ch v7, p34 #11


Damourelle DOUCET         		m              Florida ISSAC

	1.  Adolphe DOUCET      	m 12 Jan 1899  Felicia ANDERSON     		La Ch v7, p198


David DOUCET              		m              Buta

	1.  Pierre Louis DOUCET 	b 21 Jun 1869                      		Wa Ch v1, p28


	combined with


Domelise DOUCET           		m 19 Apr 1904  Frank FREEMENT       		Op CH Mar 30607


Dominique DOUCET          		m              Marie

	1.  Cyrille DOUCET      	m  5 Dec 1869  Elisa BROUSSARD      		SM Ch v10, p127


Duprelon DOUCET           		m  9 Dec 1868  Eugenie LEGER        		Op CH Marr 5088


Edgar/Edgard DOUCET       		m  4 Jan 1900  Elizabeth MAXILE     		Ab CH Mar 2078

	1.  Marie Berda DOUCET  	b 11 Dec 1900                      		Mr Ch v1, p212
	2.  Elma DOUCET         	b 11 Aug 1903                      		Mr Ch v1, p378


Edgar DOUCET				b about  1847					RE-0448
					m1       1908  Selina/Selcia			RE-0448
					m2       1912  Sedonia/Sidonia DUCRE		RE-0448
					m3       1917  Selazie GUILLOTTE		RE-0448

Note:  RE-0448 indicates that Edgar married a fourth wife, Elizabeth Maxile.  See ME-B2-LA-Edga-01.
However, other messages indicate that Elizabeth outlived Edgar and remarried.  Based on the marriage
date in ME-B2-LA-Edga-01, Elizabeth would have been the first wife and not the fourth.  There is some
question as to whether or not these are the same Edgar.


Edward DOUCET             		m              Jeanne WATKINS       	

	1.  Marie DOUCET        	b 24 Jan 1894                      		NI Ch v6, p105  


Eli Amand DOUCET          		m 14 Jan 1839  Azelie LaSAGE        		APMI  


	combined with


Elise DOUCET              		m 31 Aug 1871  Ervillien JACOB      		SM Ch v10, p212  


Elizabeth DOUCET          		m 18 Oct 1904  David L. CREWS       		Op CH Mar 30850  


Ellen DOUCET              		m 19 Dec 1896  Adam LANDRY          		Cr CH Mar 1345  


Elodie DOUCET          			m  8 Nov 1865  Pierre O. BERTRAND   		Op CH Mar 2746  


Emile DOUCET              		m              Alice                		C88-05
                              		b        1840                      		St Landry      
	1.  Filicia DOUCET      	b        1862     
	2.  Filoman DOUCET      	b        1864     
	3.  Homare DOUCET       	b        1865     
	4.  Polite DOUCET       	b        1868     
	5.  Emily DOUCET        	b        1870     
	6.  Corine DOUCET       	b        1872     
	7.  Aras DOUCET         	b        1874     
	8.  Emile DOUCET        	b        1876     
	9.  Alsa DOUCET         	b        1878  


Emilia DOUCET             		m 12 Mar 1883  Emile PREJEAN        		Op Ch v2, p555  


Emma DOUCET               		m  4 Oct 1886  Theodule ROY         		Io Ch v1, p18  


Emma DOUCET               		m 29 Dec 1890  Israel DAIGLE        		Cr CH Marr 404  


	combined with


Eraste DOUCET             		m              Marie MELANCON       	

	1.  Erastelia DOUCET    	b  7 Mar 1890                      		CP Ch v4, p268  
					m  2 Mar 1905  Elie HOLLIER			Ra Ch v2, p256


Ernest DOUCET             		m              Emma PREJEAN           		C91-62
                              		b        1884                      		St Landry      

	1.  Mary Dea DOUCET         	b 21 Oct 1905 					CP Ch v6, p91 


Esther Mae DOUCET			b about  1923/27				GD-0358


Eugene DOUCET                                                				C87-01
                              		b        1808                      		St Landry  


Eugene DOUCET             		m  9 Feb 1899  Laura SARVER         		Cr CH Marr 1800

	1.  Allison Hubert DOUCET	b 30 Aug 1901                      		Cr Ch v1, p156  
	2.  Louis DOUCET		b  4 Oct 1906					Cr Ch v2, p176
	3.  Eugenie DOUCET		b 10 Jan 1909					Cr Ch v3, p87


	combined with


Felicie DOUCET (Matelin)		b 24 Jun 1904					SM Ch v14, p457


Felix DOUCET              		m  3 Dec 1903  Eva ISTRE            		Cr CH Mar 3188

	1.  Alida DOUCET        	b  5 Sep 1904                      		Cr Ch v2, p30  
	2.  Ove DOUCET			b 10 Jan 1906					Cr Ch v2, p111
	3.  Joseph DOUCET		b 19 Jul 1907					Cr Ch v3, p6


	combined with


Francois DOUCET           		m  4 Jan 1860  Pauline JACQUES      		APMI  


	combined with P.4.8


Francoise DOUCET          		m  8 Aug 1901  Louis BERNARD        		Th CH Mar v4 #163  


Frederick DOUCET          		m              Nancy                		C91-61
                             		b        1858                      		Terrebonne      

	1.  Viola DOUCET        	b        1890     
	2.  Mildred DOUCET      	b        1892     
	3.  Geraldine DOUCET    	b        1895     
	4.  James R.L. DOUCET   	b        1905      

	Mother:  Elizabeth DOUCET	b        1832  


Gerassin DOUCET				m  5 Feb 1878  Marie Carmelite DUCHARMES	La Ch v5, p151


Gervais DOUCET            		m              Melina BORDELON      	

+	1.  Jean Baptiste DOUCET 	m  5 Apr 1888  Onesia MALVEAUX      		Wa Ch v1, p115    

2-	Jean Baptiste DOUCET    	m              Onesia MALVEAUX      	

	1.  Jean Baptiste DOUCET 	b 12 Jun 1888                      		Op Ch v7, p105  


Gervais DOUCET            		m  4 Feb 1887  Amelia JEAN BAPTISTE 		Op CH Marr 14400  


Gonzalves Freddie DOUCET (Marie)	b 27 Feb 1903					BB Ch v4, p112


Grion DOUCET                                                 				C86-04
                              		b        1814                      		St Landry  


Harry DOUCET              		m  2 Jan 1867  Eliza FONTENOT       		APMI  


	combined with P.4.7.02


Homare DOUCET             		m              Susan                		C88-07
                              		b        1844                      		St Landry      
	1.  Louisia DOUCET      	b        1868     
	2.  Michel DOUCET       	b        1870     
	3.  William DOUCET      	b        1872     
	4.  Jule DOUCET         	b        1874     
	5.  Mary DOUCET         	b        1876     
	6.  Nora DOUCET         	b        1878     
	7.  Filix DOUCET        	b        1880  


Homer DOUCET              		m              Poline               		C91-67
                              		b        1861                      		Acadia  


Hypolite DOUCET           		m              Clementine BOURG			NI      

	1.  Anne DOUCET         	b 20 Jun 1841                      		NI Ch v1, p27
                      			m  9 Jul 1855  Joseph FORET         		Ho Ch v2, p92     
	2.  Marie Laugenza DOUCET	b 18 Feb 1844                      		SM Ch v9, #117
                              		m  8 Sep 1858  Drauzin TROSCLAIRE   		Ho Ch v2, p188
	3.  William Ozene DOUCET 	b  6 Aug 1846                      		NI Ch v1, p105  


Hypolite DOUCET           		m 27 Aug 1891  Azelie LEGER  			Cr CH Marr 517
   					b        1871

	1.  Adam DOUCET         	b  7 Feb 1894                      		Io Ch v1, p126   
					m              Emilie THIBODEAUX
	2.  Leonard DOUCET      	b 28 Dec 1897                      		CP Ch v5, p125  
	3.  Jules DOUCET		b 21 Feb 1905					Io Ch v2, p13
	4.  Edias Joseph DOUCET		b  4 Apr 1907					CP Ch v2, p191


Hyppolyte DOUCET          		m              Clemence FANGUY      	

	1.  Marie Olympe DOUCET 	b 30 Apr 1859                      		Ho Ch v3, p145  


James DOUCET              		m              Julie                	 

	1.  Joseph DOUCET       	m 30 Dec 1882  Marguerite ESPRIT    		CP Ch v4, p73  


Jarvais DOUCET            		m  6 Mar 1869  Marie M. YOUNG       		Op CH Marr 5257  


Jean DOUCET               		m              Adeline STUTE        	

	1.  Octavie DOUCET      	b 27 Jul 1870                      		La Ch v7, p18  


Jean DOUCET               		m              Mary Louise DUGEN    	

	1.  Jean DOUCET         	m 20 Oct 1866  Adeline ISTRE        		Op CH Marr 3162  


Jean DOUCET               		m              Marguerite MARTIN    		SM Ch  


Jean Baptiste DOUCET      		m              Lucie (Louise) WASHINGTON                                                                  			 

	1.  Marie Caroline DOUCET	b 21 May 1874                      		BB Ch v1, p234    
	2.  Jean DOUCET         	b 10 Mar 1876                      		BB Ch v1, p135    
	3.  Mathilde DOUCET    		b 22 May 1880                      		NI Ch v3, p212    
	4.  Alexandre DOUCET    	b 26 Jul 1882                      		NI Ch v4, p6     
	5.  Simonie DOUCET      	b 17 Sep 1883                      		NI Ch v4, p103    
	6.  Nicolas DOUCET      	b 24 Nov 1887                      		NI Ch v5, p6  


Jean Baptiste DOUCET      		m              Marie COMEAUX        		SM Ch / Bodin  


Jean Baptiste DOUCET      		m              Ana DOUCET           		SM Ch  


Jean Pierre DOUCET			d 11 Jan 1901, 49 yrs				Ce Ch v1, p1


Jo DOUCET                 		m              Marie HAMEL          	 

	1.  Joe DOUCET          	b 27 Feb 1887                      		Yo Ch v3, p7  


Joe DOUCET                		m              Alphonsine GAD                  

	1.  Mabel DOUCET        	b 12 May 1902                      		NI Ch v7, p62  


John DOUCET               		m              Marie Ordalie MILLER 	

	1.  Marie Anaise DOUCET 	m  1 Oct 1877  Jules CLEMENT          


John DOUCET               		m              Adelaide             		C87-19 
   					b        1845                      		St Landry      
	1.  Ereline DOUCET      	b        1858     
	2.  Eugenie DOUCET      	b        1862     
	3.  Juifaut DOUCET      	b        1870  


	combined with


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Louisa JOHNSON       	

	1.  Oscar DOUCET        	b 11 Apr 1873                      		CP Ch v4, p48     
	2.  Zelie DOUCET        	b 27 Jan 1875                      		CP Ch v4, p61  


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Marguerite JAVODE    	 

+	1.  Joseph DOUCET       	m 14 Dec 1871  Louisa Daniel PRUDHOMME       	CP Ch v4, p21     

2-	Joseph DOUCET 			m              Louisa D. PRUDHOMME  	 

	1.  Joseph Arthelus DOUCET	b  6 May 1872                      		CP Ch v4, p41     
	2.  Marguerite DOUCET   	b 17 Apr 1877                      		CP Ch v4, p82     
	3.  Artheman DOUCET     	b 14 May 1879                      		CP Ch v4, p104    
	4.  Joseph DOUCET       	b  5 Jan 1882                      		CP Ch v4, p132    
	5.  Marie Annette DOUCET 	b  1 Nov 1884                      		CP Ch v4, p169  


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Virginie/Eugenie DARTES                                                                      			 

	1.  Marie Delphina DOUCET	b 22 Oct 1881                      		Ar Ch v4, p34     
					m 31 Mar 1906  Paul ROBICHEAUX			Ce Ch v1, p38
	2.  Joseph Rene DOUCET  	b 10 Oct 1883                      		Ar Ch v4, p77
                              		d 13 Oct 1883                      		Ar Ch v1, p75     
	3.  Joseph Emile DOUCET 	b  8 Aug 1885                      		Ar Ch v4, p139    
	4.  Marie Philomene DOUCET	b 25 Nov 1887                      		Ar Ch v4, p224    
	5.  Antoine DOUCET      	b 22 Apr 1890                      		Ar Ch v4, p318    
	6.  Joseph Dumatrais DOUCET	b 11 Jan 1893                      		Ar Ch v5, p84     
	7.  Leopold DOUCET      	b 25 Dec 1895                      		Ar Ch v5, p169    
	8.  Acee DOUCET         	b 11 Jun 1896                      		Ar Ch v5, p220    
	9.  Joseph Semar DOUCET 	b 11 Sep 1900                      		Ar Ch v5, p276    
	10. Marie DOUCET      		b 30 Sep 1903                      		Ce Ch v1, p139  
	11. Marie Clotile DOUCET	b 26 Nov 1905					Ce Ch v1, p170
	12. Caroline DOUCET		b
					m 25 Dec 1906  Paul SINGLETON			Ce Ch v1, p41


Joseph DOUCET             		m 27 Feb 1897  Eva FONTENOT         		Cr CH Marr 1418
					b    Dec 1858                      		C90-28      

	1.  Julia DOUCET        	b 23 Jul 1897                      		Io Ch v1, p218  
	2.  Joseph DOUCET		b 10 Feb 1907					Je Ch v2, p85


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Sarah BORAYS      

	1.  Marguerite Mary DOUCET	m1 21 May 1816 Jacob HOOK          		Op Ch v1, p286
                              		m2  6 Mar 1826 Michel MILLER       		Op CH Marr 24  


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Elisa GEORGES        	 

	1.  Marie DOUCET        	b 18 Jan 1898                      		Lo Ch v2, p157  


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Lize                 		C91-74
                              		b        1884                      		St Landry      

	1.  Amanda DOUCET       	b        1907     
	2.  Hampton DOUCET      	b        1908     
	3.  Annalise DOUCT      	b        1909  


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Ella FONTENOT         

	1.  Josephine DOUCET    	b 19 Jun 1903                      		Je Ch v2, p35  


Joseph DOUCET				m 31 Dec 1904  Alexander DAIGLE			Cr CH Mar 3719


Joseph DOUCET				d 16 Aug 1900, 1 da				Th Ch v3, p259


Joseph G. DOUCET          		m              Assant               		C90-08 
   					b    Mar 1835                      		Acadia  


Joseph Mose DOUCET (Delphine)		b 22 Oct 1904					Ce Ch v1, p156


Joseph P. DOUCET          		m 31 Jul 1897  Eliza HOOK           		Cr CH Marr 1475


Josephine DOUCET			b        1849					IGI-LA


Josephine DOUCET          		m  6 Feb 1843  Jean VENABLE         		GC Ch v1, p144  


	combined with

	combined with ME-B2-LA-Alci-01


Jules DOUCET                                                 				C87-09
                              		b        1854                      		St Landry  


Jules DOUCET              		m              Dora                 		C91-75
                              		b        1877                      		Acadia  


Julian DOUCET             		m 28 Oct 1892  Andrea RICHARD       		APMI 


Julian DOUCET             		m              Alodie               		C91-76
                              		b        1881                      		Acadia      

	1.  Orissi DOUCET       	b        1908     
	2.  Pasorza DOUCET      	b        1910      

	Mother:  Margueritta DOUCET	b        1848     
	Brother:  Adam DOUCET   	b        1893  


Julian DOUCET             		m              Rachael CHUSTE        		C91-77
                              		b        1888                      		St Landry      

	1.  Edina DOUCET         	b 11 Jun 1909					Le Ch v2, p126  


Julie DOUCET				b        1841					IGI-LA


Julie DOUCET				b        1860					IGI-LA


Julie DOUCET              		m  5 Nov 1892  Joseph SIMON or SEMAR     	Io Ch v1, p38  


Julien DOUCET             		m              Celeste JACQUES      		C85-13
                              		b        1825                      		St Landry


Katherine DOUCET (Adelina) 		b 25 Nov 1902					Io Ch v2, p1


Leandre DOUCET                    	inv 13 Apr 1858                           	Th CH Succ 504


Lelia DOUCET              		m 21 Feb 1898  Jean Baptiste VIDRINE 		Wa Ch v2, p91


	combined with


Louis DOUCET              		m 24 Sep 1859  Marie BELARD         		Op CH Marr 1929

	1.  Adam DOUCET         	b 25 Oct 1863                      		CP Ch v1, p68     
	2.  Eugenie DOUCET      	b 15 Jan 1862                      		GC Ch v2, #226    
	3.  Louis DOUCET        	b  2 Feb 1866                      		CP Ch v1, p90  


Louis DOUCET              		m              Melaise GUIDRY       	 

	1.  Donatius DOUCET     	b  3 Oct 1869                      		Lp Ch 1, #53  


Louis DOUCET              		m              Edme UVILLE                

	1.  Joseph Ernest DOUCET 	b 15 Oct 1904                      		Ce Ch v1, p155  


Louis DOUCET              		m              Mary Isebe HEBERT          

	1.  Isaure Lilian Lawrence DOUCET
                              		b 24 Jan 1890                      		VP Ch v8, p258  


Louis DOUCET              		m  3 Nov 1900  Elina MITCHELL       		NI CH Mar 6410  


Louise DOUCET				b        1700					IGI-LA


Louise DOUCET             		m              Jean FONTENOT        		Op Ch  


Louisin DOUCET            		m              Pierre FONTENOT      		Bodin  


Lucas "Luke" DOUCETTE			m              Felicia BROUSSARD		GE-0071

+	1.  Annie Bell DOUCETTE		b						GE-0071
					m              Bernard SOLOMON			GE-0071

2- Annie Bell DOUCETTE			m              Bernard SOLOMON

	1.  Lloyd SOLOMON		b						GE-0079
	2.  Leroy SOLOMON		b						GE-0079


	combined with


Lucius DOUCET             		m              Elizabeth            	 

	1.  Marietine DOUCET    	m 31 Dec 1896  Ursin Pierre AUGUSTE 		VP Ch 5, p33  


Lucius DOUCET             		m  9 Nov 1896  Alma JACQUES         		Op CH Marr 25881  


Madalen/Magdalena DOUCET		b        1750					IGI-LA


Madeleine DOUCET			b abt    1735					IGI-LA


Magdaleine DOUCET         		m              Pierre GODE          		Bodin  


Magdaleine DOUCET         		m              Charles LANDRY       		Bodin  


Marelia DOUCET				m 23 Dec 1901  Joseph SIMAR			Cr CH Mar 2520


Marguerite DOUCET         		m              Jean Louis FONTENOT  		Op Ch  


Marie DOUCET              		m              Nicole LAINE         		Th CH Succ #905   

	1.  Jean Baptiste LAINE     
	2.  Adeline LAINE       	m              Evariste MOLAISON     
	3.  Jerome LAINE     
	4.  Marie Rose LAINE    	m              Joseph DUVILLARD  


Marie DOUCET              		m              Andre LANDRY         		Bodin  


Marie DOUCET              		m              Berthol BARKE        		Lp Ch v1, #2


Marie DOUCET              		m              Simon GASPARD        		SM Ch  


Marie DOUCET              		m              Pierre CUVILIER      		SM Ch v4 #1993  


Marie DOUCET              		m  5 Nov 1889  Jean Numa SIMON      		Io Ch v1, p27  


Marie Amelina DOUCET                                         				C85-14,C86-09      

	1.  Julie DOUCET [Emile COMMEAUX]
                              		c  8 Jan 1856, 12 yr               		Op Ch v5, p115
                              		m 23 Jan 1867  Onesime L. NANETTE   		VP Ch v1, p72     
	2.  Marie Doralise DOUCET [Armelian COMO]
                              		b  8 Sep 1843                      		GC Ch v1, p238
                            		m  4 Feb 1870  Rosemond GUILLORY    		Op CH Marr 5807   
	3.  Jules DOUCET        	b 30 Aug 1855                      		Op Ch v6, p8  


Marie Anne Adelaide DOUCET 		m              Hypolite DuPUIS      		SM CH Succ 555  
					m        1826  Issac WELLS			NI Ch OA Folio 118


	combined with P.


Marie Carmelite DOUCET    		m              P. PREJEAN           	 

	1.  Louis DOUCET        	b 22 Apr 1891                      		CP Ch v5, p6  


Marie Catherine DOUCET    		m              Jean BOISSIER
        				d 18 Nov 1820, 57 yr               		SM Ch v4 #1385 


Marie Cora DOUCET         		m  3 Sep 1874  Pierre S. ROY        		Op CH Marr 7641  


Marie Eloisine DOUCET     		m 14 Jan 1856  Paulin P. RICHARD    		Op CH Marr 1409  


Marie J. DOUCET           		m  5 Aug 1882  Joseph SIMARE        		Op CH Marr 12401  


Marie Josephe DOUCET      		m 12 Jan 1788  Nicolas Joseph MOUTON 		SM CH OA-6-8  


Marie Louise DOUCET			b abt    1755					IGI-LA


	combined with P.


Martile DOUCET 				m1  7 Jun 1881  Zephirin MATTE      		Op CH Marr 11862
                             		m2 22 Jun 1888  Joseph FRUGE        		Cr CH Marr 114  


Martin DOUCET             		b    Aug 1874                      		C90-78 


Mathilda DOUCET           		m  8 Dec 1859  Henry M. GLAZE       		Op CH Marr 1961  


Maxille DOUCET            		m              Melina LEGER         	 

	1.  Clara DOUCET        	m  9 Apr 1891  Leandre RICHARD Jr   		CP Ch v6, p177  


Melon DOUCET              		m              Meline DOUCET        	

+	1.  Jules DOUCET        	b        1852                      		C90-18
                              		m  4 Mar 1878  Eliza MILLER         		CP Ch v3, p62     

2-	Jules DOUCET            	m              Eliza MILLER         	

	1.  Elizabeth DOUCET    	b 23 Jan 1880                      		Eu Ch v1, p115-x  
	2.  Mathilde DOUCET     	b 28 Feb 1882                      		CP Ch v4, p135 


Melon DOUCET              		m              Julie DOUCET         	 

	1.  Lauretta DOUCET     	b  5 Oct 1878                      		CP Ch v3, p72
                              		m  9 Feb 1899  Jean CREDEUR         		Io Ch v1, p112    
	2.  Hellene DOUCET      	b  8 Jan 1887                      		Ev Ch v1, p34
                              		m 28 Dec 1904  Bernard MONIQUE      		Io Ch v1, p195
	3.  Elena DOUCET        	b  8 Jan 1888                      		Io Ch v1, p58
                             		m 12 May 1902  Cesar CREDEUR        		Io Ch v1, p152    
	4.  Dorsin DOUCET       	b 25 Jan 1891                      		Io Ch v1, p84     
	5.  Dorsalis Pierre DOUCET	b 26 Jun 1895                      		Io Ch v1, p174  
	6.  Ursin DOUCET		b 15 Feb 1905					Io Ch v1, p199
	7.  Dorothea M. DOUCET		b  9 Feb 1899					GD-0330


Melon DOUCET				m 25 Apr 1904  Josephine VENABLE		Cr CH Marr 3335


Movile DOUCET             		m              Philomene            	 

	1.  Marie Jelmire DOUCET 	b  8 Dec 1873                      		La Ch 7, p132  


Narcisse DOUCET           		m              Emily                		C87-31
                              		b        1825      

	1.  DeVille DOUCET      	b        1857     
	2.  Celeste DOUCET      	b        1858     
	3.  Narcisse DOUCET     	b        1860     
	4.  Lastin DOUCET       	b        1863     
	5.  Frederich DOUCET    	b        1870             

	b:  Alfred DOUCET  		b        1800  


Noah DOUCET				m						GD-0742

	1.  Shelby Anthony DOUCET	b						GD-0742
					m              Joycie Dean CAUSEY		GD-0742


Octavie DOUCET            		m  9 Mar 1896  Joseph Loma ISTRE    		Cr CH Marr 1193  


Octave Jean DOUCET			m              Anaise MONCEAUX			GD-0882

+	1.  Oland DOUCET		b           					GD-0883
					m              Gussie BOUDREAUX			GD-0883
	2.  U. V. DOUCET		b           					GD-0883
	3.  J. V. DOUCET		b						GD-0883
	4.  Octave DOUCET Jr		b						GD-0883
	5.  Louise DOUCET		b						GD-0883
					m              Leroy BENOIT			GD-0883
	6.  Lou DOUCET			b						GD-0883
					m              Leewood TRAHAN			GD-0883
	7.  Jane DOUCET			b						GD-0883
					m1             Herman LeDOUX			GD-0883
					m2             Emerson NAVARRE			GD-0883

2- Oland DOUCET				m              Gussie BOUDREAUX
							(Joseph BOUDREAUX m Shawn Jeanne MONCEAUX)

+	1.  Barry DOUCET		b              					GD-0883
					m              Melody ALLMENY			GD-0883

3- Barry DOUCET				m              Melody ALLMENY
							(Donald ALLMENY m Janice HARRIS)

	1.  Heath DOUCET		b            					GD-0883
	2.  Hayden DOUCET		b            					GD-0883


Oline DOUCET              		m 18 Oct 1881  Charles JANIS        		Op CH Marr 11988  


	combined with

Onezime DOUCET            		m              Victoria LENTZ       

	1.  Eva DOUCET          	d  6 Apr 1899, age 11 yrs          		Io Ch v2, p15  


Onezime DOUCET            		m 28 Aug 1866  Marie Azeline MAYER  		Op CH Marr 3109  


Onezime Cyprien DOUCET    		m              Julie DOUCET         	
   					b abt    1845      

	1.  Ortine Marie DOUCET 	c  8 May 1868, 10 mo               		VP Ch v2, p50  


Onezime DOUCET				m              Placido (Selma) BOUDREAUX	GD-0166

+	1.  Armelain DOUCET		b						GD-0166
					m              Honora BOUDREAUX			GD-0166

2- Armelain DOUCET			m              Honora BOUDREAUX

	1.  Alvin DOUCET		b        1915					GD-0166
					m              Emma BEARB			GD-0166


Ophilia DOUCET            		m  8 Mar 1892  Joseph LASAYE        		Je Ch v1, p27  


Oregano DOUCET            		b        1840                      		C87-23
                                                                 			St Landry  


Oscar DOUCET              		m 17 Dec 1895  Lucia VIDRINE        		Wa Ch v2, p64
            				b        1874      

	1.  Marie Prudence DOUCET	b 17 Feb 1897                      		VP Ch v7, p33  


Paul DOUCET               		m              Agnes BRUN           		SM      

	1.  Jeanne Nanette DOUCET, widow of Oliver THIBODEAU        			SM
                              		m 24 Sep 1786  Jean Baptiste HUVAL  		SM Ch v3, #137  


Paul DOUCET               		m              Ana PELLERIN      

	1.  Anna DOUCET         	m 16 Feb 1802  Henrique RANSONNET   		SM Ch v4, #246
                              		d 21 Jul 1802, 38 yrs              		SM Ch v4, #269  


Paul DOUCET               		m 10 May 1886  Elizabeth CURTIS     		Lo Ch v1, p142											
	1.  Joseph Walter DOUCET 	b 10 May 1887                      		Lo Ch v1, p200     
	2.  Marie Noellie DOUCET 	b  5 Nov 1889                      		Lo Ch v2, p30     
					m 17 Jul 1906  Kenwood ANTOINE			Lo Ch v2, p174 
	3.  Aurelie Marie DOUCET 	b 24 Jul 1894                      		Lo Ch v2, p102    
	4.  Euphrasie DOUCET    	b  3 Aug 1896                      		Lo Ch v2, p130    
	5.  Agnece DOUCET       	b 24 Apr 1898                      		Lo Ch v2, p161    
	6.  Odile DOUCET        	b 23 Feb 1900                      		Lo Ch v2, p185 
    	7.  Leonie DOUCET       	b 12 Mar 1902                      		Lo Ch v2, p203
                              		bur 21 Oct 1902                    		Lo Ch v1, p114     
	8.  Davnus Felix DOUCET 	b 30 Sep 1903                      		Lo Ch v2, p218  
	9.  Claude Joseph DOUCET	b 15 Jul 1905					Lo Ch v2, p238


Pauline DOUCET            		m 19 Jul 1886  Francois CARATINE    		Op CH Marr 14129  


	combined with


Pierre DOUCET             		m              Elizabeth BOUDREAUX  	 

	1.  Ursin DOUCET        	m 26 Aug 1868  Louise ESTILLETTE    		La Ch v4, p261  


Pierre DOUCET             		m              Zelphie              	 

	1.  Francois P. DOUCET  	m 28 Feb 1870  Celestie MALVEAUX    		Op Ch E, #113  


Pierre DOUCET             		m 23 Feb 1900  Carmen GENTIL/GOUTIL  		C91-101 
					b        1872                             	LA CH Mar 6261                              			 

	1.  Jeanne Marie Anne DOUCET	b 26 Apr 1903                      		La Ch v10, p265     
	2.  Aline Francoise DOUCET    	b 28 Jan 1908					La Ch v10, p455  


Pierre DOUCET             		b    Dec 1836                      		C90-54
                                                                 			St Landry  


Polite DOUCET             		m              Maria                		C88-10
                             		b        1852                      		St Landry      
	1.  Maria DOUCET        	b        1873     
	2.  Polite DOUCET       	b        1876  


Robert DOUCET             		m 24 Jun 1897  Ella ISSAC           		Fr Extra Entry
                                                                 			Fr Ch v21, p283  



	1.  Marcelin DOUSET		c  2 Apr 1818					IGI-LA-PLT


Rose Florance DOUCET      		m              Jean Baptiste Peter MARTIN              

	1.  Merceline MARTIN								Th CH Succ, 1820  


Sidonia DOUCET				bur 15 Dec 1904, 20 yr 4 mo			NI Ch v3, p 165


Simon DOUCET              		m              Alphonsine RICHARD   	 

	1.  Adelaide DOUCET   		b 15 Feb 1886                      		CP Ch v4, p191  


Sophie DOUCET				m  9 Apr 1902  Onezime DESHOTELS		Op CH Mar 29073


Tarzile DOUCET				b        1830					IGI-LA


Theodule DOUCET           		m              Marie SULMAT         	 

	1.  Erase DOUCET        	b  9 Jul 1867                      		CP Ch v1, p105  


Theodule DOUCET           		m 25 Oct 1865  Pauline ROBERY       		Op Ch v D, #174   

	1.  Emelie DOUCET       	b 13 Aug 1866                      		Op Ch v6, p235
                              		m 10 Nov 1892  Marius VIDRINE       		Wa Ch v2, p35     
	2.  Elmire DOUCET       	b  9 Feb 1868                      		Op Ch v6, p276    
	3.  Marie Pauline DOUCET 	b  7 Feb 1870                      		Wa Ch v1, p19     
	4.  Theodule DOUCET     	d 18 Nov 1871, 18 mo               		Wa Ch v1, p9     
	5.  Edouard DOUCET      	b 18 Jun 1872                      		Op Ch v6, p324    
	6.  Oscar Hubert DOUCET 	b 26 Aug 1875                      		Wa Ch v1, p118    
	7.  Mary Leolia DOUCET  	b 20 Jun 1879                      		Wa Ch v1, p179    
	8.  Regina DOUCET       	b 13 Jun 1882                      		Wa Ch v2, p5
                              		m  9 Feb 1899  Emile VIDRINE        		Wa Ch v 1A, p72   
+	9.  Jean Baptiste Arthur DOUCET	b 26 Jan 1885                      		Wa Ch v2, p35    
					m  2 Jan 1907  Feliciane SOILEAU		Wa Ch v2, p183
	10. Marie Alice DOUCET 		b 29 May 1887                      		Wa Ch v2, p59 
					m  5 Nov 1907  Noah VIDRINE			Op Ch v3, p401 

2- Jean Baptiste Arthur DOUCET	m              Feliciane SOILEAU

	1.  Wilfried DOUCET		b 19 Oct 1907					VP Ch v8, p343
	2.  Joseph Dolton DOUCET	b  3 Feb 1909					VP Ch v9, p42


Theodule DOUCET           		b    Nov 1843                      		C90-40
                                                                 			St Landry


Theodule DOUCET           		b        1842                      		C91-108
                                                                 			St Landry  


Theresa DOUCET				m              Essie/Assie LaVERGNE		GD-0680


Tholaise DOUCET 			m		Eugene FOUGUES
					bur 8 Dec 1902, 25 yrs				CP Ch v1, p138


Treville DOUCET           		m              Eliza (Louisa) BROUSSARD      

	1.  Louisa DOUCET       	m 24 Feb 1879  Charles WILLIAMS     		Lo Ch v1, p78     
	2.  Ophilia DOUCET      	m 10 Jan 1884  Jules LEE            		Lo Ch v1, p120
                              		d  1 May 1885, 19 yr               		Lo Ch v1, p30     
+	3.  Victorin DOUCET     	b 17 Dec 1872                      		Lo Ch v1, p4
                              		m 11 Apr 1894  Elodie MITCHELL      		Lo Ch v2, p38     
	4.  Marie Utalire DOUCET 	b  8 Sep 1875                      		Lo Ch v1, p38
                             		m  6 Feb 1896  Ulgere VIDAL         		Lo Ch v2, p52     

2-	Victorin DOUCET         	m              Elodie MITCHELL      	

	1.  Treville DOUCET     	b  3 Nov 1894                      		Lo Ch v2, p104    
	2.  Aurelia DOUCET      	b  6 Feb 1896                      		Lo Ch v2, p121    
	3.  Remi DOUCET         	b  1 Jan 1897                      		Lo Ch v2, p139
                              		m 15 Jan 1919  Edna DAVIS           		Lo Ch v2, p139    
	4.  Victorin DOUCET     	b  3 Mar 1898                      		Lo Ch v2, p158    
	5.  Elodie DOUCET       	b 15 Dec 1899                      		Lo Ch v2, p179
                          		m 30 Jun 1919  Robert VIDAL         		Lo Ch v2, p179     
	6.  Marie Jeanne DOUCET 	b  6 May 1901                      		Lo Ch v2, p10
                              		m 12 Feb 1918  Gilbert VITAL     		Lo Ch v2, p195
	7.  Bertha DOUCET       	b 13 Apr 1903                      		Lo Ch v2, p213
	8.  Eleonore DOUCET     	b  7 Aug 1904                      		Lo Ch v2, p229  
	9.  Regina DOUCET		b 27 Dec 1905					Lo Ch v2, p242
	10. Grace DOUCET		b 13 Apr 1907					Lo Ch v3, p11
	11. Frank DOUCET		b 29 Nov 1908					Lo Ch v3, p43
					m 20 Jun 1932  Rose ANTOINE			Lo Ch v3, p43


Treville DOUCET           		m              Cecile LOUIS         	 

	1.  Leo DOUCET          	b  1 Nov 1884                      		Lo Ch v1, p148  


Treville DOUCET                                              				C90-79
					b    May 1845                      		Iberia      
	1.  Sidney DOUCET       	b    Feb 1878  


Treville DOUCET				bur 3 Jan 1904, 65 yrs				Io Ch v1, p118


Ursin DOUCET              		m              Joselia GUIDRY        		C91-54
                              		b        1882                      		Acadia      

	1.  Agnes DOUCET       		b 27 May 1909					Je Ch v3, p215  


Ursin DOUCET (Elodie SENEGAL)		m 24 Oct 1901  Elizabeth ALECK      		La CH Mar 386  


Victor__ DOUCET 			m 22 Dec 1900  Jean Pierre MITCHELL		Op CH Mar 28160


Victor DOUCETTE				m              Marion RANSOM			RE-0202

+	1.  Shelton DOUCETTE		b						RE-0202

2- Shelton DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Brenda Marie DOUCETTE	b						RE-0202


Wallace Felicien DOUCET			b 11 Sep 1921					IGI-LA


Wilfred DOUCET				b about  1925					RD-0338
					m              Marion McROYAL			RD-0338

+	1.  Wilfred DOUCET Jr		b						RD-0338

2- Wilfred DOUCET Jr			m

	1.  Tenita R. DOUCET		b						RD-0338
					m              unknown WARD			RD-0338
	2.  Wilfred DOUCET III		b						RD-0338
	3.  Shamon DOUCET		b						RD-0338
	4.  Rochelle DOUCET		b						RD-0338


Willom DOUCET				b						RD-0016


Zephirin DOUCET           		m              Urazie/Erasie CLEMENT 

	1.  Amelie DOUCET       	b  4 Aug 1860                      		CP Ch v1, p52     
	2.  Marie DOUCET        	b  6 Nov 1864                      		CP Ch v1, p74  


Zula DOUCET				b        1905					IGI-LA


unknown DOUCET           		m              Doralise COMEAU      	

+	1.  Loisin DOUCET      		c 20 May 1862					GD-0858
					m 23 Dec 1886  Mary Odilia JOHN     		VP Ch v2, p586

2- Loison (Dorsin) DOUCET    	m             Mary Odilia (Melodia) JOHN 
	1.  Jules Curley DOUCET 	b  4 Nov 1888                      		VP Ch v4, p153    
	2.  Eloise DOUCET       	b 16 Jan 1891                      		VP Ch v6, p61     
+	3.  Marie Doralise DOUCET	b 11 Apr 1893                      		VP Ch v6, p110
					m  9 Jan 1912  Gilbert BUSHNELL			GD-0858    
	4.  Octave DOUCET       	b  4 Oct 1895                      		VP Ch v6, p205    
	5.  Clinton DOUCET      	b 29 Jan 1898                      		VP Ch v7, p84     
	6.  Loisin DOUCET       	b 18 Aug 1900                       		VP Ch v8, p10     
	7.  Linton Will DOUCET  	b  2 Aug 1904                      		Wa Ch v3, p26

3- Marie Doralise DOUCET  		m              Gilbert BUSHNELL

	1.  Oleidia BUSHNELL		b						GD-0866
	2.  Edward BUSHNELL		b						GD-0866
	3.  Teresa BUSHNELL		b						GD-0866
	4.  Novicy BUSHNELL		b						GD-0866
	5.  Rosella BUSHNELL		b              (twin)				GD-0866
	6.  Letella BUSHNELL		b              (twin)				GD-0866
	7.  Mary BUSHNELL		b						GD-0866
	8.  LuElla BUSHNELL		b						GD-0866
	9.  Edwin BUSHNELL		b						GD-0866
	10. Allen BUSHNELL		b						GD-0866


Pansey Marie DOUCETT			b 10 Apr 1908					GD-1245
					m1 25 Nov 1924 Joel Francis GREGORY		GD-1245
					m2             unknown HALLMEYER		GD-1245

The child of the first marriage is:

	1.  Sara Mae GREGORY		b 31 Aug 1925					GD-1246

There are no known children of the second marriage.


Angel Albert DOUCET			b        1918					RD-0094
					m              Anita Shirly BRASS		RD-0094

	1.  Edward A. DOUCET		b						RD-0094


Lewis DOUCETTE				m              Mary				GE-1045

+	1.  Dorothy DOUCETTE		b  3 Feb 1924					GE-1045
					m              Leslie Maurice FARR		GE-1045

2- Dorothy DOUCETTE			m              Leslie Maurice FARR

	1.  Marianne FARR		b						GE-1045


Bill DOUCETTE				b						RE-0060


Gerald DOUCETTE				b						GE-1116
					r              Sylvia				GE-1116

	1.  Fawn Isabelle DOUCETTE	b						GE-1116

Note:  Gerald is also referred to as Gerard, Gerry and Jerry.


Annie DOUCET(TE)			b about  1864					GE-0899/GD-0902

					m        1892  Charles Wayne COTTLE		GE-0893

a.  Poss dau (b 1864) of Germain DOUCET m Angele MORRISSETTE, Ristogouche PQ

b.  Poss real name Philomon & adopted by DOUCETTE family 

c.  Poss from Green Bay WI


Clara DOUCETTE				m              unknown FONDER			GE-0953


Claude DOUCETTE				b						GE-0022


Isabell DOUCETTE			b about  1864					GE-0160
					m        1878  Frank COLLINS			GD-0160


Jean Baptiste DUCETTE			m              Marguerite DUROY			GE-0859

+	1.  Cyrille DOUCETTE		b        1835					GD-0675
					m              Philomene FILLION		GE-0859

2- Cyrille DOUCETTE			m              Philomene FILLION

	1.  Cyrille DOUCETTE Jr		b        1861					GD-0675
+	2.  Augustus DOUCETTE		b        1863					GD-0675
					m              Delia CARRIER			GE-0585
+	3.  Adolphus DOUCETTE		b        1865					GD-0675
	4.  Edgar DOUCETTE		b        1867					GD-0675
+	5.  William H. DOUCETTE		b        1870					GE-0585
					m              Lela Belle STORY			GE-0585
	6.  Josephine DOUCETTE		b        1872					GD-0675
	7.  Fred DOUCETTE		b        1874    				GD-0675
	8.  Annie DOUCETTE		b        1877					GD-0675

3- Augustus DOUCETTE			m              Delia CARRIER

	1.  Francis Clifford DOUCETTE	b						GE-0585
					m              Marval BOVAN			GE-0585

3- Adolphus DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Frank DOUCETTE		b        1897					GE-0098

3- William H DOUCETTE			m              Lela Belle STORY

	1.  male DOUCETTE		b						GE-0585
					m              Bernice BOVAN			GE-0585


Joseph DOUCETTE				b        1847					GE-0109
					m              Clarice AYOTTE			GE-0109

	1.  Virginia DOUCETTE		b						GE-0109
	2.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b						GE-0109
	3.  Victoria DOUCETTE		b						GE-0109
	4.  Mary Louise DOUCETTE	b						GE-0109
	5.  Laura DOUCETTE		b						GE-0109
	6.  child DOUCETTE		b              (twin)				GE-0109
	7.  child DOUCETTE		b              (twin)				GE-0109


Joseph DOUCETTE				b about  1871					GE-0058
					m        1891  Mary DORAIS			GE-0058


Joseph DOUCETTE				m						GE-1091

	1.  Edward DOUCETTE		b						GE-1091
	2.  Paul DOUCETTE		b						GE-1091
	3.  Walter DOUCETTE		b						GE-1091
	4.  William DOUCETTE		b						GE-1091
	5.  Jarvis DOUCETTE		b						GE-1091


Orville DOUCETTE			m						GE-0057

+	1.  Frederick DOUCETTE		b        1875					GE-0042
					m        1900  Edith				GE-0076
	2.  Dolph DOUCETTE		b						GE-0057
	3.  Edgar DOUCETTE		b						GE-0057
	4.  Russell DOUCETTE		b						GE-0057

2- Frederick DOUCETTE			m              Edith

+	1.  Lowell DOUCETTE		b        1912					GE-0076

3- Lowell DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Tom DOUCETTE		b						GE-0076


Peter DOUCETTE				b						GE-0023


William H. DOUCETTE			b						GE-0650


Unknown DOUCETTE			m              Katherine HENIFY			GE-0067

	1.  George E. DOUCETTE		b        1889					GE-0067


Adolphe DOUCETTE				m              Sarah DOUCETTE		GE-0710

Note:  According to GE-0710 Adolphe is the brother of Guillaume "William DOUCETTE,
There is a brother Adoph Leopole, but he is married to Afilie BISSON.


	combined with ME-B1-MA-PETE-02


Raymond Conrad DOUCETTE			m              Bertha Mary EMOND

	1.  James Christopher DOUCETTE	b            					IGI-MO-SLS


Calvin Arthur DOUCETTE			b						GE-0860

+	1.  Arthur DOUCETTE		b						GE-0860
					m              unknown				GE-0860

2- Arthur DOUCETTE			m              unknown

	1.  Calvin John DOUCETTE	b             					GE-0860


	combined with ME-B3-NY-JOHN-01


Alphonse (Napoleon) DOUCETTE		b about  1894					CU-93-NY-C05-009
					m              Adelina MARTELL			GE-0253

	1.  Adolord N. DOUCETTE		b about  1914					CU-93-NY-C05-009
	2.  Hilda M. DOUCETTE		b about  1917					CU-93-NY-C05-009
	3.  Melvin A. DOUCETTE		b about  1920					CU-93-NY-C05-009
+	4.  Malcolm Gerald DOUCETTE	b 01 Jan 1927					RE-0253
					m              Irma E. PROVOST			RE-0253
	5.  Marvin DOUCETTE		b						RE-0253

2- Malcolm Gerald DOUCETTE		m              Irma E. PROVOST

+	1.  Bernadette DOUCETTE		b						RE-0253
					m              unknown OWEN			RE-0253
+	2.  Anne Marie DOUCETTE		b						RE-0253
					m              unknown BURL			RE-0253
+	3.  Renee DOUCETTE		b						RE-0253
					m              unknown JULIAN			RE-0253

3- Bernadette  DOUCETTE			m              unknown OWEN

	1.  Charles KLEMOWSKI		b						RE-0253
	2.  Wayne BUSHA			b						RE-0253
	3.  James NEWSOM		b						RE-0253

3- Anne Marie DOUCETTE			m               unknown BURL

	1.  Timmy BURL			b						RE-0253
	2.  Michael BURL		b						RE-0253
	3.  Anthony BURL		b						RE-0253
	4.  Theresa BANKER		b						RE-0253

3- Renee DOUCETTE				m       unknown JULIAN

	1.  Kyle LINCOLN		b						RE-0253
	2.  Franchesca JULIAN		b						RE-0253


	combined with ME-A2-QU-PIER-03

Augustin DOUCETTE			m						GD-0064

+	1.  Augustin DOUCETTE		b    Aug 1863					GD-0064
					m              Georgiana COUTURE		GD-0064

2- Augustin DOUCETTE			m              Georgiana COUTURE

	1.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b    Jan 1882					GD-0064
	2.  Augustine DOUCETTE		b    Oct 1883					GD-0064
	3.  Eugene DOUCETTE		b    Jan 1889					GD-0064
	4.  Lilian DOUCETTE		b    Aug 1890					GD-0064
	5.  Annie DOUCETTE		b    Jun 1893					GD-0064
	6.  Napolian DOUCETTE		b    Aug 1894					GD-0064
	7.  Malvina DOUCETTE		b    May 1897					GD-0064
	8.  Edward DOUCETTE		b    Oct 1907					GD-0064
	9.  Herbert Augusta DOUCETTE	b						GD-0064
	10. Gracie DOUCETTE		b						GD-0064


Henry John Robert DOUCET		m              Mary Ellen GIBBONS		RD-0221a

	1.  Mary Ellen DOUCET		b						RD-0221a
					m              unknown TORRES			RD-0221a
+	2.  John Anthony DOUCET		b						RD-0221a
	3.  Henry Willima DOUCET	b						RD-0221a
	4.  Joseph Lawrence DOUCET	b						RD-0221a
	5.  Doreen Ann DOUCET		b						RD-0221a
					m              unknown COLBY			RD-0221a
	6.  Elizabeth DOUCET		b						RD-0221a
					m              unknown SALISBURY		RD-0221a

2-  John Anthony DOUCET			b

	1.  Judy DOUCET			b						RD-2221a


John DUSETT				b about  1762					GE-0176
					m              Polly KEYS			FH-GWD
							(James KEYS)

	1.  Laura DUSETT		b        1780					GE-0176
					m              Oliver BUSH			GE-0245
	2.  Polly DUSETT		b        1785					GE-0176
					m              Thomas BUSH			GE-0245
+	3.  John DUSETT			b        1795					GE-0176
					m              Mary Polla HAMMOND		FH-GWD
	4.  Ira DUSETT			b        1799					GE-0176
					m              Hulda Marie FORD			FH-GWD
+	5.  Alanson DUSETT		b        1803					GE-0176
					m              Betty CHASE			GE-0176
	6.  Olive S. DUSETT		b        1810					FH-GWD
	7.  Betsey DUSETT		b        1812					FH-GWD

2- John DUSETT				m              Mary Polla HAMMOND

	1.  Caroline DUSETT		b about  1830					CU-85-NY-O05-001
+	2.  Abner H. DUSETT		b about  1835					CU-85-NY-O05-001
					m  6 May 1876  Jennie Mae ALLEN			GE-0244/CU-88-NY-O05-001

Note:  Mary Polla's name has also been given as Mary Polly WILLSON.

2- Alanson DUSETT			m              Betty CHASE
							(Berry CHASE)

+	1.  Francis A. DUSETT		b about  1835					GE-0233/CU-88-MI-M02-001
					m              Amelia L.			CU-88-MI-M02-001
	2.  Olive DUSETT		b about  1840					CU-86-MI-M02-002
	3.  Truman DUSETT		b about  1843					CU-86-MI-M02-002
	4.  Laura DUSETT		b about  1845					CU-86-MI-M02-002
	5.  Harriet DUSETT		b about  1851					CU-86-MI-M02-002

Note:  Betty is also referred to as Betsey in the census records.

3- Abner H. DUSETT			m              Jennie Mae ALLEN

+	1.  John Lewis DUSETT		b about  1877					GE-0244/CU-88-NY-O05-001
					m              Ada J.				CU-92-NY-M01-001
+	2.  Guy G. DUSETT		b about  1882					CU-91-NY-O05-001
					m              Esther B.			CU-93-NY-M01-005

3- Francis A. DUSETT			m              Amelia L.

	1.  Frederick DUSETT		b about  1866					CU-88-MI-M02-001
+	2.  Frank Judson DUSETT		b about  1868					GE-0233/CU-88-MI-M02-001
					m               Ida M.				CU-91-MI-M02-001
	3.  Rusell Sherman DUSETT		b about  1870				CU-88-MI-M02-001/CU-90-MI-M02-002
	4.  Herbert E. DUSETT		b about  1883					CU-90-MI-M02-002

4- John Lewis DUSETT				m          Ada J.

	1.  Selenda DUSETT		b about  1901					CU-92-NY-M01-001
	2.  William DUSETT		b about  1902					CU-92-NY-M01-001
	3.  Lewis DUSETT		b about  1910					CU-92-NY-M01-001
	4.  Ralph DUSETT		b about  1912					CU-92-NY-M01-001
	5.  Allen DUSETT		b about  1915					CU-92-NY-M01-001
Note:  see also CU-93-NY-M01-001 for possible marriage of William.

4- Guy G. DUSETT			m              Esther B.

	1.  Lovina G. DUSETT		b about  1914					CU-93-NY-M01-005
	2.  Caroline L. DUSETT		b about  1915					CU-93-NY-M01-005
	3.  Amanda G. DUSETT		b about  1916					CU-93-NY-M01-005
	4.  Lewis H. DUSETT		b about  1918					CU-93-NY-M01-005
	5.  Edith A. DUSETT		b about  1920					CU-93-NY-M01-005
	6.  Esther M. DUSETT		b about  1922					CU-93-NY-M01-005
	7.  Olive E. DUSETT		b about  1924					CU-93-NY-M01-005
	8.  Guy G. DUSETT		b about  1925					CU-93-NY-M01-005
	9.  Richard F. DUSETT		b about  1928					CU-93-NY-M01-005

4- Frank Judson DUSETT			m           Ida M.

	1.  Clyde L. DUSETT		b about  1890					CU-91-MI-M02-001
	2.  Ralph V. DUSETT		b about  1894					CU-91-MI-M02-001
+	1.  Frank L. DUSETT		b about  1901					GE-0233/CU-91-MI-M02-001

5- Frank L. DUSETT				m

+	1.  Russell DUSETT		b						GE-0233

6- Russell DUSETT			m

	1.  Diana DUSETT		b						GE-0233
					m              unknown BIONDI			GE-0233


Josephine DUQUETTE/DOUCET		m              Joseph ROY			GD-0385

	1.  Edwin Cornelius ROY		b 25 Jan 1892					GD-0385
            (christened as Arouin Candila ROY)
					m 15 Sep 1913  Marie Emilia LaFONTAINE		GD-0388
	2.  child ROY/KING		b 16 Jul 1894					GD-0388
	3.  Marie Lillian ROY/KING	b 31 May 1897					GD-0388
	4.  Raymond KING		b about  1904					GD-0388
	5.  Lucia KING			b about  1907					GD-0388


Joseph DOUCETTE				b about  1847					RE-0100
					m              Georgine LaLIBERTE		RE-0100

	1.  Eudore DOUCETTE		b						RD-0055
	2.  Rosanna DOUCETTE		b						RD-0055
					m              unknown CARPENTER		RD-0055


Joseph DOUCETT				b 08 Jul 1884					RE-0042


Pierre DOUCET				m              Marie Josephte BRISSON dit LaROCHE

+	1.  Rosalie DOUCET		b						FH-JCL
					m              Theophile RACETTE		FH-JCL

2-  Rosalie DOUCEET			m              Theophile RACETTE

+	1.  Emma RACETTE		b						FH-JCL
					m              Michel CARON			FH-JCL

3-  Emma RACETTE			m              Michel CARON

+	1.  Mary Eveline CARON		b						FH-JCL
					m              Lafayette Peter COLLINS		FH-JCL

4-  Mary Eveline CARON			m              Lafayette Peter COLLINS

+	1.  Dorothy Marguerite COLLINS	b						FH-JCL
					m              Edmond CARTER			FH-JCL

5-  Dorothy Marguerite COLlINS		m              Edmond CARTER

+	1.  Oswald CARTER		b						FH-JCL
					m              Annamay BECHORE			FH-JCL

6-  Oswald CARTER			m              Annamay BECHORE

+	1.  Julieann CARTER		b						FH-JCL
					m              Ronald LaVALLEY			FH-JCL
	2.  Shannon CARTER		b						FH-JCL
					m              Tammy LaDUC			FH-JCL
	3.  Shawn CARTER		b						FH-JCL

7-  Julieann CARTER			m              Ronald LaVALLEY

	1.  Ronald LaVALLEY Jr		b						FH-JCL
+	2.  Heather LaVALLEY		b						FH-JCL
					r              Joshua SHAW			FH-JCL
	3.  Hilary LaVALLEY		b						FH-JCL

8-  Heather LaVALLEY			r              Joshua SHAW

	1.  Taylor Ann LaVALLEY		b						FH-JCL


Robert S. DOUCETTE			b						GE-0652


Robert DOUCETTE				m              Betty CARROLL			RE-0254

	1.  Gregg A. DOUCETTE		b              (twin)				RE-0254
					r              Jackie PRAIRIE			RE-0254
	2.  Denise DOUCETTE		b              (twin)				RE-0254
					m              John PALMER			RE-0254
	3.  Cindy DOUCETTE		b						RE-0254
					m              Grant RABIDEAU			RE-0254
+	4.  Jodi DOUCETTE		b						RE-0254
					m              Harold GUMLAW			RE-0254

2- Jodi DOUCETTE			m              Harold GUMLAW

	1.  Todd GUMLAW			b						RE-0254
	2.  Brian GUMLAW		b						RE-0254
	3.  Shannon GUMLAW		b						RE-0254
	4.  Michael GUMLAW		b						RE-0254


Roland DOUCETTE				m              Molly				GE-0647

	1.  Robert DOUCETTE		b						GE-0647
	2.  Roland DOUCETTE		b						GE-0647
	3.  Karen DOUCETTE		b						GE-0647


Sophia DUCETTE				b about  1822					RD-0223
					m        1846  John LaForge BUSH		RD-0223


unknown DOUCETTE			m              Joan FRANCIS			RE-0252
							(George D. FRANCIS and Bernadette L. WILSON)

	1.  Bernadette DOUCETTE		b						RE-0252
	2.  Edwin DOUCETTE		b						RE-0252


Paul DOUCETTE				m              Martha				RE-0202c

	1.  Brenda Kay DOUCETTE		b						RE-0202b
	2.  Anne DOUCETTE		b						RE-0202c
	3.  Margie DOUCETTE		b						RE-0202c
	4.  Paula DOUCETTE		b						RE-0202c


Isadore DOUCET				b        1895					GD-0274
					m        1921  Eva SARRAZIN			RD-0031


Ernest DUQUETTE				m             	Colombe				RT-0008a

Note:  Ernest and Colombe has about 15 children.


Zeno DUQUETTE				b about  1870/71				RT-0008
					m              Melvina SAVARD			RT-0008

	1.  Maude DUQUETTE		b						RT-0008
	2.  Josephine DUQUETTE		b						RT-0008
	3.  Ernest DUQUETTE		b about  1897					RT-0008
					m              Dellina CHOUNARD			RT-0008b


Walter Lewis DOUCETT			m              Phyllis MAYCOCK

	1.  Walter Lewis DOUCETT	b            					IGI-OR-PTL


Joseph DORSETT				m              Abigail				GE-0575

	1.  Thomas DORSETT		b						GE-0575
	2.  James DORSETT		b						GE-0575
	3.  Joseph DORSETT Jr		b						GE-0575
	4.  John DORSETT		b						GE-0575
	5.  Elijah DORSETT		b						GE-0575


Elvina DOUCETTE				m              John MEANS			GD-0014


Francis Louis DOUCETTE			m              unknown				RE-0222

+	1.  Francis Louis DOUCETTE Jr	b						RE-0222
					m1             Linda DISHER			RE-0222
					m2             unknown				RE-0222

2- Francis Louis DOUCETTE		m1             Linda DISHER
					m2             unknown

The child of the first marriage is:

	1.  Christopher DOUCETTE	b						RE-0222

The child of the second marriage is:

	2.  Amy DOUCETTE		b						RE-0222


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Reub-01 


J. Raphael DOUCET         		m 11 Jul 1873  Elizabeth GATH       		Bt 36/X11.02  

Note:  see ME-B3-TX-John-01 and -02 below, in combination with CU-88-TX-H01-001 and


	combined with


Jack DOUCET				m1             unknown				GD-1115
					m2             Laura RICHARD			GD-1115

The children of the first marriage are:

	1.  Lillian DOUCET		b						GD-1115
					m              unknown DAUGEREAUX		GD-1115
	2.  Isreal DOUCET		b						GD-1115
	3.  �Curley� DOUCET		b						GD-1115

The children of the second marriage are:

+	4.  Adam Bobby DOUCET		b             					GD-1115
					m              Dorothy Jane DOUCET		GD-1115
	5.  Lilly DOUCET		b						GD-1115
					m              unknown TOUCHET			GD-1115
	6.  Helen DOUCET		b						GD-1115
					m              unknown FAUL			GD-1115
	7.  Ella DOUCET			b						GD-1115
					m              unknown HOWARD			GD-1115
	8.  Laura Lee DOUCET		b						GD-1115
					m              unknown ANDREPONT

2- Adam Bobby DOUCET			m              Dorothy Jane DOUCET		GD-1115
							(Ovey DOUCET and Irene RICHARD)

	1.  Joy DOUCET			b						GD-1115
					m              unknown JAMES			GD-1115

sibling of Dorothy:

	1.  Bertha Jane DOUCET		b						GD-1115
					m1             unknown HARRINGTON		GD-1115
					m2             unknown ZUANBRECKER		GD-1115


	combined with ME-B3-TX-ZEPH-01


John DOUCETTE				m              Lizzie GOTT

	John DOUCETTE			b 26 Jul 1882					IGI-TX-IWD

Note:  See ME-B3-TX-J_RA-01 above.


John DOUCET				b        1855					RE-0168
					m              Elizabeth VANYA			RE-0168

	1.  Ora DOUCET			b            					RE-0168
					m              Frank ROUNTREE			RE-0168
	2.  Josephine DOUCET		b						RE-0168
					m              Willey WILLIAMS			RE-0168
	3.  Cynthia DOUCET		b						RE-0168
					m              unknown SPILLER			RE-0168
	4.  Tinnie DOUCET		b						RE-0168
	5.  Emily DOUCET		b						RE-0168
	6.  John DOUCET			b						RE-0168
					m              Sarah BARNEYCASTLE		RE-0168

Note:  See ME-B3-TX-J_RA-01 above.


Louis DOUSETT				b about  1852					FH-RVH/CU-88-TX-D02-001
					m              Sara Lee JACKSON			FH-RVH

+	1.  Minnie DOUSETT		b 28 Aug 1881					FH-RVH
					m 23 Dec 1900  James Franklin McLAUGHLIN	FH-RVH

2-  Minnie DOUSETT			m              James Franklin McLAUGHLIN

+	1.  Granville McLAUGHLIN	b 28 Jul 1908					FH-RVH
					r              Georgia Alice CHOULEUR		FH-RVH
							(August Joseph CHOULEUR and Carrie Cordelia HOOVER)

3-  Granville McLAUGHLIN		r              Georgia Alice CHOULEUR

	1.  Robert Vomen HOLLENBECK	b 22 Dec 1928					FH-RVH


Willie DOUCETTE				m              unknown ARCENEAUX		GD-0855


	combined with (father named is actually grandfather, mother is correct)


Basil DOUCETTE				m              Louise McROY			RE-0094b


unknown DOUCETTE			m

+	1.  James K. DOUCETTE		b about  1864					CU-90-WA-P01-001
					m              Frances Olive MORROW		RE-0216
	2.  Nicholas DOUCETTE		b about  1866					CU-90-WA-P01-001

2-  James K. DOUCETTE       		m              Frances Olive MORROW

	1.  Francis Hilarion DOUCETTE	b about  1899					CU-90-WA-P01-001


Anna DOUCETTE 				b        1855					GE-0240
					m        1878  John COMERFORD			GE-0936


David DOUCET				m              Mary TROTTIER			RD-0335
							(unknown TROTTIER and Melanie LAMBERT)

	1.  Edward DOUCET		b        1871					RD-0335
	2.  David DOUCEET		b        1873					RD-0335
	3.  George DOUCET		b        1875					RD-0335
	4.  Albert DOUCET		b        1879					RD-0335
	5.  Alfred DOUCET		b        1879					RD-0335
Note:  see US 1900 Census extract, CU-90-WI-C01-001.

Note:  Per GE-1172, a David DOUCETTE married a Mary Ann TROTTIER about 1870 who changed her name to


Dieudonne DOUCETTE			m              Mary Georgiana LaMERE

	1.  Adeline DOUCETTE		b 11 Mar 1886					IGI-WI-TLK


	combined with ME-B3-WI-Pete-01


George E. DOUCETTE			m						GE-0474

+	1.  Camilla Margaret DOUCETTE	b						GE-0474
					m              James PAPIN			GE-0474

2- Camilla Margaret DOUCETTE		m              James PAPIN

+	1.  Jim PAPIN			b						GE-0474
					m              Johnna				GE-0474

3- Jim PAPIN				m              Johnna

	1.  Michael PAPIN		b						GE-0474
					m              Kayleen				GE-0474


Henry DOUCETTE				b						GE-0157


Henry DOSETT				b        1816					GE-0880
					m              Lucy				GE-0880

	1.  William DOSETT		b        1857  (adopted)			GE-0880

NOTE:  Most likely brother or other relative of ME-B3-WI-JOSE-02, as living next door to him
in census.


James DOUCETTE				b about  1868					RD-0240
					m              Rose Ann ARSENEAU		RD-0240

	1.  Priscilla DOUCETTE		b about  1893					CU-91-WI-L02-001
	2.  Alfred DOUCETTE		b about  1896					CU-91-WI-L02-001
	3.  Mary DOUCETTE		b about  1898					CU-91-WI-L02-001
	4.  Joseph DOUCETTE		b about  1900					CU-91-WI-L02-001
	5.  Lawrence DOUCETTE		b about  1903					CU-91-WI-L02-001
	6.  Rose DOUCETTE		b about  1905					CU-91-WI-L02-001

Note:  James may have been known in Nova Scotia as Jacques Francois Doucet.


	combined with


Joseph DOUCETTE				b about  1822					GE-0883
					m              Margaret LaFRAMBOISE		GE-0946

+	1.  Frank DOUCETTE		b        1850					GE-0950
					m1             Maggie MANARD			GE-0952
					m2       1881/2 Rosa DANIELS			GE-0879

2- Frank DOUCETTE			m1             Maggie MANARD
					m2             Rosa DANIELS
							(Leander DANIELS m Ida HAMLIN)

The child of the first marriage is:

	1.  Roselio/Rosseurine DOUCETTE
					b    Oct 1875					GE-0879

The children of the second marriage are:

	2.  Delia DOUCETTE		b    Sep 1883					GE-0879
					m              Rudolph SILBERSACK		GE-1048
	3.  Melinda DOUCETTE		b    May 1887					GE-0879
	4.  Martha DOUCETTE		b    Aug 1889					GE-0879
	5.  Rosa DOUCETTE		b    Aug 1891					GE-0879
	6.  Lilly DOUCETTE		b    May 1897					GE-0879
	7.  Clara Rose DOUCETTE		b    Feb 1900					GE-0879
	8.  Myrtle/Elsie DOUCETTE	b        1903					GE-0880
	9.  Willis DOUCETTE		b        1906					GE-0880
	10. Edward DOUCETTE		b        1909					GE-0880

NOTE:  Most likely brother or other relative of ME-B3-WI-HENR-02, as living next door to him
in census.


Lawrence DOUCETTE			m              Ruby				RE-0200

+	1.  Eugene DOUCETTE		b						RE-0200
					m              Yvonne "Vonnie"			RE-0200

2- Eugene DOUCETTE			m              Yvonne

	1.  Mark Lawrence DOUCETTE	b						RE-0200
					m1             Cindy				RE-0200
					m2             Robin				RE-0210


Marie Delia DOUCETTE			b 20 May 1891					IGI-WI


Moise DOUYETTE				m              unknown				GE-0171

	1.  Ralph DOUYETTE		b						GE-0171
	2.  Peter DOUYETTE		b						GE-0171
	3.  Margaret DOUYETTE		b						GE-0171


Peter DOUCETTE				b    Oct 1856					GE-0877
					m              Lucy				GE-0877

+	1.  George W. DOUCETTE		b about  1884					GE-0877/CU-91-WI-F02-001
					m              Ora MASTERSON			GE-0875

2- George W. DOUCETTE				m              Ora MASTERSON

	1.  George J. DOUCETTE		b        1907					GE-0875/CU-91-WI-F02-001
	2.  Burton Edward DOUCETTE	b        1909					GE-0875
	3.  Perl DOUCETTE		b about  1912					GE-0875/CU-92-WI-F02-001
	4.  Olive DOUCETTE		b about  1916					GE-0875/CU-92-WI-F02-001

Note:  Peter poss has a brother named Frank


Robert �Bob� DOUCETTE			b about  1927					GE-1051 
					m              Mickey McMORROW			GE-1051


Andre DOUCET              		m              Marie Catherine COLIGNON

	1.  Marie Josephine DOUCET	c 14 Dec 1852  					IGI-FR


Etiennette DOUCET         		m 22 Feb 1808  Louis NEVOUX         		IGI-FR  


Francois DOUCET           		m 11 Feb 1839  Anne Virginie MUEL   		IGI-FR  


Francois Joseph DOUCET    		m              Francoise Victorine HAWIA

      1.  Celestin Joseph DOUCET	c 20 Nov 1848  					IGI-FR


Francois DOUCET				m              Marie GAMET			GD-0481

	1.  Maldant DOUCET		b 29 Mar 1842					GD-0481


Jean DOUCET               		m  3 Oct 1673  Francoise JARREAU    		IGI-FR  


Jean Baptiste DOUCET      		m              Elizabeth GARRE

	1.  Jean Baptiste Eugene DOUCET	c 26 Apr 1836  					IGI-FR


Jean Baptiste DOUCET      		m 30 Apr 1855  Marie Adele MAITREHANCHE      	IGI-FR  


Jean Claude DOUCET        		m  3 Aug 1825  Francoise ADRIAN     		IGI-FR  


Jean Jacques DOUCET       		m 21 May 1839  Marie Elizabeth DEAN

	1.  Charles Louis DOUCET 	c 16 Jan 1842     				IGI-FR
	2.  Louise Appoline DOUCET	c 21 Feb 1844     				IGI-FR
	3.  Josephine Henriette DOUCET	c  9 Oct 1848  					IGI-FR


Jeanne DOUCET             		m  3 May 1815  Jean Pierre LEROY    		IGI-FR  


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Anne JAMIN

	1.  Melanie Augustine DOUCET	b 17 Jul 1864  					IGI-FR


Joseph DOUCET             		m              Melanie Virginie CLAUDE

	1.  Maria DOUCET        	b 16 Jan 1859     				IGI-FR
	2.  Paul Marie DOUCET   	b 30 Sep 1861  					IGI-FR


Joseph DOUCET             		m 27 Feb 1854  Catherine Delphine RENAUD     	IGI-FR  


Lucien DOUCET             		m              Marie MOINET

	1.  Fernand Lucien DOUCET	b 18 Jan 1880  					IGI-FR


Marie DOUCET              		m 13 Mar 1594  Gilles MOUCHON       		IGI-FR  


Marie Nicolle DOUCET      		m 20 Jan 1840  Louis Etienne LeBRUN 		IGI-FR  


Mathias DOUCET            		m 10 Dec 1850  Marie Catherine ARQUIN        	IGI-FR  


Pierre DOUCET             		m              Marguerite CHAPELLE

	1.  Marie DOUCET        	b  8 Jan 1875  					IGI-FR


Pierre DOUCET             		m              Catherine BLANDIN/BLANDEAU

	1.  Pierre DOUCET       	c  7 Jan 1676     				IGI-FR
	2.  Rene DOUCET         	c 14 Oct 1677  					IGI-FR


Renee DOUCET              		m 21 Nov 1606  Micolas F. BRIDOT    		IGI-FR  


Renee DOUCET              		m 24 Aug 1700  Michel LePROUST      		IGI-FR  


Robert Joseph DOUCETTE			b        1631					GE-0604

	1.  Andrew DOUCETTE		b        1657					GE-0604


Therese DOUCET            		m 30 Apr 1823  Nicholas HACHET      		IGI-FR  


Thomas DOUCET             		m 24 Nov 1847  Jeanne Marie Francoise FORT   	IGI-FR  


Victoire Augustine DOUCET 		m  5 Sep 1844  Hypolite Maximilien MOURY     	IGI-FR  


Victor Emile DOUCET       		m              Anne Sophie LENNARD      

	1.  Eugenie DOUCET      	b 15 Apr 1862  					IGI-FR


Doucets who Served under Napolean I:

Name					Residence, District, County

Doucet, Antoine				Bouray, Etampes, Essonne
Doucet, Antoine				Le Blanc,, Indre
Doucet, Denis Vatem			Les Andelys, Les Andelys, Eure
Doucet, Etienne				La Chatre,, Indre
Doucet, Etienne				Valencay,, Indre
Doucet, Francois Xavier			Bains, Epinal, Vosges
Doucet, Jean				Lussac-les-Egliawa,, Haute Vienne
Doucet, Jean				Magnac-Laval,, Haute Vienne
Doucet, Jean				Vouzan, Angouleme, Charente
Doucet, Jean Pierre			Iville, Le Neubourg, Eure
Doucet, Joseph				Froidos, Verdun, Meuse
Doucet, Louis Francois Marin		Chapelle Royale, Authon du Perche, Eure et Loir
Doucet, Maurice				St-Georges-les-Landes,, Haure Vienne
Doucet, Pierre				St Lubin, Brezolles, Eure et Loir
Doucet, Pierre Nicolas			Bonnelles, Rambouillt, Yvelines
Doucet, Pierre Thaurin			Ecauville, Le Newbourg, Eure
Doucet, Sulpice				Argy,, Indre


Gustave DOUCET				m              A. PIETTE			GD-0060

+	1.  Ferdinant DOUCET		b						GD-0060
					m              Aug. GLINE			GD-0060

2- Ferdinant DOUCET			m              Aug. GLINE

+	1.  Jean Joseph DOUCET		b						GD-0060
					m              M. MICHAUX			GD-0060

3- Jean Joseph DOUCET			m              M. MICHAUX

	1.  Bradfer DOUCET		b						GD-0060


Lucien DOUCET				b        1905  (in France)			GD-0030


Anselme DOUCET            		m              Marie Josephe MELANCON                                                			 

	1.  Jean DOUCET         	b 10 Jul 1777					HE-Exile p116
					d 29 Jul 1783     				HE-Exile p116
	2.  Victoire DOUCET     	c 14 Mar 1780, 12 da     			HE-Exile p119
	3.  Marie Felicite DOUCET	b 12 Apr 1782     				HE-Exile p118
	4.  Olive Eugenie DOUCET	b 12 Aug 1785  					HE-Exile p118


Antoine Jean DOUCET       		m               Marie Rosalie LePERDRIEUX                                        			

	1.  Augustin Jean DOUCET	bur 3 Mar 1800, 15 da  				HE-Exile p 115


Francois DOUCET           		m              Renotte SOUDE        	

	1.  Marie DOUCET        	m 22 Aug 1786  Pierre DUMAS  			HE-Exiles, p117


Germain DOUCET            		m              Colette COMMEAU      	

	1.  Pierre DOUCET       	d 29 Nov 1771, 30 yr				HE-Exile, p118


Jacques DOUCET            		m              Marie DAVID 

	1.  Jacques DOUCET      	d 26 Jul 1765, 4 yr     			HE-Exile, p116
	2.  Marie DOUCET        	c  7 Nov 1765					HE-Exile, p117
                              		d  1 Oct 1766     				HE-Exile, p117
	3.  girl DOUCET         	d 10 Oct 1767     				HE-Exile, p115
	4.  Marie Marguerite DOUCET	c  7 Jul 1771  					HE-Exile, p118


Jacques DOUCET            		m              Marie Anne [Marguerite] GERARD                                                                  		 

	1.  Catherine Therese DOUCET	b  3 Oct 1766					HE-Exile, p115   
	2.  Marie Anne Pelagie DOUCET	c  4 Jan 1768					HE-Exile, p117
                              		d 25 May 1768     				HE-Exile, p118
	3.  Jacques Charles DOUCET	c 19 Jul 1769  					HE-Exile, p116


Jean DOUCET               		m              Jeanne PARIS         	 

	1.  Marie DOUCET        	m 20 May 1767  Joseph CAYRA  			HE-Exile, p117


Jean DOUCET               		m              Marie Anne MERENAND  	 

	1.  Marie Anne DOUCET   	d 20 Aug 1763, 5 yr  				HE-Exile, p 117


Michel DOUCET             		m              Marie Blanche COUSIN 	 

	1.  Marie Rose DOUCET   	b  5 May 1767     				HE-Exile, p118
	2.  Honorine Eleonor DOUCET	b 17 Feb 1768  					HE-Exile, p116


Pierre DOUCET             		m              Marie DORIAN         	 

	1.  Marie Antoinette DOUCET	b  8 Feb 1777  					HE-Exile, p118


Pierre DOUCET             		m              Marguerite DOIRAND   	 

	1.  Marie Sophie DOUCET 	c 17 Sep 1779, 3 mo 12 da     			HE-Exile, p118
	2.  Marguerite Eleonore DOUCET	b 25 Nov 1783  					HE-Exile, p117


Pierre DOUCET             		m1             Marie Magdeleine GOINEAU 

	1.  Pierre DOUCET       	b 12 Nov 1760  					HE-Exile, p118

					m2 21Jun 1762  Marie NAUD			HE-Exile, p118


	combined with PA.2.3.4


Adrian �Eddy� DOUCETTE			m              Mary Louise McNALLY		GE-0026

+	1.  Arnold DOUCETTE		b						GE-0026
	2.  Robert DOUCETTE		b						GE-0026

2- Arnold DOUCETTE

	1.  Marcia DOUCETTE		b						GE-0026


Alda DOUCETTE				m              unknown JOLLIMORE		RE-0214

	1.  Albert JOLLIMORE		b						RE-0214
	2.  Alice JOLLIMORE		b						RE-0214
	3.  Agnes JOLLIMORE		b						RE-0214


	combined with


	moved to ME-A1-PE-Alph-01

Anne Genevieve DOUCET			m  2 Mar 1778  Antoine GAGNON			GD-0770
							(Pierre Jean GAGNON m Marguerite MARQUET)

	1.  Marie Anne GAGNON		b    Sep 1786					GD-0770
					m              Antoine TROTTIER			GD-0770


	moved to ME-B3-MI-Anni-01


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Anni-01


	combined with ME-B3-MI-Anni-01


Archibald DOUCET			m              Obeline GALLANT			GD-0819

	1.  Olive DOUCET		b						GD-0819
	2.  Josephine DOUCET		b						GD-0819


Arthur Mick DOUCETTE			b        1903					GE-1037


Arthur O. DOUCETTE			b						GE-0322


Arthur Joseph DOUCET			b						GD-1264
					m              Joan Marie LUCAS			GD-1264

	1.  Michael DOUCET		b						GD-1264
	2.  Wayne Anthony DOUCET	b						GD-1264
	3.  David Arthur DOUCET		b						GD-1264
	4.  Phillip Henry DOUCET	b						GD-1264
	5.  Mary Ann DOUCET		b						GD-1264

Note:  Arthur Joseph is also referred to as Joseph Arthur by same individual.


Arthur Joseph DOUCETTE			b						RE-0227e
					m              Cindy				RE-0227e


	moved to ME-A1-PE-BARB-01


Basil DOUCETTE				m              Ada BANKS			RE-0094

Note:  Basil was also known as Frank.


Basil DOUCETTE				m              Winnifred POIRIER		FH-DD4

+	1.  Violette DOUCETTE	b							FH-DD4
					m              Cecil DOUCETTE			FH-DD4
+	2.  Alfred Joseph DOUCETTE	b						FH-DD4

2-  Violette DOUCETTE			m              Cecil DOUCETTE

For children of this marriage, see Cecil DOUCETTE,, Generation XI.

2-  Alfred Joseph DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Darryl DOUCETTE		b						FH-DD4


Bernadette DOUCETTE			m              George SHEPPARD			RE-0103


	moved to ME-B1-MA-Brun-01


Calixte Olivier DOUCETTE		b						GD-0821

Note:  The submitter of this entry suggests that Calixte Olivier is the Calixte who is a child of
Augustin Doucet and Catherine Theotiste Bourg.  However, this can't be.  Calixte, child of Augustin,
is married to Narcisse Richard.  Narcisse is a male name, thus making Caliste a female, not a male.


Catherine DOUCETTE			m              Alexander MUSE			GE-0320

+	1.  Dometile DOUCETTE		b        1862					GE-0320
					m              Casimere MUSE			GE-0320

2- Dometile DOUCETTE			m              Casimere MUSE

+	1.  Marie Evelena MUSE		b about  1892					GE-0320
					m              Martin Matthew SMITH		GE-0320

3- Marie Evelene MUSE              	m              Martin Matthew SMITH

	1.  Agnes Eleanor SMITH		b        1913					GE-0320


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Chan-01


	combined with


Charles M DuCETT			m              unknown				GE-0284

+	1.  Charles N DuCETTE		b						GE-0284

2- Charles N DuCETTE			m

+	1.  William Russell DuCETTE	b						GE-0284

3- William Russell DuCETTE		m

	1.  Patricia DuCETTE		b						GE-0284
					m              unknown MAHLUM			GE-0284


Charles Howard DOUCETTE			b        1889					GD-1262


	moved to ME-B1-MA-Clov-01


Daniel Charles DOUCETTE			b						GE-0112


Daniel Jean Paul DOUCETTE		b						GE-0040/RE-0248
					m              Margaret BARLOW			GE-0040/RE-0248


Daniel DOUCET				m             Suzanne ARBOUR			RD-0353

David DOUCETTE				b						GE-0702


David DOUCETTE				m						GE-0839

	1.  Percy DOUCETTE		b about  1890					GE-0839


Edmire DOUCETTE				m              Edmond GODIN/GAUDIN		GE-0735

	1.  Josephine GODIN/GAUDIN	b        1850					GE-0735


	combined with ME-B3-RI-EDOU-01

	moved to ME-A3-ON-Edou-01


Edward DOUCETTE				m              Catherine VINCENT		FH-GFD

+	1.  Andre DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
					m              Caroline LeBEAUX			FH-GFD

2-  Andre DOUCETTE			b              Caroline LeBEAUX

	1.  Edward DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
					m        1909  Josephine LAURENT		FH-GFD
	2.  Leo DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
	3.  Victoria DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
					m1             John MORGAN			FH-GFD
					m2       1910  M. GONZALES			FH-GFD
	4.  Annie DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
					m        1910  Henry ROBERTS			FH-GFD
	5.  Mattie DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
					m        1912  Paul LAURENT			FH-GFD
+	6.  Edward E. DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
					m        1917  Eugenia FACIANE			FH-GFD
	7.  Alimina DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
					m              Mathew FACIANCE			FH-GFD

3-  Edward E. DOUCETTE			m              Eugenia FACIANE

	1.  Beatrice DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
	2.  Garland DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
	3.  Balard DOUCETTE		b						FH-GFD
+	4.  Bernice Lucille DOUCETTE	b						FH-GFD
					m              unknown DEDEAUX			FH-GFD

4-  Bernice Lucille DOUCETTE		m		unknown DEDEAUX

	1.  Gail Faciane DEDEAUX	b						FH-GFD 


	moved to ME-B1-MA-Edwa-02


Elizabeth DOUCETTE			b						GD-0383

She had 3 sets of twins in a row


Etienne DOUCET            		m              Francoise VALOIS     	

	1.  Francoise Louise DOUCET	b 23 Nov 1786  


Exilda DOUCETTE				m              George ROUSSELL			RE-0066a


Frank DOUCETTE				m              Emily				GE-0318

	1.  Rita DOUCETTE		b						GE-0318
					m              Tom MOLLOY			GE-0318


Fred DOUCET				m						FH-VD

+	1.  Leo DOUCET			b						FH-VD
					m              unknown				FH-VD

2- Leo DOUCET				m

+	1.  Daniel DOUCET		b						FH-VD
					m              Josee				FH-VD

3- Daniel DOUCET			m              Josee

	1.  Veronique DOUCET		b						FH-VD


Genevieve DOUCETTE			b about  1795					GE-0867
					m about  1815  Francois Tico MELANSON		GE-0867


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Geor-01


George DOUCETTE				m              Betty				GE-0554

+	1.  Robert DOUCETTE		b						GE-0554
					r              Carmel MILSON			GE-0554

2-  Robert DOUCETTE			r              Carmel MILSON

	1.  Brandi MILSON		b             					GE-0554


George DOUCETTE				m              unknown LAWRENCE			GE-0184


Gerassin DOUCET				m              Eugenia DUCHARME	
					b        1833


Germain DOUCET				m						GD-0204

	1.  Marie DOUCET		b						GD-0204
					m              Luc LeBLANC			GD-0204

married in 1800s in NS.


Henry DOUCETTE				m              Minnie LARSEN			GE-0771

	1.  Armine DOUCETTE		b						GE-0771
	2.  Monique DOUCETTE		b						GE-0771


Hilarion (Alexander) DOUCET		m 17 Nov 1840  Anne LeBLANC			GD-1055

	1.  James DOUCET		b about  1845					GD-1055


	moved to ME-B1-MA-JAME-02


James DOUCETTE				m              Henriette BLANCHARD		GE-0688

	1.  James DOUCETTE		b 10 Jul 1865					GE-0688
					m              Adele GODBOUT			GE-0688


Jean Esau/Isaie DOUCET			b 15 Oct 1844					GD-0825
					m1  8 Sep 1867 Christine Ann LaBAUNE		GD-0825
					m2 25 Sep 1876 Angelique METHOT		GD-0825
							(Dominique METHOT m Ursule HUARD)


Jean Baptiste DOUCET			b						GD-0825
					m1 14 Feb 1863 Phebee LANDRY			GD-0825
					m2  4 Oct 1869 Elizabeth GRENIER		GD-0825
							(Jean GRENIER m Elizabeth DERAICHE)


Jean DOUCET				m              Alvina RICHARD			GD-0328


Jerry DOUCETTE				b            					GE-0012
					m              Maggie				GE-0012           


John DOUCET				m              unknown				GD-0903

	1.  Liguori (Gus) DOUCET	b						GD-0903


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Matt-01


	combined with ME-B3-NY-JOHN-01


	moved to ME-B3-NY-JOHN-01


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Mary VINEAU			GE-0075

	1.  Edward DOUCETTE		b 11 Dec 1892					GE-0075


Joseph DOUCETTE				m              Mary FINNEAN			GE-0075

	1.  Lucienne DOUCETTE		b 25 Dec 1894					GE-0075


Joseph Thomas DOUCET			b						GE-0769


	combined with


L. Ronald DOUCETTE			b about  1815					GE-1015


	moved to ME-A1-PE-LAUR-03


Lawrence DOUCETTE			b        1913					GE-0648
					m              Ortha Kathleen LEE		GE-0648


Lloyd DOUCETTE				m						RE-0096

+	1.  Sheldon DOUCETTE		b						RE-0096

2- Sheldon DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Ellen DOUCETTE		b						RE-0096 


Louis DOUCET				m              Mili LaBOUTE			GD-0966

	1.  Olivier DOUCET		c 16 Dec 1860, 6 wks				GD-0966


Lucy DOUCET				m              Louis McINTYRE			GD-0795


Lucy DOUCET				m              John JACOBS			RD-0224a

	1.  Christopher JACOBS		b        1848					RD-0224a
					m              Emma Jane MILLER			RD-0224a


	combined with ME-A1-NB-MARG-03

Marcel DOUCET				m              Laura GAUDET			GE-0778

+	1.  Wilfred DOUCETTE		b        1914					GE-0778
					m              Jeannette May MURREE 		GE-0778
	2.  male DOUCETTE		b						GE-0778
	3.  Milton Arthur DOUCETTE	b						GE-0778

2- Wilfred DOUCETTE			m              Jeannette May MURREE
							(Charles Sidney Campbell MURREE m
							Hattie Ellis)

	1.  Carlene DOUCETTE		b						GE-0778
					m              unknown THOMPSON			GE-0778


Marguerite DOUCET			b        1925					GD-1023
					m              Lionel Pierre MARTIN		GD-1023

	1.  Daniel MARTIN		b						GD-1023
					m              Joanne DESJARDINS		GD-1023
	2.  Michel MARTIN		b						GD-1023
					m              Eileen STEFFAN			GD-1023
	3.  Joanne MARTIN		b						GD-1023
					m              Dave HENDERSON			GD-1023
	4.  Lita MARTIN			b						GD-1023
					m              Ian OLTHOF			GD-1023


Marguerite DOUCETTE			b  4 Aug 1820					GE-0675
					m 25 Oct 1853  Charles Demase AMIRAULT	GE-0675
							(Joseph AMIRAULT m Marguerite SAULNIER)


Margaret "Margo" DOUCETTE		b						GE-0985


	moved to ME-A1-PE-Mari-03  


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Mari-11


	combined with ME-A1-NB-Jose-13


Mary DOUCET				m              Lawrence COMFORT			GD-0988

	1.  Gertrude COMFORT		b						GD-0988
	2.  Min COMFORT			b						GD-0988
	3.  Lillian COMFORT		b						GD-0988
	4.  Bridget COMFORT		b						GD-0988
	5.  Wilfred COMFORT		b						GD-0988
	6.  Harry COMFORT		b						GD-0988
	7.  Joe COMFORT			b						GD-0988
	8.  Alice COMFORT		b						GD-0988


	combined with ME-A1-PE-Jean-02


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Melb-01


Melicia DOUCET				r              unknown				GD-1001	
					m              Moise MELANSON			GD-1001

The child of the relationship is:

	1.  Kathleen			b						GD-1001

The children of the marriage are:

	2.  Joseph MELANSON		b						GD-1001
	3.  Clifford MELANSON		b						GD-1001
	4.  Louis MELANSON		b						GD-1001
	5.  Ruby MELANSON		b						GD-1001


	combined with


Minnie DOUCET                       	m              Philip THOMPSON			GD-0871


Napoleon DOUCET				m              Gaudese BLANCHARD		GD-0782


Nazaire DOUCETTE			m              Marie HEROUX			GE-0488


	moved to ME-B2-LA-Octa-02


Ozer DOUCET				m              Helen DOMINGUE			GD-0882


Paul DOUCET				m              Anne BRIN			GD-0445

	1.  Genevieve DOUCET		b						GD-0445
					m  5 Nov 1770  Jean Baptiste OUELETTE		GD-0445


Paul DOUCETTE				m              Marie BARBEAU			GE-0267


	moved to ME-B1-MA-Pete-04


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Pete-02


	moved to ME-B3-WI-Pete-01


Philip DOUCETTE				b about  1926					GE-0178


Phillip DOUCETTE			m              Addie LeBLANC			GE-0611

	1.  Leonard DOUCETTE		b						GE-0611
	2.  Angela DOUCETTE		b						GE-0611
	3.  James Richard DOUCETTE	b 21 Jan 1904					GE-0611
					m  2 Jun 1925  Mabel E. MELANSON		GE-0611
	4.  Ethel DOUCETTE		b						GE-0611
	5.  Elda DOUCETTE		b						GE-0611


	combined with


Philomene DOUCETTE			b        1841					GD-0979
					m              Hercule SYLVESTRE		GD-0979


	moved to ME-B2-QU-Phil-01


Pierre DOUCETTE				m              Olive MORISETTE			RE-0092

	1.  Vitaline DOUCETTE		b						RE-0092


Richard E. DOUCETTE			b						GE-0579


Rosa DOUCET				m              Eusebe THIBAULT			GD-0877


Roselle DOUCETTE			m						GE-0286

+	1.  Clayton Edward DOUCETTE	b						GE-0286
					m              unknown				GE-0286

2- Clayton Edward DOUCETTE		m              unknown

	1.  Diane DOUCETTE		b						GE-0286
					m              unknown WEISER			GE-0286


Rose DOUCET				m              John Leo COMEAU			GE-0800

	1.  John Anthony COMEAU		b						GE-0800


Rose DOUCET				m about  1880  Jacques MIUS			RE-0188


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Simo-05


Simon DOUCETTE				m              Hannah				GE-0677

	1.  Simon John DOUCETTE		b  1 Jan 1863					GE-0641
					m              Margaret SAULNIER		GE-0641
	2.  Albert DOUCETTE		b        1868					GE-0822


Sopharine DOUCET          		m              Moise or Maurice DEVEAU		GD-0261


Sophronia DOUCET			m              William Thomas ELLIS		GD-0097a


Suzanne Carolyn HENSLEY			b            					GE-0968
					m              unknown DOUCETTE			GE-0968


	moved to ME-A1-NS-SYLV-01


Theo DOUCETTE				m						GE-0884

	1.  Delia DOUCETTE		b						GE-0884


Thomas DOUCET				m              Louise MELANSON			GD-1039

	1.  Mary Elizabeth DOUCET	b 28 Jan 1897					GD-1039
					m 26 Jan 1915  John Alfred FRAUTEN		GD-1039


Ulderique DOUCETTE			b        1838					RE-0019
					m              Mary SAVARD			RE-0019

+	1.  Eugene Peter DOUCETTE	b						RE-0019
	2.  Edward DOUCETTE		b						RE-0019
	3.  Arthur DOUCETTE		b						RE-0019

2- Eugene Peter DOUCETTE		m

	1.  Juanita DOUCETTE		b						RE-0019
					m              unknown LUDKE			RE-0019

Note:  See Ulric Doucet,


Virginia DOUCETTE			m              James ARSENAULT			GE-0573

	1.  Marie ARSENAULT		b  7 Mar 1864					GE-0573


	moved to ME-A1-NB-WILL-02


William DUCETTE				m              unknown O�SULLIVAN		GE-0090

+	1.  William DUCETTE		b        1853					GE-0090
					m              Aurelia LAQUEE			GE-0090

2- William DUCETTE			m              Aurelia LAQUEE

	1.  Milton DUCETTE		b						GE-0090
	2.  Leo DUCETTE			b						GE-0090
	3.  Helen DUCETTE		b        1885					GE-0090
	4.  William DUCETTE		b        1887					GE-0090
	5.  Georgina DUCETTE		b        1887					GE-0090


	moved to ME-B1-ME-ZUNK-04


	moved to ME-A1-PE-ZUNK-02


Unknown DOUCETT				m						GD-0229

+	1.  Joseph H. DOUCETT		b						GD-0229
					m              Lucy Veronica WOODROW		GD-0229
	2.  Lawrence DOUCETT		b						GD-0229

2- Joseph H. DOUCETT			m              Lucy Veronica WOODROW

	1.  Alfred DOUCETT		b						GD-0229
	2.  Joseph H. DOUCETT Jr	b						GD-0229
	3.  Charles DOUCETT		b						GD-0229
	4.  George L. DOUCETT		b        1900					GE-0642
	5.  James Edward DOUCETT	b						GD-0229
	6.  Thomas Martin DOUCETT	b						GD-0229
	7.  Mary Ellen DOUCETT		b						GD-0229
	8.  Evelyn DOUCETT		b						GD-0229
					m              William HARKENS			GE-0644
	9.  Agnes Melvina DOUCETT	b						GD-0229


Unknown DOUCETTE			m              Jane				GE-0587

	1.  Paul John DOUCETTE		b            					GE-0478
	2.  Brian DOUCETTE		b						GE-0587


	combined with ME-A1-NS-Matt-01


Unknown DOUCETTE			m						GE-0662

 	1.  Tom DOUCETTE		b						GE-0662
+	2.  Kirk DOUCETTE		b						GE-0662
	3.  Shawn DOUCETTE		b						GE-0662

2- Kirk DOUCETTE			m

	1.  Shawn DOUCETTE		b						GE-0662


	combined with


	moved to ME-A1-NS-Zumk-07


unknown DOUCET				m						RD-0351

	1.  Murphy DOUCET		b						RD-0351
	2.  Len DOUCET			b						RD-0351
	3.  Curley DOUCET		b						RD-0351


unknown DOUCET				m              Julianna				RD-0198

	1.  Edith DOUCET		b						RD-0198
					m              Damien GAGNON			RD-0198